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            TORONTO:  With the concept of `Live & Work Together’ and motto `Serve Humanity In Reality’, Pak Seniors Forum (PSF) has become member agency of  CASSA---The Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA), which is an umbrella organization of agencies, groups and individuals that provide services to the South Asian Community.
            Already about ninety (90) big and small organizations of various nature and communities are CASSA’s members.  CASSA works to get new members every year and this year the goal is to target 100 member agencies by the end of 2013 or first week of January, 2014. This shows the networking, performance, contribution, achievement and importance of this organization.
            CASSA supports and advocates on behalf of existing as well as emerging South Asian agencies, groups and communities in order to address their diverse and dynamic needs. CASSA’s goal is to empower the South Asian Community. CASSA is committed to the elimination of all forms of discrimination from Canadian society.
            SIGNIFICANCE: This partnership indeed is a significant development for both PSF and CASSA and would result in tremendous benefit for all people and communities. PSF keeps its arms and doors wide open for all like-minded individuals and groups which are dedicated, committed and determined to work for the people, serve them and become their strength and voice.
            Pak Seniors Forum, despite being a new organization, has succeeded in contacting, connecting and networking with thousands of people worldwide and spreading the messages via  news, views and exclusive articles through its powerful media network and help of friends and supporters. CASSA is a new addition to the PSF list and now one such partner and supporter.
            PSF selection, membership, partnership, working and serving policies are based on  proper screening and monitoring at all times of all members so that opportunists, exploiters, rain frogs and rotten eggs do not infiltrate into the ranks and file, cast bad influences and impression and try to harm the organization and its reputation.  
            CASSA EVENT: A powerful delegation of Pak Seniors Forum was invited by CASSA to attend CASSA’s CapaCITY Creators Forum and Cultural Evening held on December 10, 2013, at the Scarborough Civic Centre, Toronto, Canada.
            On the occasion, PSF was made a member group of CASSA and an announcement was made in this connection. CASSA’s leadership including Neethan Shan, Executive Director, Dr Mahbub Hassan, Project Coordinator CapaCITY Creators, Jasmine Lobo, Women Engagement Coordinator, Ateeya Anwari, team leader, and others welcomed PSF and praised PSF team leaders working and contributions. .  
            Popular singer couple Afzal Subhani and Munni Afzal entertained the audience with beautiful presentation. A Tamil girl presented classical dance. A renowned popular local singer too entertained the audience. That day the weather was very bad but the hall was full with select distinguished guests.
            ROLE MODELS: The PSF team leaders present on the occasion included Syed Muhammad Iqbal, PSF President, Javed Zaheer, Masoodul Haq, Hanif Khayal, Muhammad Hafeez, Mirza Nooruddin, Dr Tariq Mirza, DSP Tariq Malik and Noorain Fazli (Real uncle of Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan and son of internationally reputed, recognized and famed film director Syed Fazle Hasnain, who was a pioneer and made the first Urdu film `Qaidi’ on Muslim culture. Fale Rab, his grandfather, was magistrate for life in India. Noorain will invite Aamir Khan, whenever he arrives in Toronto, to preside over an event in his honour and become PSF member. Mirza Nooruddin is also relative of Noorain Fazli and Aamir Khan).
            Most of the PSF team leaders are role model for the community because of their tremendous contributions and achievements and the great respect and reputation they have earned as a result. They were active in their respective fields and want to remain active here as well so that they don’t get rusted and wasted and the people of Canada could benefit tremendously from their skills, talents and rich experiences.
            POINTS RAISED: Firoz Khan, one of the South Asian community leader, journalist, commentator and founder of Mehfil Group, in response to the exclusive article on PSF team leaders meeting with Conservative Party leaders John Carmichael, MP, and Costas Menegakis, MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Citizenship and Immigration Minister, praised the PSF performance and raised the following important points for the Conservative leaders and attention of all people and leaders:
            “Thank you for this. Indeed you people are doing good job. Can I take liberty of saying something on this?
                Don't you think it appropriate to name the members of 'High powered delegation and influential community leaders?' Without mentioning their name this report seems to be incomplete.          
            “Mr. Costas Menegakis, MP, is playing a blame game by blaming Liberal? You should have asked him as to why the Harper government is planning to have 265,000 new immigrants in 2014 when there are no jobs available for Canadian qualified and experienced youth?
            “Why this government is using EI fund for other purposes when it is exclusively for unemployed people?
“Why the government is cutting the benefits of EI? Why the government is forcing unemployed to accept any employment even at 70% of last pay drawn?
            “Why this government has raised the age limit to 67 years for becoming eligible for Old Age Pension?
            “What backlog he is talking about? This government flatly with one stroke killed the waiting list of applicants who applied to come to Canada in 2005. Their fees money, as promised by this government to return, has not yet been returned. The amount is in millions of dollars.
            “Why seniors are getting less money than prisoners? Do you know this?
            “Why more and more facilities for seniors are being reduced? Do you know what such facilities have been reduced or totally removed?
            “I am sure none of the above issues must have been discussed on coffee and cookies.
            “Excuse me if you find any of my word or question hard one. No intention of belittling is intended, please.”
            The Pak Seniors Forum replied to Firoz Khan as follows:
            “My dear Firoz Khan,
            “I appreciate your grave concern on issues and harmful policies. No hard feelings, just remember, I and my Pak Seniors Forum (PSF) Team Leaders are all highly respected and responsible persons and members of the society and community. We keep our minds and doors always open for healthy and positive discussions and comments from all quarters and corners.
            “We like and love to work with each other in order to become strength and voice of the people. It is a matter of trust and confidence between like-minded people. This is why I highly respect them and consider them powerful. You too are welcome to join us with the same spirit and mindset.
            “As regards names of the delegation members, all the names have been mentioned in the article including of your dear friend Afzal Khan Nayyar, who remains very active socially and in serving the people.
            “As regards Honourable John Carmichael, MP, and Costas Menegakis, MP, they have impressed us and the Pakistani community by inviting and entertaining us as special guests, giving us great respect, listening to us patiently and recognizing our contributions and achievements.  We discussed the issues, problems and policies threadbare and in a very friendly atmosphere and manner.
         “We are in Canada not to unnecessarily fight or insult, create controversies, cast bad influence and impression. You are a highly respected person and member of the South Asian community and enjoy the freedom and facility of free expression in Canada. You are contributing tremendously. People like us need a mindset through which we can live and work with all comfortably, respectfully and successfully.
          “Whatever issues you raised and commented are valid points to consider and convey to the rulers, concerned authorities, opposition leaders, policymakers and all people. Our job is to create proper awareness, understanding and make continuous efforts for necessary policy changes. We are fully confident that with such approach we can achieve practical success and help and support all.
            “I am forwarding the comments of both of us to John Carmichael, MP, and Costas Menegekis, MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Citizenship and Immigration Minister, with the hope that they would be given serious consideration. Kindly forward them through your Mehfil Group and other bodies to your MP as well.
            “Please take care of yourself.  We want to always see you fully fit and active.
            “Best regards, Javed Zaheer, Professional Journalist & Director Information of PSF.”
            Pak Seniors Forum welcomes and appreciates positive and healthy responses, reactions, comments, suggestions and discussions on issues, problems, solutions and improvements. PSF considers them extremely important for formulation of policies and strategies and achievement of aims and objectives. They are all source of encouragement, inspiration, energy and spirit to struggle for the common cause.
            The PSF has contacted, connected and is in partnership with many organizations including CASSA, Woodgreen, Better Living Health and Community Services, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Khedmat and Support for Seniors, Youth for Human Rights International, Moeen Centre, Everyday Child, Centre for Youth Employment and Empowerment It is not in a rush but very selective in choosing members and partners in order to get good results.
            Pak Seniors Forum keeps trying and has succeeded in restoring the shattered trust and confidence of the people and uniting them on a common platform to struggle for the common cause and fight against the common enemies. Its policies and strategies are based on right focus and good intention---The best way to move ahead, achieve success and foil designs of enemies.
            JZ’S PROFILE: Javed Zaheer, Free Expression Award Winner, Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner, ex-Goodwill Ambassador for Pakistan-Canada Relations (PCR) of Good Governance Forum (GGF), Pakistan, Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Ex-Member of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, Canada, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, Canada, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `DAWN', Canada, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan, Chairman, CANOPI, Director of Children Dignity Foundation (CDF---Canada & Pakistan), Honorary Director Information of Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), Canada, and Director, Canpak, Chamber of Commerce, Canada, is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981/, To read more JZ’s exclusive articles, please visit: www. and (Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004 to 2011. Visit and

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