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               TORONTO:  Pakistan is like a wounded deer surrounded and attacked by pack of hyenas, wolves and wild dogs in the jungle.  The vultures are sitting nearby waiting for their turn to jump in and finish off the rest. Since 1947, this is happening in the name of democracy, Islam, humanity, peace and people.
            The hyenas, wolves and wild dogs are traitors, corrupt rulers, leaders, bureaucrats, landlords, tribal chiefs and people. The vultures are the masterminds of international conspiracies against the Muslim World, particularly Pakistan, a nuclear power, a fortress of Muslim World and a powerful platform and voice of Muslims and humanity.
            To become a powerful voice and platform of Muslims and humanity is the divine mission’s main purpose and objective of creation of Pakistan. This is why the enemies are scared, committed and determined to harm and destroy Pakistan and the people.
            The main objective of the enemies is to cunningly destroy the nuclear facilities, institutions, system, society, people and everything in order to silence forever the powerful voice, turn the country into a failed state and make the people helpless, beggars and slaves.
            If the people fail to realize now and wake up then no one can save them from slavery and destruction. They have to courageously stand up and bravely fight against the traitors and the cunning and corrupt ones. They HAVE to find, support and promote true leaders and join struggles to bring real revolution and positive change in order to completely replace the corrupt system and harmful policies with good ones and put the country on the road to progress, stability and prosperity.
            At present, Pakistan is facing one of the worst crises. Since 1947, it kept facing worst crises and times but survived the deadly blows because of the blessings of divine mission and sacrifices of honest and patriotic people.
            As regards people, they have never learnt anything and allowed themselves to be exploited, dominated and ruled by the corrupt and cruel class. Unless and until they stop doing this, change their thinking, approach and attitude, they will remain deprived of rights and freedom and beggars and slaves. Their sufferings will never cease but increase.   
            Because of massive exploitation and deprivation, we lost East Pakistan. The people there stood up and fought for rights and freedom and to end slavery of the cunning, corrupt and cruel class. Had the people of West Pakistan respected and supported them then this tragedy would have been avoided. The international conspirators and enemies took full advantage of the golden opportunity and ripe situation created for them by their stooges and puppets---The corrupt class.
            Balochistan too is a victim of deprivation and massive exploitation by the cunning, corrupt and cruel class including rulers, policymakers, leaders and tribal chiefs. Again the other people are just watching and doing nothing. The situation there is becoming precarious and similar to that of east Pakistan. If not realized, monitored and controlled timely and properly and the province and people not respected, taken into confidence and given rights and freedom then we should be prepared for a big tragedy and another Bangladesh.
            We need to understand and accept the seriousness of the worsening situation and the pitiable conditions of the people in Balochistan and in most parts and provinces of Pakistan otherwise the people there too would stand up for rights and freedom and the enemies could take advantage, cunningly use these people and with full force attempt to break up Pakistan. Then, God forbid, no one can do anything to stop the enemies from causing destruction.
            Now, the powerful corrupt leaders and people have corrupted and paralyzed the working of the system, institutions and people. Over 80 per cent of the people are already slaves of the powerful and cruel landlords, tribal chiefs and leaders.
            Illiteracy, dependency, poverty and fear are the main reasons of their helplessness and slavery. Their fear is genuine because those raising voices and their families and supporters are severely punished and mercilessly killed. They don’t fear and obey God but fear and obey their cruel masters and leaders.
            Land reforms, industrialization, economic prosperity, positive and constructive policies along with knowledge and powers of rights and freedom could help bring real revolution. It sounds good but cannot be achieved easily. Now we have reached a stage and situation where only a bloody revolution could help bring the desired changes. Only massive cleansing is the answer and solution. Like bed bugs, all corrupt ones need to be exposed and wiped out.
            Honest and educated people should be recruited in the police force, particularly the Station House Officers (SHOs), so that they can provide timely and fair legal help and protection to all the people. The SHOs enjoy massive powers while rest of the positions and seats are of administrative nature. Only they can register and end the FIR (First Information Report).   
            Unfortunately, the powerful leaders, lawmakers and influential people render the SHOs powerless, use them for their vested interests and compel them to obey their orders and fulfil their wishes. They use the SHOs and police force against their enemies and the common people.
            If the SHOs are allowed to use their discretion and powers honestly then the situation could improve greatly and crimes monitored, controlled and reduced greatly. Reforms could improve the working and system of police and drastically reduce the massive corruption in the system. Policemen, right from constable to senior officers, say that corruption is so chronic in the system that even reform will not work. Massive cleansing, drastic actions and improved facilities only can help. 
          On June 17, 2014, fourteen persons including women were killed and dozens injured when clashes between Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and police took place at the Minhajul Quran Secretariat in Model Town, Lahore, in order to remove the barricades.
If the SHO of Model Town, Lahore, had used his discretion and powers and registered the FIR of families of those mercilessly killed in the police clash with Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) supporters then the situation would not have deteriorated so much.
The government could have handled the matter in some ways. Now the situation is out of control and has reached a dangerous point. Now the FIR, whenever registered, could lead to black warrant (Execution warrant or death warrant). Now there are chances of armed clashes and bloodshed. The deployment of Rangers and Frontier Constabulary could prove very costly. Unlike the police which have discretionary powers and have used them to avoid bloodshed in such situation, they just obey the orders to shoot and kill.
            The situation should have been tackled very tactfully. Tariq Malik, who was Inspector and SHO of Manghopir Police Station, Karachi, in 2009, when contacted said: “In 2009, if I had not used my powers and registered FIR against Balochistan Assembly Speaker Sardar Aslam Bhotani and ex-Chief Minister Saleh Muhammad Bhotani then the situation would have become grave and difficult to handle. There would have been crisis, clash and bloodshed.”
            He said: “Despite tremendous pressure of high-ups including Interior Minister Rehman Malik and IG Police Waseem Ahmed and terrible anger and great uproar in the National, Sindh and Balochistan Assemblies against registration of the FIR, I did what I thought was legally proper and morally right. I performed my duty and responsibility very honestly. It was indeed a very challenging time and tough decision for me.”  
Tariq Malik said: “There was tremendous pressure of most high-ups of all assembles including Sindh Chief Minister, ministers, senior police officers and leaders. As a result, I could not resist further and was compelled to lodge an FIR against SP Investigation Tando Muhammad Khan Ahmed Khan Jamali. This is how the police is misused and used for vested interests by the parliamentarians and lawmakers. This is one of the major causes of chronic corruption in the police system. In this situation, how can and who can bring reform in the system?”  
            He said “The SHO Model Town too should have used his discretionary powers and saved the country and people from grave crisis. The most he would have suffered was removal from the post of SHO Model Town, Lahore, and suspension. Unfortunately police supported people like Gullu Butt at that time. Gullu Butt was seen and shown by TV channels mashing cars and attacking people.”
             Time has proven that the issue of registration of FIR has become most important.  The government is not prepared to meet the FIR demand and Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri are determined to get FIR registered. The deadlock could prove bloody and disastrous.  
            It is time for the honest and patriotic generals, law-enforcement officers, officials, leaders and people to find a solution and act fast in order to avoid bloodshed and end the crises so that public could live and breathe peacefully. Already enough harm has been done. Already the culprits have been exposed. It is already too late now.
            The country cannot afford such grave crises and situations. The genuine demands of all must be seriously considered and accepted. The thieves and thugs, crooks and criminals, terrorists, traitors and corrupt ones must not be sent home but behind the bars and dealt with severely. They must not be spared at any cost. If they are spared this time then only God could save this country and people from destruction. So don’t just think and hesitate but act fast.
            According to reports, there is a serious threat to Imran Khan’s life. See link:
            http://tacstrat.com/content/index.php/2014/08/26/foreign-intelligence-reports-claim-threat-to-imran-khans-life/. It could even be Tahirul Qadri or any other central leader. The enemies are trying to take full advantage of the situation and crisis. Even a spark could burn the whole country, cause tremendous destruction and irreparable loss and throw it far back. Let’s hope and pray that sanity prevails, although the situation is leading towards bloodshed.
            Also, read latest analysis about Nawaz Sharif’s politics and rule. See link:
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By Wali Zahid | Text version of The News article that appeared in the paper on 14 August 2014.
Nearly a decade ago in a leadership workshop, when I first used the Goldman Sachs data of top world economies in 2050 and Pakistan being among the top 20, it came out as a shocker to everyone in the hall of 500 people. I wondered why? I realised that we are so much consumed by the past mess-ups of 67 years and current ground realities that we fail to look at the optimistic outlook ahead of us.
How are we faring as a nation looking into the future and planning for it? Not an iota of it. Yet. I will quote two sources.
One, Geert-Hofstede Index which looks at country cultures through a 6D (six dimensions) Model. Just before they changed names of some dimensions this year, one of these dimensions was called Long Term Orientation (LTO). Pakistan score on LTO was zero (0). Yes, you didn’t hear me wrong. Zero!
Two, UK’s The Guardian newspaper last year published a Future Orientation Index ranking of current top 45 economies. While Germany was No 1, Pakistan stood at the bottom 45th!
If you ask a person on the street, how they see the future of this country, even the blessed among us would show pessimism, saying it is filled with corrupt politicians, ungovernable masses, dysfunctional systems, broken road and transport infrastructure, decayed farming methods and an illiterate, impoverished, population suffering from malnutrition and ill-health.
You pause and ask the same person how they see the future of their children. They will exhibit pride and optimism how their kids plan to do well in studies and future employment. None of them would say their children would do worse than them.
The contradiction becomes more accentuated if you talk to elite – social, economic, military, ruling, political, bureaucracy. They may have faith in their own future, but not in the country’s future.
The first thing that will change in the Pakistan of future is this dichotomy of belief: people will start believing in the country they live in and work in. In spite of the current substantive issues: the political crisis facing current government, Zarb-e-Azb operation, IDPs, Karachi’s target killings, express kidnappings, extortion, nonstate actors, civ-mil rift, suicide attacks, police incompetence, and the list could go on.
About 20 years ago, I attended a two-week course in peace building in Canada. One of the guest speakers an evening spoke on the difference between decayed nations and developed nations. I still remember when one of the things she mentioned was: decayed nations live in the past; developed nations live in the future.
If you see our national discourse – on TV talk shows, in our newspaper columns, or even this supplement – you will see all talk about the past. Conversations starting from 1947 when Pakistan came on the world map, or the fall of Dhaka as it’s called. Or, about more recent past, the previous government: Zia era, Musharraf era, Zardari era, or earlier Nawaz eras.
The second thing that will change in the Pakistan of future is we will start talking about our current issues without unnecessary windows to the past. And more importantly, we will start planning for the future – both short and long term. Our talk shows will highlight the challenges we will face in 2025, 2040 or even 2050.
Compare our outlook with USA, for example. American government and firms are already eyeing on African markets because according to a recent report by The Washington Post, the 22nd century is the African century. Within this decade, you will see road and transport infrastructure in Nigeria (of massive corruption fame) or even in Ethiopia (of famine fame) becoming world class.
Or, compare with the UK. The UK is now working on an ultrafast 5G wireless internet, which according the Prime Minister David Cameron, will download a feature film in less than a second.
Or, compare with China. In 2008, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac) was given the assignment to achieve in 10 years all of what Boeing and Airbus achieved in 50 years. As an aviation enthusiast, I can clearly see that the future of aircraft manufacturing is dominated by China, whether Boing or Airbus admit it or not.
When the new government of Nawaz Sharif took charge last year, one of the first things they did was invite 100 or more key ‘thinking’ people – ministers, industrialists, economists, academics, thinkers, media personalities into a hall of Planning Commission of Pakistan to formulate Pakistan Vision 2025. I too participated at the invitation of the Minister in charge. Must say that the daylong discussion was appallingly below par. Everyone who participated spoke about current constraints, from their narrow standpoints (e.g. a textile owner seeking government support) and hardly anybody had a vision of future for the country. So much for the exercise. So much for the crème de la crème of 100 people.
The third thing that will change in the Pakistan of future is a new crop of people will emerge – either in-country or from diaspora – who will guide the policymaking forums on what to look for and how.
And now the usual data I share in my talks on Pakistan of future.
According to Goldman Sachs, the world’s largest investment bank, and The World Bank, Pakistan will be 18th largest economy in 2050. This is based on nominal GDP.
Goldman Sachs forecasts get yearly revisions and our ranking may keep on moving down a point or two if our governments fail in doing their job, or the forces of disruption become too huge to manage (as I write this on 6 August, I am anxious about the 14th August march by the opposition Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and its intendedconsequences).
In the 2050 world, China is world’s No 1 economy and India No 3. Pakistan is the only large country that borders both. Once the two-way trade eases with India, and the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor is built linking Xinjiang with Gwadar, imagine the game-changing prospects for people and businesses in this country!
In the 2050 forecast, we are ahead of many of today’s European economies and our GDP may come close to that of Canada. So imagine everybody who migrated today to Canada to have a better quality of life rushing to return to country to benefit from the economic opportunity their home country presented in the future. Or Europeans seeking Pakistani nationality like we today seek theirs.
As an economy, we have made a bit of improvements lately.
The country rating from Negative to Stable by Moody’s and similar upgrading of rating for five Pakistani banks (ABL, UBL, HBL, MCB, NBP) is a welcome beginning. This trend is expected to continue.
In the Frontier Market Sentiment Index, reported by Wall Street Journal in June, Pakistan is ahead of every other country in terms of the number of multinational companies newly taking an interest as an investment destination. Sentiment towards Pakistan improved by 5.6 percentage points, putting it ahead of Africa’s rising stars Nigeria and Kenya, which each saw sentiment improve by just over four percentage points.
In a CNNMoney 74-country ranking in July, Pakistan emerged as the 4th best performing global stock market. In the report measuring stock market gains in 2014, only Argentina, Denmark and India were ahead of us.
Pakistan’s military is rated as the 15th most powerful military in the world, according to the Global Firepower Index 2014. We are also one of the nine nuclear nations in the world. So, apparently, no one will look at us with a ‘dirty eye’ (taking the pun with maili aankh, the Urdu equivalent).
We also see an effort to modernise the road and transport infrastructure in large urban centres. Karachi, which is set to become the 7th largest megacity by 2030 is likely to have its own green line at a cost of Rs 15 billion and a decent circular railway which is being revived with Japan’s help. Plan for Lahore-Karachi motorway has been approved and work kickstarts this year. Following the Turkish city transport model, cities like Lahore, Islamabad-Rawalpindi and Multan are slated to have modern Metro bus service as a means of public transport. Solarisation of public and private projects can be seen in various parts of the country.
As the total fertility rate is falling in most of world, it is rising in Pakistan (besides Africa). As mentioned above, Africa is using this population surge to its advantage. China and India used their populations, 1.3 billion 1.2 billion respectively, to their advantage. Indonesia, the fourth most populous country, is using its over 250 million to its advantage to become the largest Muslim economy in the world by 2050.
Hopefully, Pakistan too could benefit from its population surge. To many critics of large Pakistan population, today’s star economies like Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Spain, Sweden are not in the top 20 is precisely because of their smaller numbers then!
Combine that with increasing average life expectancy, which in Pakistan stood at 65 in the latest 2014 WHO report. Although the current state of medical practice in the country is viewed very poorly in an April 2014 BBC Urdu report and if we can come around that, things may look very very differently.
In a 2014 World Bank ranking, we are world’s least expensive country. And according to a 2014 report by The Economist, London, Karachi is world’s least expensive city. This means that even if people earn low wages, they can still afford meals, shelter and clothing.
On many other fronts, we have been performing poorly, very very poorly.
For example, we are housed in the world’s most corrupt region, South Asia, according to the 2014 report by Transparency International. Sadly. Corruption is present in our daily life. Just like we are seeing China’s former security chief Zhou Yongkang being investigated for corruption in the country’s biggest political takedown, I foresee improvement on that scale as country’s electronic and social media becomes brutally critical of the democratic governments.
Pakistan is nearly at the bottom of Global Innovation Index 2014 (134 out of 143 countries). For example, in Education, we are at 141 out of 143. In Institutions category, we are at 135. In Political Stability, we hit the rock bottom at 143. In Rule of Law, we are at 122. My expectation is that as our economy stabilises and matures, we will improve on all seven indicators.
For that matter, we are nearly at the bottom of every other index. Take for example, world’s fragile country index, which measures internal turmoil. We are 10th most fragile country (until last year, it used to be called failed-country index). In the Good Country Index released in July, we are ranked at 106th. Poor again.
Since we are not just good at fighting each other, we also take shots at others too when the opportunity presents itself. Thus, the global ecosystem does not view us kindly. Global Peace Index 2014 ranks Pakistan as the world’s 9th least peaceful country. Similarly, in a June 2014 global survey (Country Ratings Poll of 24 nations conducted by GlobeScan/Pipa), Pakistan along with Iran was ranked as most-negatively-viewed country.
My feeling is that with increasing social media attention and a global push for ‘behaving’ in an ecosystem of peace-loving and economic-development-driven nations, we will mend our ways. We will become selective in choosing our battles – whether internal or external. Our election agendas are likely to become economic reform than political point scoring.
Even if we are unable to attract foreign tourists in the near future, as stability returns to country and household incomes increase, our domestic tourism to Northern Areas will boom. This itself will create new windows of opportunity and economic activity.
I see a Pakistan of future which has abundant opportunities because it will have lots of people (call them consumers if you will), neighbouring world’s two biggest economies and gelled into a supply chain that’s unmatchable by any other country on earth – raw materials or value-added services.
In management speak, when financial results are impressive in a year, we use a phenomenon called ‘because of’versus ‘in spite of’. The earlier means: this happened because of the new (read: capable) CEO or management team. The latter means: it still happened in spite of (read: poor) CEO or management team.
Pakistan is set to rise and become a livable, respected nation by 2050 – either because of or in spite of. God has taken the decision! It’s up to the stakeholders in the country what route they want to take. See you in 2050, insha Allah.
PS: Never mind that 2050 is too far away. With increasing life expectancy, if you are 50 today and don’t die of being run over by a bus, you may still see 2050, God willing. Your retirement plan and readings need to be elaborate. Make one now!

Wali Zahid is a futurist, disruptor, blogger, social media strategist, reformer, LinkedIn writer, author of iBook, Great Training in 10 Simple Steps. He runs a #Pakistan2050 hashtag on Twitter. On walizahid.com, he’s writing a series called Pakistan: How We Messed Up. As CEO of SkillCity, he coaches several Fortune-500 CEOs on leadership. He’s founder of a global movement for humanizing medical education and practice. He can be reached at Twitter@walizahid.

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TORONTO: People, communities and countries could only be brought closer and together to love and respect each other and live and work together in the best possible ways through promotion of the concept of interfaith relationship based on sensible dialogue, proper awareness, understanding, tolerance and constructive approach and positive attitude.
Only people of conscience, character and good nature, who respect commitment and promises and remain committed and determined, are capable of taking this important responsibility and performing this great job in the best possible manner.
At the same time, people must remain fully alert against hypocrites or others trying to fool, exploit, mislead, divide and harm people. This is what is harming most the efforts to promote interfaith concept, dialogue and relationship. Such elements must be exposed, avoided and isolated through proper monitoring.
They are mostly planted ones and extremely dangerous for people, communities, system and society. They are the ones who work on a specific agenda to create confusion, differences, division and promote hatred, racism and discrimination in order to achieve their vested interests and nefarious designs. So it is important to keep the eyes and ears fully open to identify them.
United Nations too supports and promotes the interfaith concept. It says: "Interfaith dialogue is absolutely essential, relevant, and necessary. The first week of February, every year, has been declared a UN World Interfaith Harmony Week. The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre released a document which summarises the key events leading up to the UN resolution as well as documenting some Letters of Support and Events held in honour of the week.”
The Pakistani community too is very active in this connection and many Pakistanis worldwide are engaged in promotion of interfaith dialogue, events and activities. The Canadian people and government greatly encourage and support interfaith dialogue and the people promoting the concept.
Allama Inayat Ali Shakir, a distinguished personality and community leader and a highly respected and prominent priest and religious scholar from Pakistan, who moved to Toronto, Canada, in 2010 and has been very active since then, says: “I am dedicated, committed and determined to promote interfaith concept, dialogue and harmony in Canada and getting tremendous support from leaders, community and people of all faith.”
On August 19, 2010, he organized Interfaith Eid Celebration Dinner at Shaheen Restaurant. A large number of prominent leaders and distinguished personalities of various communities and faith were present on the occasion. 
Allama Inayat Ali Shakir, in his welcome address, said: “I would like to welcome and thank all of you from different faith and school of thoughts for participation on this occasion of Interfaith Eid Celebration Dinner. Everybody knows that every religion has different kinds of festivals in which they enjoy the beauty of love and happiness.
“Eid-ul-Fitr is also same kind of festival in which we celebrate at the end of the holy month of Ramazan and on the first day of next Islamic month of Shawwal. Eid is an Arabic word derived from Awd, which means something which returns and recur at certain period of time.
“Eid day bonds and helps one another and spreads happiness all over the globe. On this day we thank Allah. Eid teaches us to learn tolerance, peace, interfaith harmony and respect of all humanity.
“Today I thank God (Allah The Almighty) for giving me the opportunity to be with all of you, who are my most honorable friends from different respected faiths. I hope that we all will make collective efforts to spread the message of peace, respect of common ideas and provide guidance to the community regarding our moral duties towards each other since we are all children of Adam and Eve and we love Prophet Abraham.
 “With this I thank all of you for sparing your precious time and honouring me by attending this event and making it successful and meaningful. I also offer my sincere thanks to Imran Mehdi Gondal, a real estate agent, for supporting me by sponsoring this event.”
Allama Inayat Ali Shakir said: “I have found Canada as one of the best role models of multi-faith and inter-faith. There is religious tolerance here. Ever since I came to Canada, I met important people of various multi-faith organizations and other distinguished personalities and leaders and was greatly impressed by their approach, attitude and support.”
He said: “In my religious lectures, I focus on inter-faith. I engage myself in research works, read most holy books including Bible, meet religious scholars and leaders and discuss issues including inter-faith with them.”
Allama Inayat said: “There is an urgent need to promote the inter-faith concept. For this we need to create awareness and understanding in Muslim community in general and Pakistani community in particular so that they can join and help. They are interested in the inter-faith concept but need encouragement and support to come forward and act. “
He said: “People of different faiths should respect each other and visit each other places of worship and other centres, attend festivals and greet each to know and understand each other and promote love, respect, peace and understanding. This will help inter-faith concept and dialogue. The Inter-Faith Eid Celebration Dinner too was organized with this very purpose. Festivals of all religions are celebrated to spread such messages.”
The prominent and distinguished personalities of various faiths and communities, who attended the Inter-Faith Eid Celebration Dinner, included  Joe Daniel, MP, Rob Oliphant, ex-MP, Imam Dr Abdul Hai Patel, a renowned Muslim religious scholar and leader, Maulana Abid Hussain Naqvi of Madinatul Ilm, Imam Ali Centre, Yosi Behar of the Behar Group and a Jewish Community leader, Zenji Acharya, a Buddhist community leader and scholar, Re. Earl Smith of Church of Scientology, Didar Singh Khokhar, Khalid Mehmood, President of Asian Canadian Association, Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President of Pak Seniors Forum, Mazhar Shafiq, Masood Alam, Masood Haq, Rashid Chatta, Tariq Malik, Muhammad Talha Javed  and Akbar Cheema.
The leaders including Joe Daniel, MP, Rob Oliphant, ex-MP, Imam Dr Abdul Hai Patel, Zenji Acharya and Maulana Abid Hussain Naqvi also spoke on the occasion and highly praised Inayat Ali Shakir for organizing the event and promoting the inter-faith concept and dialogue. They assured full support to him in this connection.
 Allama Inayat Ali Shakir is also Founder/Chairman of Tehreek-e-Akhuwat Islami and Inter-Faith Dialogue Committee in Pakistan. He has a VIP status and impressive following in Pakistan. The purpose of formation of both was to bring leaders and people of all parties, religions, sects and sectors closer and promote peace, love, harmony and solidarity in the interest of humanity. 
He strongly discouraged and condemned all sorts of terrorist and criminal activities and boldly spoke against the suicide bombings and attacks on places of worships of minorities including Christians. Because of this he started receiving serious threats to his life and finally had to move to Canada.
In Canada, he is highly respected because here too he engaged himself in promotion of inter-faith dialogue and activities and found the environment best suited for him. Allama Inayat Ali Shakir encourages people to contact him as he needs their support for this purpose. He could be contacted in Toronto, Canada, at Cell: (647)710-2076. Email: inayatalishakir@yahoo.com..    
            Zenji Acharya, the Buddhist leader, is an acclaimed self-help expert who uniquely combines Eastern philosophy with Western motivational speaking. Reverend Zenji Acharya has been described by media pundits as "the foremost Buddhist expert in the world from the oldest and highest lineage in history".
            Reverend Zenji has also given more inspirational lectures on Buddhism than any other scholar in Canada and he has been praised by many national and international leaders as well as a United Nations report. Reverend Zenji also serves as the Chair of Media for the RCMP Commanding Officer's Diversity Council and Head of the World Buddhist Council.
            ISLAM: Islam has long encouraged dialogue to reach truth. Dialogue is particularly encouraged amongst the People of the Book (Jews, Christians and Muslims) as Qur'an states, "Say, "O People of the Scripture, come to a word that is equitable between us and you - that we will not worship except Allah and not associate anything with Him and not take one another as lords instead of Allah ." But if they turn away, then say, "Bear witness that we are Muslims [submitting to Him]."[3:64]".
            Islam also stressed that the supreme law of the land should be Islam and that Islam regulates all life affairs and therefore regulates how non-Muslim and Muslims live under an Islamic state, with historical examples coming from Muslim Spain, Mughal India, and even starting as far back as Muhammad's time, where people of the Abrahamic Faiths lived in harmony.
            Many traditional and religious texts and customs of the faith have encouraged this, including specific verses in the Quran, such as: "O people! Behold, we have created you from a male and a female and have made you into nations and tribes so that you might come to know one another. Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him. Behold, God is all-knowing, all-aware." [Qur'an 49:13]
            In recent times, Muslim theologians have advocated inter-faith dialogue on a large scale, something which is new in a political sense. The declaration A Common Word of 2007 was a public first in Christian-Islam relations, trying to work out a moral common ground on many social issues.
            Relations between Muslims and Jews remain quite difficult, exacerbated by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There are inter-Muslim issues in between Sunnis and Shiites that are very much unresolved in the Middle East. Also, relations between Muslims and Hindus in India and Pakistan could theoretically be much better if interfaith efforts were more successful.
          MUSLIM THEOLOGIANS: According to Council of Muslim Theologians of Jamiatul Ulama, KwaZulu-Natal-South Africa, on the subject “What Exactly Is The Inter-Faith Dialogue?” (http://jamiat.org.za/blog/what-exactly-is-the-inter-faith-dialogue/):
            “(O Muhammad!) Follow what has been revealed to you from your Rabb. There is no God but “He (Allah), and ignore the Mushrikeen.” (Qur’aan)
            “What is ‘Inter-Faith Dialogue’? A grave misconception exists regarding this concept. The shallow-minded Muslim merely looks at the words and concludes that inter-faith dialogue is a friendly discussion of different religious groups which provides an opportunity for propagating Islam. This is a fundamental error which Shaitaan has adorned and by means of which he ensnares Muslims to initially ‘tolerate’ shirk and kufr, and ultimately to subscribe to the supreme kufr of the unity of religions which is the fundamental goal to which the Inter-Faith movement aspires.
            “It is this fundamental doctrine of the Inter-Faith ideology which is the very antithesis and death-knell of Islam. But Shaitaan operates in subtle ways, adorning kufr and shirk with even ‘Islamic’ hues to beguile unsuspecting and unwary Muslims whose short-sightedness blurs their mental vision due to the lack of Roohaaniyyat (spirituality on the basis of Tauheed), and Firaasat (spiritual wisdom and insight) which are wholly dependent on Wara’ and Taqwa.
            “If the question is asked: “What is Islam? Its answer is not obtained from the literal meaning of the word in the dictionary. The literal meaning, viz., ‘submission’, does not expound the doctrines, practices and the entire system of life which the ideology of Islam connotes. To understand Islam, a study of its belief and practice system is necessary. Similarly, to understand ‘Inter-Faith Dialogue’, the literal meanings of the words are inadequate.
Inter-Faith is an ideology. It is a new concept and belief system which has fundamentals, just as all other religious concepts and ideologies have cardinal articles of faith.
What are the fundamentals of the Inter-Faith ideology? The Institute of Interfaith Dialog (IID) outlining the fundamental basis of the Inter-Faith ideology states:
            “The premise of interfaith dialogue is that all religions are equally legitimate.”
            “No religion possesses absolute truth.”
            “Both these doctrines of kufr are violently in conflict with the Qur’aan’s concept of Tauheed and Islam. Islam can never condone the propagation of Tauheed from the premises of ideologists of this ilk. Islam simply does not tolerate shirk, kufr and baatil.”
            CHRISTIANITY: Pope John Paul II was a major advocate of interfaith dialogue, promoting meetings in Assisi in the 1980s. Pope Benedict XVI took a more moderate and cautious approach, stressing the need for intercultural dialogue, but reasserting Christian theological identity in the revelation of Jesus of Nazareth in a book published with Marcello Pera in 2004. In 2013, Pope Francis became the first Catholic leader to call for "sincere and rigorous" inter-belief dialogue with atheists, both to counter the assertion that Christianity is necessarily an "expression of darkness of superstition that is opposed to the light of reason," and to assert that "dialogue is not a secondary accessory of the existence of the believer" but instead is a "profound and indispensable expression ... [of] faith [that] is not intransigent, but grows in coexistence that respects the other."
            JUDAISM: Modern Orthodox movement allows narrow exchanges on social issues, while warning to be cautious in discussion of doctrine. Reform Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism and Conservative Judaism encourage interfaith dialogue.
            BUDDHISM: Buddhism has historically been open to other religions as Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda has stated:
            “Buddhism is a religion which teaches people to 'live and let live'. In the history of the world, there is no evidence to show that Buddhists have interfered or done any damage to any other religion in any part of the world for the purpose of introducing their religion. Buddhists do not regard the existence of other religions as a hindrance to worldly progress and peace.”
            HISTORY: The history of interfaith dialogue is as ancient as the religions since men and women when not at war with their neighbours have always made an effort to understand them (not least because understanding is a strategy for defence, but also because for as long as there is dialogue wars are delayed). History records many examples of interfaith initiatives and dialogue throughout the ages.
            Since no good religions or people of the world encourage, support and promote hatred, racism and discrimination and focus only on love, respect, peace, solidarity, harmony and humanity therefore it is in the best interest of humanity, communities and world to learn to live and work together peacefully and respectfully. An environment be created for proper awareness and understanding. Our enemies are common---The enemies of humanity and mankind. We must remain alert against all such evil people, forces and plans.   
JZ’S PROFILE:  Declared by Judges as one of 75 Finalist Best Canadian Immigrants, an Honour for the Pakistani Community. Joined Journalism Profession in 1974 (Daily `SUN’, Karachi) and still serving as a professional journalist (2014). Javed Zaheer, Free Expression Award Winner (Awarded by National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada—NEPMCC. Award presented by Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, Canada), Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner (Presented by North American Desi Idol), Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Ex-Member of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, Canada, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, Canada, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `DAWN', Canada, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan (From 1986-1999), Chairman, CANOPI, Director of Children Dignity Foundation (CDF---Canada & Pakistan) and Honorary Director, Canpak, Chamber of Commerce, and Honorary Director Information, Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981/jazamedia@hotmail.com To read more JZ’s exclusive articles, please visit: www. nepmcc.ca and nationalethnicpress.com (Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004). Visit www.javedzaheernews.blogspot.com for latest exclusive articles.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014




TORONTO: Dear Muslims, stop pointing fingers at others and blaming and holding them responsible for the fault of ours. Yes, the fault of ours. This is why Muslims are suffering badly and facing disgrace, death and destruction. Understand and change the wrong approach and attitude before reaching the point of no return and facing both the worst type of cruelties of the enemies and anger and wrath of God.
            Stop being provoked, charged, made emotional and trapped by the shrewd and cunning enemies of humanity. Know and understand our evil deeds and faults first and check, avoid, rectify and remove them. 
            What is most important and needed is to become good, sensible, responsible and respectable human being first than anything else. This is what defines, describes and identifies humanity and pleases God. Introduce, identify and recognize yourself with good character and positive contributions even if you have to do it alone or as a group or community.   
            Priority and focus must always remain on right, rights and freedom and to always remain prepared to achieve and defend them at any cost. This is the secret of success and survival. Try to understand the fact that the enemies of God, good and humanity can never be ours or anybody’s friends. They are committed enemies of humanity and determined to cause death and destruction.  
            Unfortunately, the enemies become very powerful and successful just because of us. Yes, us. This is what God says and we know but don’t bother to seriously understand and accept it for proper awareness, protection and right direction. Instead of knowing and understanding our rights and freedom, protecting them and fighting for them, we have made our lives miserable. We are entangled in petty issues and differences and foolishly fighting and killing each other.
            This will continue till we understand the cunning enemies, their conspiracies and protect ourselves against them. Unless we make ourselves strong morally, physically and spiritually and equip ourselves with all necessary tools including education, values, principles, love and respect for each other and care and support for each other, our suffering can never end. This is for sure.
            DIVINE MESSAGE: God has asked His believers and all good people through the original holy books and loved ones to help, support and protect innocent and helpless people and bring to senses by all means the fools, idiots and stupid, who are bent upon destroying themselves.
            Unfortunately, most Muslims are acting as fools, idiots and stupid but think that they are THE BEST and as a result paying a heavy price. Yes, they are being cunningly provoked, easily made emotional and cleverly trapped. The sooner they and we realize and remove this weakness the better it will be for all of us. 
            God tells us as to why we lost Jerusalem and why we are suffering and being disgraced and destroyed by the enemies. The answer lies in the following Sura:
          Sura 17 Al-Isra (Makka).Verse 7: (And We said): "If you do good, you do good for your own selves, and if you do evil (you do it) against yourselves." Then, when the second promise came to pass, (We permitted your enemies) to disgrace your faces and to enter the mosque (of Jerusalem) as they had entered it before, and to destroy with utter destruction all that fell in their hands. Translation: Eng-Dr. Mohsin.
          This Sura is a mirror for us. It shows that we are doing evil in various shapes and as a result facing disgrace, death and destruction. Everything is crystal clear. People in general are responsible for the disgrace, death and destruction. They allowed themselves to be fooled, divided, exploited, ruled, made helpless and slaves by the cunning, cruel and corrupt people and leaders. They themselves are to be blamed for all the sufferings and for making their lives hell and miserable.
            Unfortunately, lessons they never learn and just keep blaming God and the world for not helping them. Why would God help? God only helps those who help themselves. Want help? Then stop crying and start helping yourself and others and see the wonders of revolution and great success.
            Those who just talk sweet, present lollypops and make promises to bring revolution and give happiness can never bring revolution or give happiness or even help. Yes, they do invite and give destruction. Revolutionary people and leaders don’t just talk or promise they act silently and powerfully to bring real revolution and ensure success and happiness.     
            MUSLIM WORLD: We clearly see and loudly say and protest that the United Nations remained ineffective in most cases and proved a hostage of powers. It has failed miserably and needs to be disbanded and replaced by an effective and powerful body.
            Unfortunately, The Muslim World and organizations are in the grip of powerful claws of the cunning enemies. Look at Pakistan and Middle East. They are burning and turned into HELL.  
Most Muslim rulers, leaders and people are hypocrites and keep shedding crocodile tears for the people and places but in reality are slaves, prisoners and puppets of the enemies.
            For vested interests of their masters, they are fooling, cheating, destroying and killing their own people. Yes, this is their character now.  In the name of democracy and humanity, demoncracy and hypocrisy of the worst types are promoted.
            Because of our grave mistakes and faults and as a result of international conspiracies, Pakistanis lost East Pakistan. According to various reports and analyses, the focus of the enemy is now fully on disgrace, destabilization, destruction and disintegration of Pakistan.  Below is one of the reports titled “The Destabilization of Pakistan” by Michel Chossudovsky. 
          The report is an eye opener for those who don’t try to understand the issue and are mentally illiterate. For details, read: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-destabilization-of-pakistan/7705.
Michel Chossudovsky is the author of the international bestseller America’s “War on Terrorism” Global Research, 2005. He is Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Center for Research on Globalization.
Michel Chossudovsky, December 27, 2012. Author’s Note about Pakistan:
“Washington’s intent goes beyond the narrow objective of “regime change”. The thrust of US foreign policy consists in weakening the central government and fracturing the country.
The ongoing US drone attacks under the banner of the “Global War on Terrorism” are part of that process.
“This article first published five years ago in December 2007 focuses on the historical process of collapse of Pakistan as a nation state following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.
Washington has been planning a scenario of disintegration and civil war in Pakistan for more than five years. 
            “According to a 2005 report by the US National Intelligence Council and the CIA, Pakistan is slated to become a “failed state” by 2015, “as it would be affected by civil war, complete Talibanisation and struggle for control of its nuclear weapons”.
“Since the outset of the Soviet Afghan war, US intelligence using Pakistan’s ISI as a go-between has supported Al Qaeda and its various affiliated organizations.   “Talibanisation” is the direct result of US-led covert operations.
“What is not mentioned in the NIC-CIA report is that the destabilization process– including covert support of terrorists groups as well the ongoing drone attacks– is part of a longstanding US led intelligence operation.
“The US course consists in fomenting social, ethnic and factional divisions and political fragmentation, including the territorial breakup of Pakistan. This course of action is also dictated by US war plans in relation to both Afghanistan and Iran.”
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky.  Global Research, 30 December 2007:
“The assassination of Benazir Bhutto has created conditions which contribute to the ongoing destabilization and fragmentation of Pakistan as a Nation.
“The process of US sponsored “regime change”, which normally consists in the re-formation of a fresh proxy government under new leaders has been broken. Discredited in the eyes of Pakistani public opinion, General Pervez Musharraf cannot remain in the seat of political power. But at the same time, the fake elections supported by the “international community” scheduled for January 2008, even if they were to be carried out, would not be accepted as legitimate, thereby creating a political impasse.
There are indications that the assassination of Benazir Bhutto was anticipated by US officials:
“It has been known for months that the Bush-Cheney administration and its allies have been maneuvering to strengthen their political control of Pakistan, paving the way for the expansion and deepening of the “war on terrorism” across the region.
“Various American destabilization plans, known for months by officials and analysts, proposed the toppling of Pakistan’s military…
“The assassination of Bhutto appears to have been anticipated. There were even reports of “chatter” among US officials about the possible assassinations of either Pervez Musharraf or Benazir Bhutto, well before the actual attempts took place. (Larry Chin, Global Research, 29 December 2007)
Political Impasse: “Regime change” with a view to ensuring continuity under military rule is no longer the main thrust of US foreign policy. The regime of Pervez Musharraf cannot prevail. Washington’s foreign policy course is to actively promote the political fragmentation and balkanization of Pakistan as a nation.
“A new political leadership is anticipated but in all likelihood it will take on a very different shape, in relation to previous US sponsored regimes. One can expect that Washington will push for a compliant political leadership, with no commitment to the national interest, a leadership which will serve US imperial interests, while concurrently contributing under the disguise of “decentralization”, to the weakening of the central government and the fracture of Pakistan’s fragile federal structure.
“The political impasse is deliberate. It is part of an evolving US foreign policy agenda, which favors disruption and disarray in the structures of the Pakistani State. Indirect rule by the Pakistani military and intelligence apparatus is to be replaced by more direct forms of US interference, including an expanded US military presence inside Pakistan.
“This expanded military presence is also dictated by the Middle East-Central Asia geopolitical situation and Washington’s ongoing plans to extend the Middle East war to a much broader area.
“The US has several military bases in Pakistan. It controls the country’s air space. According to a recent report: “U.S. Special Forces are expected to vastly expand their presence in Pakistan, as part of an effort to train and support indigenous counter-insurgency forces and clandestine counterterrorism units” (William Arkin, Washington Post, December 2007).
“The official justification and pretext for an increased military presence in Pakistan is to extend the “war on terrorism”. Concurrently, to justify its counterrorism program, Washington is also beefing up its covert support to the “terrorists.”
“The Balkanization of Pakistan:  Already in 2005, a report by the US National Intelligence Council and the CIA forecast a “Yugoslav-like fate” for Pakistan “in a decade with the country riven by civil war, bloodshed and inter-provincial rivalries, as seen recently in Balochistan.” (Energy Compass, 2 March 2005). According to the NIC-CIA,  Pakistan is slated to become a “failed state” by 2015, “as it would be affected by civil war, complete Talibanisation and struggle for control of its nuclear weapons”. (Quoted by former Pakistan High Commissioner to UK, Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Times of India, 13 February 2005):
“Nascent democratic reforms will produce little change in the face of opposition from an entrenched political elite and radical Islamic parties. In a climate of continuing domestic turmoil, the Central government’s control probably will be reduced to the Punjabi heartland and the economic hub of Karachi,” the former diplomat quoted the NIC-CIA report as saying.
“Expressing apprehension, Hasan asked, “Are our military rulers working on a similar agenda or something that has been laid out for them in the various assessment reports over the years by the National Intelligence Council in joint collaboration with CIA?” (Ibid)
“Continuity, characterized by the dominant role of the Pakistani military and intelligence has been scrapped in favor of political breakup and balkanization.
“According to the NIC-CIA scenario, which Washington intends to carry out: “Pakistan will not recover easily from decades of political and economic mismanagement, divisive policies, lawlessness, corruption and ethnic friction,” (Ibid) .
“The US course consists in  fomenting social, ethnic and factional divisions and political fragmentation, including the territorial breakup of Pakistan. This course of action is also dictated by US war plans in relation to both Afghanistan and Iran.
“This US agenda for Pakistan is similar to that applied throughout the broader Middle East Central Asian region. US strategy, supported by covert intelligence operations, consists in triggering ethnic and religious strife, abetting and financing secessionist movements while also weakening the institutions of the central government.
“The broader objective is to fracture the Nation State and redraw the borders of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”
REMAIN ALERT: These reports are alarming and scary but we must not get scared and instead remain alert and closely monitor the conspiracies against the people and country. We must remember that man proposes and God disposes and the creation of Pakistan is the result of Divine Mission.
The Hindus (Not all and good ones) think that Pakistan was made as a garbage bin to throw the Muslims there and protect Hindus and India from them. For India, Pakistan is a blessing in disguise as a buffer state to protect it from conquerors.
For Muslims and all living there, Pakistan proved a great blessing. They got the opportunity to breathe, think and act freely, despite the loot, plunder, damage and destruction by the cruel and corrupt lobby and powerful enemies. Despite the massive dents and jolts, it has emerged as a nuclear state and a Muslim World leader. It has and still producing many greats.  
The strategic position of Pakistan shows its great importance and recognition by the world. This is why since day one the enemies are trying their best to disgrace and destroy the people and country. No doubt they have caused considerable damage and even succeeded in dismembering Pakistan but again we must never forget that the creation of Pakistan was the result of Divine Mission and the struggle, blood and sacrifices of the people will not go waste just because of few corrupt ones and enemies, who are bent upon destroying the country.
            GET UNITED: Good people and true leaders in any part of the world, who are trying and doing their best to create proper awareness and understanding in the best interest of the people and Pakistan, must form alliance or work closely to become really forceful, powerful and meaningful. They need to work together to build bridges, unite people and become a powerful voice and platform. They are in a position to do wonders.  
            Don’t just blindly follow those who are leading the nation towards death and destruction.  Try to understand them. It will be in our interest. Don’t allow hypocrites to fool and fail us. Recognize, expose and isolate them in order to protect the people and country.  Hypocrites are very dangerous species. They are the eyes and ears of the enemies Only Good people and true leaders can really and practically help and not the hypocrites.  
            All of your activities, events and gatherings including social, religious, cultural and political must remain very meaningful, fruitful, positive and productive. Muslims particularly must understand that Islam teaches and preaches love and stands for peace. There is no room for hatred and discrimination.
            REAL CULPRITS: Most people of all communities, countries and religion are usually loving, caring, nice and wonderful. It is senseless to hate the good Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and others in any part of the world. Haters and discriminators are those people who are either mentally sick or tricked by the propagandas and dirty politics. The real culprits are the shrewd, cunning and corrupt rulers, policymakers and leaders. They are all responsible for the mess, miseries, deaths and destruction. 
            Muslims must live and work together with people of all communities but at the same time understand the line drawn for them by the ethics, principles, values and religion. All good people like and love cleanliness. This is a universal fact.
            Being a Muslim, I will never ever drink Cow Urine (Gau Jal) just to please my Hindu friends or eat pork or non-Halal food just to please my Christian friends or eat the dirty shit just to please persons who practice black magic. Similarly I will not force anyone to do what I practice. They are comfortable with their religion and practices and I am with mine.  
             Unfortunately, I have seen many Muslims who just to please others cross the line drawn and limits. They do this proudly and even stubbornly try to defend it and expect others to do it. This is wrong. They shockingly even compare the sprinkling of Cow Urine (Gau Jal) with the sprinkling of the sacred Zam Zam water and try to convince others. Such Muslims think they are doing something great but  fail to understand that they are going astray and are lost. One can only pity on them and pray to God to guide them. They fall in the category of those doing evil and inviting anger and wrath of God. Avoid evil deeds to escape disgrace and destruction.
            JZ’S PROFILE:  Declared by Judges as one of 75 Finalist Best Canadian Immigrants, an Honour for the Pakistani Community. Joined Journalism Profession in 1974 (Daily `SUN’, Karachi) and still serving as a professional journalist (2014). Javed Zaheer, Free Expression Award Winner (Awarded by National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada—NEPMCC. Award presented by Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, Canada), Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner (Presented by North American Desi Idol), Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Ex-Member of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, Canada, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, Canada, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `DAWN', Canada, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan (From 1986-1999), Chairman, CANOPI, Director of Children Dignity Foundation (CDF---Canada & Pakistan) and Honorary Director, Canpak, Chamber of Commerce, and Honorary Director Information, Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981/jazamedia@hotmail.com To read more JZ’s exclusive articles, please visit: www. nepmcc.ca and nationalethnicpress.com (Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004). Visit www.javedzaheernews.blogspot.com for latest exclusive articles.