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TORONTO:  True leadership anywhere, everywhere and at any time is always confronted with serious challenges from those who are committed enemies of mankind. Yet such people are never deterred by any sinister conspiracies, cowardly attacks, threats, hurdles, obstacles and setbacks.
True leaders, no doubt, are great people. They boldly and bravely accept and face all challenges and remain prepared for worst-ever difficult times. In any case or situation or at any time or before anyone, they never let down their people and always try to fulfil all the promises, pledges and commitments they make. This is their quality, character and identity.
Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old brave daughter of Pakistan, who is campaigner for girls’ rights and education, is one such hero. She was shot in the head by those who are human beasts, criminals, crooks, cowards, corrupt, traitors and conspirators.
The Taliban group, which always promptly and without losing any time makes the claims and takes the responsibility, claimed the responsibility for this attack. It is being strongly condemned and severely criticized for this cowardly act by Pakistanis and the whole world.
REVIEW POLICIES: Some are suspecting foul play and holding the US and Allies responsible for this attack through their mysterious Taliban group so that they could gain sympathy of Pakistanis and the world, put pressure on Pakistan’s military, rulers and politicians to do more including major military operation and justify their operations and attacks including Drone attacks in which thousands of innocent people including women and children have been mostly mercilessly killed.
Interestingly, Pakistanis and most Muslims in the Muslim World really love, like and respect the country and the good, loving and caring people of US and Allies. This is why they all crazily want to go there by any means and at any cost.
But they don’t like and trust the policymakers, rulers and military of US and Allies and hold them responsible for the mass killings and destruction in order to achieve the vested interests. This is all mainly because of the infamous but notorious U-Turn Policies of the US. This is why US and Allies have lost trust, confidence and respect.
If they keep working with the crook, cruel and corrupt rulers, military generals, bureaucrats, leaders and people then they will always be disliked and hated and never trusted and respected.  They will have to seriously review and sincerely make positive changes in the policies in order to gain the trust, confidence, love and respect of the people. They must deal with true leaders and good people to help them become rulers, policymakers and politicians.      
           CONSPIRACY PLAN: Malala Yousafzai gained prominence in 2009 by writing a diary (BBC Urdu video Schools Dismissed) about life under Taliban militants who had taken control of the valley. She earned the admiration of many across Pakistan for her courage.  She was encouraged and supported by her father Ziauddin Yusufzai, mother and BBC Reporter Abdul Hayee Kakkar.
            All the four are also being suspected by many of being very close to the US and Allies and working for their vested interests. The connection issue is becoming a hot issue. The media is splashing exclusive news with pictures about the connection issue. It is being termed as a well-planned drama of the conspiracy plan.
            Courageous Malala Yousafzai was just 11 when she started her diary, two years after the Taliban took over the Swat Valley and ordered girls' schools to close. She wrote under the pen-name Gul Makai for BBC Urdu and exposed the sufferings. She won a national award for bravery and was nominated for an international children's peace award.
CLEAR MESSAGE: By her true leadership character, attitude, actions, deeds and tremendous positive contributions, Malala Yousafzai and many others like her, who are risking their lives and struggling, helping, supporting and serving the people with the spirit of service to humanity, are proving to the world that neither Pakistanis nor Muslims are terrorists. Instead they are victims of global terrorism and international conspiracies. This is a loud and clear message: Target the real terrorists instead of labelling the Muslims as terrorists.    
The world leaders and people must come forward and practically act to help and support such courageous people. It is never too late. Ignorance or refusal would certainly lead to torturous punishment in the form of painful pricks by the conscience. They will always regret and can never sleep, live or die peacefully. This is for sure. It is the issue of mankind and humanity.
FAHIMS CONTRIBUTIONS: Recently a couple from Pakistan visited Toronto, Canada.  They were introduced to me by Shahid Hashmi, a renowned and respected community leader and a distinguished personality, who is also their relative. The couple has dedicated their lives to promoting human values and committedly serving the people through education in order to ensure better future and quality of life for children, people and Pakistan.
As part of their important role of promoting human values, the couple, Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffrey and Muhammad Fahim Khan, adopt poor and deserving kids and children who are ignored by the parents. They help, support and groom them so that they become good, responsible and respectable member of the society and community and have a bright future. The focus is on their character, welfare and education. Also, they help in the release of innocent people who are in jails.
 ADOPT A KID: The couple were guest of Shahid Hashmi and stayed with his family, famous for community services and hospitality, at his residence. Shahid Hashmi, greatly impressed by tremendous contributions and patriotic services of the couple for promotion of education and charity, has adopted one of the poor and deserving kids who cannot afford O & A Levels education.
Many Canadians and others, including distinguished personalities, very much impressed by the couple’s intentions, commitments, determination and contributions are showing keen interest in practically helping and supporting them in promotion of their education projects and adoption of deserving bright children for their education and future under supervision of The Fahims School System.
The couple assured them that their help and support would prove a great blessing and help for the deserving children and innocent persons and maintenance and expansion of the education and charity projects. They are expecting help and support from maximum number of people.
The couple said that the practical help and support would greatly help them to continue their mission of building the future of new generation through education. The objective is to make them very good human beings.
CONTACT FAHIMS: Those interested in practically helping the couple, Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffery and Muhammad Fahim Khan, their education and charity projects and the deserving children and innocent persons could contact them on telephone (021-34978627) or email: or  The address is: Head Office: A-295 Sardar Ali Sabri Road, Block-5, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan.
During their visit to Canada, the couple, Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffrey and Muhammad Fahim Khan, were welcomed, respected and honoured by the leading and distinguished personalities of the community, federal, provincial and municipal levels.
AWARDS: They received recognition awards from very popular and powerful personalities and dignitaries like Jim Karygiannis, MP, Frank Klees, MPP, and Rick Milne, Deputy Mayor of New Tecumseh, for tremendous contributions for promotion of education and charity.
As the Liberal Critic for Multiculturalism, Jim Karygiannis is working with Canadians from all walks of life, who have come here from every corner of the world to be full partners in the decision-making of Canada – to be fully engaged in the Canadian experience.  He says: “We are discussing issues of concern and interest; sharing cultural traditions; and, exchanging opinions on the challenges that face Canadians.  We will continue to work together to build our nation; enhance our international reputation; and, work to build a stronger Canada”.
Jim says: “As Canadians, our cultural mosaic and our diversity are our greatest strengths.  Canada is a proud multicultural nation that embraces a wide variety of cultures and heritages.  Canadians of innumerable heritages help to foster this identity and strengthen the fabric of our society.  Members of the many Diasporas in Canada have made, and continue to make, significant contributions in a number of areas including sports, business, the arts, medicine and public service.”
Karygiannis says” “We need to Respect our fellow Canadians as equals.  We need to accept them as full participants in all aspects of Canadian life.  We need to celebrate their full participation in our communities.  We need to embrace where it will take us.  We need to come together as Canadians and show the world that we are all part of the human RACE.”
Dr Taghi Abedi, a highly respected and internationally recognized researcher, scholar, intellectual and a medical doctor, presented the couple his book ``Faiz Fehmi’. This book is a result of tremendous research on Faiz Ahmed Faiz, a great poet of Pakistan.
Wali Alam Shaheen, also a world renowned poet, scholar and intellectual, presented the couple his book `Shanas’.      
Dharti Sohni Pakistan (DSP) City TV, courtesy Naeem Chaudhary, telecast the six minutes interview of the couple, which was greatly praised.  
While in Canada, the couple, Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffery and Muhammad Fahim Khan, toured many places including Toronto, Ottawa, Peterborough, Montreal, Smith Falls, Algon, Kingston and  Thousand Islands and were greatly impressed by the wonders and beauty of the country and hospitality and goodness of the loving and caring people. They fully enjoyed their tour of Canada and would never forget the great country and people.
THE FAHIMS SCHOOL SYSTEM: The couple, Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffery and Muhammad Fahim Khan, have established The Fahims School System---Starting with one school in 2004, now there are fifteen (15) branches, thirteen (13) in Karachi and two (2) in Hyderabad. The head office is in Karachi, Pakistan. Details are available on their website: Email: Many more are in the pipeline. The schools besides best education provides facilities such as sports, debates, dramas, music, martial art, computer, science/art exhibitions
Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffery is the Managing Director. She is highly qualified, BA, B.Ed., MA and M.Ed. She is a Gold Medallist and won Gold Medal in B.Ed.
 Muhammad Fahim Khan is Director Academics of The Fahims School System. He too is highly qualified, M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed. and M.Ed. He also has diploma in professional studies.
Anwar Ahmed Zai, Chairman, Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi, and a renowned educationist, scholar and intellectual, is nephew of Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffery.
Prof Shakir Ali Jaffery,  also a renowned personality, is the real brother of Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffery. Syed Zakir Ali Jaffery, another real brother, is assisting the couple in running the schools.
In one school there is matriculation system while the rest are of O & A Levels standard. All schools are co-education except one separate branch of girls in O Level. There are about 2500 students in all the schools run by The Fahims School System. They are run on UK-based system.
The Fahims School System has about 400 employees with their salaries range from Rs 15,000 to Rs. 100,000.  The school fees are as follows: (Grade 1-3, Rs 3000), (Grade 4-5, Rs 3500), (Grade 6-8, Rs 4000), (Grade 9-11, Rs 4500) and (`A’ Level, Rs. 10,000). The admission fees are Rs.5000 and Rs. 25000 respectively (For Grades and O & A Levels).
In short, the couple, Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffery and Muhammad Fahim Jaffery, are dare-devils and true patriotic people who have risked their lives, devoted their time, energy and resources and dedicated themselves with commitment and determination to practically help and support the deserving children and people of Pakistan.
SACRED MISSION: The challenges are really tough and times very difficult. It is hard to survive or stand before the corrupt lobby but they are doing their best. With the help of sincere and good people and leaders of anywhere, they are sure of achieving aimed and greater success. This is their level of trust and confidence in good people and leaders.
Instead of merely sympathizing, crying and rendering lip services, we need  to practically act and help promote the sacred vision and mission of Malala Yousafzai and people like her. Syeda Fahim Iqbal Jaffery and Muhammad Fahim belong to people of great category. Their tremendous contributions and meritorious services speak for themselves. We must help and support them in turning the sacred mission into reality and successfully achieving the mission of promotion of education and charity.  The scarred vision will always keep us in the dark and prove dangerous. That is why we need to fully support the sacred missions of good people.  
---Javed Zaheer (JAZA/JAYZEE/JZEE), Free Expression Award Winner, Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner, Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Ex-Member of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan, Chairman, CANOPI, and Director, Canpak Camber of Commerce, is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981. Email: To read more JZ’s exclusive articles, please visit the following websites: (Pressing needs section),  and  (Home Pages & Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004 to 2011.




            TORONTO: Hum Bohot Mushkil Samajhtay Thay Quran Aur Allah Kay Paigham Ko Magar Jub Lena Shuroo Ki Dilchaspi Aur Ek Ek Surat Ko Ghaur Se Parhna Shuroo Kia Tu Allah Ka Paigham Saaf Saaf Samajh Aanay Laga. Choti Choti Suratoun Se Shuroo Kia Taki Mushkil Aur Ghabrahat Na Ho Aur Dilchaspi Barhti Jai. Ye Formula Kamyab Raha.
            Tilawat Karna Bohot Achi Baat Aur Sawab Ka Kaam Hai Lekin Allah Khud Kehta Hai Quran Mein Ki Quran Ko Thora Thora Magar Bohot Samajh Kay Parho. Bohot Aasani Aur Khoobsoorti Say Allah Nay Samjhaya Hai Hamain Bus Sirf Dilchaspi Lenay Aur Bunyadi Baat Samajhnay Ki Zaroorat Hai. Is Kay Liye Aalim, Mulla Ya Scholar Honay Ya Bannay Ki Zaroorat Nahi Hai.
            Quran Ke Zariye Sub Say Pehle Allah Dua Maangna Sikhata Hai Aur Batata Hay Ki Kin Logoun Ke Raastay Pe Chalo. Kehta Hai Oon Logoun Ke Raastay Pe Chalo Ki Jin Pe Na Kabhi Allah Ka Ghazab Nazil Huwa Aur Na Wo Bhatkay. Sura Al-Fateha Aik Behtareen Misaal Hai.
            Total 114 Surat Hain Jin Ke Zariye Allah Nay Saaf Saaf Achay Aur Buray Logoun Ki Pehchaan Aur Tameez Karai Hai Aur Bataya Hai Ki Oon Ke Saath Kia Sulook Hoga Aur Kiyun Hoga. Bataya Hai Ki Unka Anjaam Kia Hoga.
            Hum Se Pehle Jo Loug Aur Qaumain Theen Unkay Saath Kia Kiya Ye Bhi Batla Diya Hai. Jin Logoun Nay Allah, Oos Kay Paigham, Oos Kay Messengers (Paighambar Aur Nek Bandey), Haq Aur Sachai Ko Jaan Boojh Kar Jhutlaya Aur Khilafwarzi Ki, Allah Kay Chahnay Waloun Ko Pagal Aur Jadoogar Kaha, Unkay Saath Zulum Aur Sitam Kiya Aur Unko Mar Diya Ya Maarnay Ki Koshish Ki Tu Allah Nay Kaisay Apnay Ghazab Ke Zariye Unko Tabah Wo Barbad Kar Diya Aur Kaisay Apnay Nek Bandoun Ki Madad Aur Hifazat Ki.
            Allah Kehta Hai Ki Budkar Aur Buray Loug Wo Hain Jo Naafarmaan, Sarkash Aur Zalim Hotay Hain Aur Burai, Gunah Aur Zulum Ki Had Par Kartay Hain, Dunya Mein Fasad Paida Kartay Hain Aur Nek Aur Kamzor Logoun Ka Jeena Haram Kartay Hain.
            Buray Loug Yateemoun, Miskinoun, Ghariboun Aur Zaroorat Mundoun Ko Unka Haq Nahi Detay Aur Na Unki Madad Kartay Hain Aur Na Unka Khayal Rakhtay Hain. Wo Kamzor Logoun Pe Zulum Kar Kay Aur Unka Haq Maar Kay Bohot Khoosh Hotay Hain. Naap Taul Aur Insaf Sahi Nahi Kartay.
            Ye Loug Qayamat Ke Din Aur Aakhirat Ke Roz Pe, Maut Aur Marnay Ke Baad Dobara Zinda Kiyay Jaanay Pe, Saza Aur Jaza Pe Aur Allah Ki Haqeeqat Aur Taaqat Aur Uskay Ghazab Aur Azaab Pe Yaqeen Nahi Rakhtay. Isi Liyay Wo Allah Se Nahi Dartay Aur Allah Aur Sachai Ko Hamesha Jhutla Tay Hain.
            Allah Kehta Hai Ki Bus Yehi Loug Budkar Aur Buray Hain Aur Jahannum Mein Jayen Gay. Wahan Unkay Liye Bharakti Aur Dahekti Hui Bhayanak Aag Hogi, Peenay Ke Liye Bohot Kholta Huwa Garam Paani Aur Peep Hoga, Budtareen Khana Hoga Aur Dosray Bohot Sarey Azaab Hongay. Jis Nay Jaisa Kia Hai Amal Dunya Mein Uskay Saath Waisa Hi Sulook Hoga Aakhirat Mein Kiyun Ki Allah Bara Insaf Karne Wala Hai.
            Achay Loug Wo Hain Jo Allah Pe Aankh Bund Kar Ke Yaqeen Rakhtay Hain, Oos Say Dartay Hain, Uski Baat Maantay Hain, Uski Ibadat Kartay Hain Aur Uskay Bandoun Ka Bohot Khayal Rakhtay Aur Unki Har Tarha Say Madad Kartay Hain.
            Allah Kehta Hai Yehi Loug Nek Aur Achey Hain Aur Jannat Mein Jayen Gay. Wahan Unkay Liye Behtareen Intizam Hoga, Khoobsurat Hoorain Aur Larkay Hongay, Shandar Takht Hongay Jin Kay Neechay Nehrain Behrahi Hongi, Khanay Aur Peenay Ke Liye Behtareen Phal Aur Gosht Hoga Aur Aisi Sharab Hogi Jis Say Na Sar Mein Dard Hoga Aur Na Aqal Mein Fatoor Aye Gaa.
            Jo Wo Chahain Gay Wo Allah Unko De Gaa. Unki Har Khuwahish Aur Tamanna Puri Hogi Har Tarha Say Kiyun Ki Unhoon Nay Sirf Aik Allah Pe Yaqeen Aur Bharosa Kiya Aur Allah Kay Liyay Hi Jiyay Aur Maaray Aur Uski Baat Maani Aur Uskay Saath Kisi Ko Shareek Nahi Kiya.
            Allah Kehta Hai Ki Qayamat Zaroor Aye Gi Aur Akhirat Kay Roz Sub Dobara Zinda Kiyay Jayengay Aur Jama Kiyay Jayengay. Unkay Haath Mein Unkay Aamaal Namay Pesh Kiyay Jayengay. Jo Nek Hongay Unko Dahinay (Seedhay) Haath Mein Diyay Jayengay Aur Jo Budakar Aur Buray Loug Hongay Unko Bayen (Ultay) Haath Mein Diyay Jayengay. Is Tarha Do (Two) Groups Banayay Jayengay---Neeki Aur Badee Kay.
            Allah Kehta Hai Ki Oos Din Teenh (Three) Groups Banayay Jayengay. Aik Group Anbiya Aulia Aur Momin Logoun Ka Hoga (VIPs), Aik group Nek Logoun Ka Hoga Aur Aik Group Budkar Aur Buray Logoun Ka Hoga. Pehlay Do (Two) Groups Jannat Mein Jayengay Aur Akhri Group Jahannum Mein.
            Ab Ye Hamaray Upar Hai Ki Hum Kaunsay Group Mein Jaana Pasand Karengay---Second Ya Third. Allah Ne Hamain Raasta Aur Tarika Bataa Diya Hai Aur Choose Karnay Ke Liyay Options De Diyay Hain. Inko Samajhnay Kay Liyay Aqal Aur Samajh De Di Hay.
            Mukhtalif Suratoun (Surats) Mein Allah Ne Apni Tareef Aur Haqeeqat Khoob Achi Tarha Khul Kay Bayan Kardi Hai. Kitni Cheezoun Ki Qasmain Khai Hain. Kis Kis Tarha Insan Aur Jin Donoun Ko Samjhaya Hai.
            Sura Rehman Mein Allah Nay Saaf Saaf Insan Aur Jin Donoun Saye Bola Hai Ki Tum Meri Kaun Kaun Si Nematoun Ko Jhutlao Gay. Hamain Samajhnay Ke Liye Aur Kiya Chahiyay. Allah Ne Khoob Naseehat Aur Hidayat Ki Hai Quran Aur Dosri Aasmani Kitaboun Ke Zariyay.  
            Magar Insan Hai Ki Allah Ko Bhool Kar Shaitan Ke Saath Hojata Hai. Jub Waqt Parta Hai Tub Allah Ko Yaad Karta Hai Aur Uskay Aagay Girgirata Hai. Jub Kaam Nikal Jata Hai Phir Shaitan Ki Goud Mein Jaa Kar Beth Jaata Hai.
            Allah Kehta Hai Ki Dunya Faani Hai. Qayamat Zaroor Aye Gi Aur Sif Allah Hi Jaanta Hai Ki Kub Aye Gi. Akhirat Ke Roz Qayamat Jub Aye Gi Tu Aasman Phat Jaye Gaa, Taaray Toot Jayen Gay, Pahar Chalna Shuroo Hojayen Gay Aur Rooyi (Cotton) Ki Tarha Oor Rahay Hongay, Samandar Ubal Parey Gaa Aur Zamin Sub Kuch Ugal De Gi Jo Uskay Andar Hai. Sub Kuch Waisay Hi Hoga Jaisay Quran Aur Aasmani Kitaboun Mein Allah Ne Batla Diya Hai. Bhaley Jhutlanay Waley Jhutlatay Rahen. Yehi Haqeeqat Hai.
            Lougoun Aur Qaumoun Pe Apne Ghazab Aur Azaab Ke Zariye Allah Nay Qayamat Ki Nishaniyan Batla Di Hain. Afsos Phir Bhi Insan Nahi Samajhta Aur Dheet Bun Kar Jhutlata Hai Aur Budkari Aur Burai Mein Had Se Ziada Guzar Jaata Hai.
            Allah Kehta Hai Zalimoun, Budkar Aur Buray Logoun Ko Unkay Haal Par Chor Do. Wo Nahi Sudharnay Waley. Hum Nay Unko Dheel Di Hui Hai Aur Hum Hi Unsay Nimat Lain Gay. Hum Khoob Nimatna Jaantay Hain. Tum Sirf Naseehat Karo Jo Tumhara Kaam Hai. Hidayat Dena Allah Ka Kaam Hai.
            Jo Bhi Achay Loug Hain (Ghair Muslim) Unkay Ka Saath Achi Tarha Sulook Karo Aur Pesh Aao. Unko Tung Mut Karo. Jo Budkar Aur Buray Loug Hain, Allah Ko Jaan Boojh Kar Nahi Maantay Aur Logoun Pe Zulum Kartay Hain Unkay Khilaf Kharey Hojao Aur Unsay Jum Kar Muqabla Karo. Logoun Ko Unkay Zulum, Budkari  Aur Burai Say Bachao.
            Beshak Allah Bari Shan Wala Aur Sub Se Ziada Taqatwar Hai, Ghaib Ka Malik Hai, Rabbul Aalamin Hai, Rehman Aur Rahim Hai. Samjho Tu Wohi Sub Kuch Hai. Na Uski Koi Aulad Hai Aur Na Wo Kisi Ki Aulad. Wo Har Cheez Pe Qadir Hai.
            Agar Hum Ye Sub Baatain Jaan Lain, Samajh Kar Maan Lain Tu Koi Hamain Na Behka Sakta Aur Naa Bhatka Sakta Hai. Shart Ya Hai Ki Hum Allah Ko Samjhain Aur Uski Maanain Bajai Ghair Allah Ya Dhongi Mulla Ke Peechay Peechay Chalain.
            Shaitan Dhongi Mulla, Aalim, Pir, Faqir Aur Kai Roop Mein Insan Aur Jin Donoun Ko Bohot Behka Aur Bhatka Raha Hai Aur Nuqsaan Pohncha Kar Jahannum Ki Taraf Le Jaa Raha Hai. Hamain Aqal Se Kaam Lekar Aur Quran Ke Batayay Huway Raastay Pe Chal Kar Shaitan Aur Uskay Shar Se Bachna Hai.
            Allah Quran Ke Zariye Hamari Madad Kar Raha Hai. Ye Wo Rassi Hai Jisay Hamain Mazbooti Se Pakar Ke Rakhna Hai. Quran Say Madad, Naseehat Aur Allah Ki Hidayat Hasil Karo. Yehi Nijaat Ka Zariya Hai.
             Beshak Allah Bara Madadgar Hai Aur Rahem Karnay Wala Hai. Hamesha Allah Pe Bharosa Rakho Aur Nek Aur Achay Kaam Karnay Ki Niyat Aur Koshish Karo.
            ---Javed Zaheer (JAZA/JAYZEE/JZEE), Free Expression Award Winner, Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner, Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Ex-Member of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan, Chairman, CANOPI, and Director, Canpak Camber of Commerce, is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981/ To read more JZ’s exclusive articles, please visit the following websites: (Pressing needs section),  and  (Home Pages & Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004 to 2011.



            TORONTO: Haan, kaash mein tum logoun ki maa naa hoti. Chund chor dakoo looteroun ne meray moo pe kaalik mal di aur saari dunya mein ruswa kara diya aur tum loug khamoshi aur beghairti se tamasha dekhtay rahay.
            Kub aagay barh kar maa ki izzat aur azadi bachao ge ya yun hi tamasha dekhtay raho ge. Afsoos, tum bhi chor, dakoo aur looteroun ke saath milkar meri izzat ki dhajjian ura rahay ho aur mujhay barbad kar rahay ho. Apni maa ki izzat ki dhajjian. Kia waqai mar gaya hai tumhara zamir aur tumhari ghairat.
            Aaj tum meri izzat ki hifazat nahi kar rahay ho aanay wala kal tumhari izzat se khelay gaa tumhain ghulam bana kar. Dekh lena tum. Ye meri bud-duwa  nahi hai. Jo kuch bhi hogaa tumhari apni beghairti aur tumharay apnay kartootoun ki wajah se hogaa. Mein tu maa hoon  bud-duwa bhi nahi de sakti sirf tumhain dukhoun mein dekh kar tarap sakti hoon apna dukh aur ghum bhula ke. Kaash mein teri maa naa hoti aur ye din naa dekhnay partay.   
            Ye dard bhari aah Pakistan ke tootay huway dil se nikal rahi hai. Wo dil jo zakhmoun se choor choor ho chuka hai. Wo shikasta dil jo ab ahista ahista dharak raha hai aur kisi bhi lamhay dharakna bund kar sakta hai hamari apni ghaltiyun, laa-par-wahiyoun aur beghairti ki wajah se.
            Hamaray bahadur aur ghayyur jawan wardi pehen kar kis ki hifazat kar rahay hain jub ki gharib awam aur mulk donoun sisak sisak ke mar rahay hain. Inki madad aur hifazat kaun karay gaa. Kia ye chor dakoo aur looteroun ke agay itna bay bus hogai hain. Tu phir kiyun qasam khai thi aur ehad kiya tha mulk aur qaum ki hifazat ke liye. Aaj tumhari khamoshi aur buzdili ki wajah se yehi chor dakoo aur looteray aish kar rahay hain.
            Kia hamaray jawanoun aur leaders mein koi aik bhi Allah ka bunda aisa nahi hai jo mulk aur qaum ke liye kuch acha karay aur gundagi ko saaf karay. Hai koi mard ka bacha in jawanoun aur leaders mein. Agar hai tu uthay aur aagay barh kar badal daalay mulk aur qaum ki taqdeer ko.
            ---Javed Zaheer (JAZA/JAYZEE/JZEE), Free Expression Award Winner, Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner, Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Ex-Member of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan, Chairman, CANOPI, and Director, Canpak Camber of Commerce, is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981/ To read more JZ’s exclusive articles, please visit the following websites: (Pressing needs section),  and  (Home Pages & Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004 to 2011.