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TORONTO: UMMID International, a globally renowned and recognized organization, celebrated Canada Day and held BBQ lunch for seniors, adults and children on Wednesday, June 26, 2013.
Aayesha Arshad, Director of UMMID International, in a Press statement, said that the event proved a great success and became memorable with very good attendance and interest shown by the participants.
Brad Butt, MP, Mississauga-Streetsville, and Bikram Lamba were the special guests on the occasion and addressed and impressed the over sixty participants, mostly seniors, who came from far off places including Maple, Markham, Scarborough, Brampton, Etobicoke, Mississauga and New York (US) and were of different religions, communities, cultures and races.
The participants mingled with each other and enjoyed every bit. The distinguished participants included Aspi Wadi Walia, Surya Khan (Baji), Parbha Kohli Janex and from Virginia, US, Nasim Khan.
“UMMID, which is an acronym for Un-Matched Movement for Improvement of the Disadvantaged, is a non-profit Canadian organization working for sustainable development of communities in Canada as well as in developing countries in South Asia.
“In Canada, UMMID works with senior citizens by offering them foster care, and new immigrants in addition to launching programs for community welfare. To help new immigrants integrate in the mainstream Canadian culture, it offers community services in employment training, job search programs, and employment preparation for the needy, unemployed and low-skilled workers. Internationally, UMMID works in the areas of poverty alleviation, healthcare, and primary education in addition to offering career and immigration planning services.
“The mission of UMMID is to serve people from disadvantaged circumstances in an endeavor to make their lives and living better.
“In Pakistan, UMMID INTERNATIONAL is focusing on the tasks stipulated by the aim set for developing countries. It has recruited volunteers who are working actively on collecting data on health issues, unemployment level and literacy rate from different regions of Pakistan. UMMID has opened FREE BASIC HEALTH UNITS and FREE FOOD HOMES in remote areas of Pakistan. It is expanding its network by making members in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.
“UMMID past projects include Canada Day Celebrations, Fundraising Dinner 2010, Eid Mela 2011, Services for Senior  Citizens, Computer Training Centre and Match-Making Seminar & Social Night.
UMMID’s international development programs focuses on 1) Education 2) Health 3) Skill Development and 4) Counselling.
“UMMID International is helping 7 families only out of 1800 families up till now from June 2011. In these 7 families, we have 15 children, 3 widows and 1 crippled victim and parents of the deceased. We are helping with the education of children by paying the fees of the students. Students from grade 1 till Grade 14 are included in this process. This project is a life-long project.
“Senior citizens (Parents) are taken care for their health issues in the form of medicines. Widows are enrolled in Skill Development to stand on their feet to earn for their kids. They are enrolled in Aesthetic Courses, Sewing & Knitting skills since January 2012.
“UMMID International has a newcomer Settlement Program which helps newcomers, immigrants and refugees to quickly adjust to the Canadian lifestyle. Our services are not limited to any particular community and are accessible to anyone who has landed in Canada or is hoping to in the future.
“Our services and resources ensure quality and cost-effective solutions to problems faced by immigrants and our step-by-step instructions ensure all the paper work and accommodation is taken care quickly so that they can start working as soon as possible. We provide support in many languages which include Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, English, Mandarin, Arabic, Kurdish, French, Spanish and Swahili.
“The following are the services we offer but not limited to:
1) Pickup and Drop off Services from the Airport 2) Housing Arrangements (You directly move into your own home without struggling to find accommodation) 3) Help in acquiring driving lessons and advice 4) Application for Health Card and SIN Card 5) Schooling for Kids 6) Job search, interview skill development and Job placement in your field as well as survival jobs 7) Career services such as Resume Building and interview preparations 8) English, Computer and Career (Resume Building) Classes for children / students and adults 9) Workshops and Information Sessions and 10) Senior citizenship program to house senior citizens or provide recreational services for the elderly
“Contact UMMID at Telephone: 905 232 8506 | 905 232 8247 (Working Hours: 9am - 5pm Pacific Time).  Email at: ummid@live.ca The website is: www.ummidinternational.com.
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: The intentions and claims of all and any organization  must be thoroughly judged by the practical contributions made, credibility established and reputation earned as a result.
Muslims particularly become very emotional and mostly act before they think. This is one of the major causes of their sufferings and failures. They easily become a victim, are cheated and harmed.
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