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            TORONTO:  What is the difference between the grave and the world? One (grave) is a resting place and the other (world) is for our testing. Worldly desires, temptations, luxuries, blessings and hardships are all part of our tests. Every word and deed is properly recorded by the appointed ones and would be finally presented to us in the shape of results on the day of judgement.  That day only our good deeds and MERCY of The Almighty can save us.
            We must watch what we say and do in order to protect ourselves and successfully pass the tests. Only being practically good and responsible can help us pass the crucial tests. Forgiveness is the option given to us to correct ourselves and remain part of the good ones. For this realization, repentance and non-repetition of the mistakes and sins are the necessary conditions. No excuses. Everything is before us to know, understand and implement.
            LIMIT IS IMPORTANT: The good desires make us a saviour while the bad ones a sinner. Those who remain within the limit become saviours while those who cross the limit become sinners. The limit line defines and decides the difference, fate and rewards. It’s just that simple.  Once we cross the limit the conscience starts pricking and keeps us restless.
            The culture of `Who Cares’ and `Damn Care’ makes us bad, corrupt, sinners, irresponsible, rash drivers, thieves, criminals, terrorists, extremists, fundamentalists and so on. Like the pain-killer, the sensors sending negative signals over power and block the voice of conscience.  The voice and prick of conscience and the magical and intoxicating effects of lusty temptations and desires can be curbed but cannot be killed.  They are part of our lives and tests.
            CLEAR DIFFERENCE: The saviours are those who pray for others and lead, help and support them .The sinners prey on others and try to mislead, misuse, blackmail, hurt or harm them.  Like those of any sect, religion, community or country who are involved in dirty politics, venomous propagandas and distortion of facts, realities and the messages of truth and The Almighty God are million times more dangerous than rapists, criminals, terrorists and beasts. This is because they are deliberately and cunningly hatching conspiracies, misleading the people and leading them away from God, truth and realities. They are pushing the people towards destruction and hell. Yes, they are the real enemies of humanity and mankind.  
            The difference is very clear. It is a matter of understanding only but then the powerful magical and intoxicating effects of lusty temptations and desires overpowers most people and controls them. Not impossible but it is extremely difficult to escape the evil trap.   
            For example, the tremendous power of wealth, woman and wine is before us. It leads to rivalries, wars and destruction. It spares no one and destroys all those trapped including individuals, families, great conquerors and kingdoms.                
            SOLUTION: In order to pass the tests, we have been blessed with a practical solution. That is through tremendous power of self-restraint. Fasting helps us learn, train and gain that tremendous power of self-restraint. Now one can imagine the great importance of the holy month of Ramazan and it being declared compulsory. It helps clean and correct the mind and body and turns them into a protective shield against the evil attractions.    
            Ramazan is indeed a tremendous blessing for us. It provides in the shape of fasting a protective shield against the worldly desires and lustful temptations. Through self-restraint ability, it teaches, trains and helps people to ward off evil, temptations and desires. The physical, mental and spiritual levels and powers are raised to such extent. Ramazan helps prepare us to face completely the challenges of worldly desires and temptations and their slaves.         
Yes, the worldly desires are temptations fully laced with intoxication. One is tempted to cross the limit and commit crime and sin. Once lured and fully intoxicated by lustful temptations of worldly desires then one becomes its slave, cruel, cunning and extremely destructive.
The tempted ones lose the ability to think good and thank God. For name, fame, power and vested interests they cross all limits and start crushing everything coming in their ways. Being slaves of temptations, worldly desires and its pleasures, they become extremely cruel and start making innocent and helpless people their slaves and prisoners.  Hell is their abode but the resting place (grave) too becomes a roasting place for all such persons.            
  It is common that such persons love provocations. It’s in their nature and character to provoke, hurt and harm others. They enjoy it without caring about the serious consequences. They just cannot realize because God puts a seal on their hearts and minds.  Only through forgiveness they can cure themselves.  The doors of forgiveness remain open till the last breath. This is the greatness of God, who loves very much His creations and wants to save them from destruction---self or otherwise.
            JUST IGNORE THEM: How to handle such creeps and their provocations? It’s damn easy. Just ignore them but remain fully alert. Yes, simply ignore them to prevent them from becoming powerful and heroes. Let them shout, cry, beat their drums and dance on the tunes of their masters. This is what they are trained and expected to do. What else can they do? The worldly desires, temptations and intoxications have all made them lunatics, fanatics, extremists and terrorists and so on. 
            Now and then I keep reading and hearing non-stop venomous comments and nonsenses against Islam, Muslims, Pakistan and Pakistanis.  These shit-worms and human skunks never get tired and keep themselves busy in the dirty game. Again, understanding their nature and slavery mindset, I just damn care and let them bark. One day they will definitely get tired and zipped.
            I keep telling my friends and near and dear ones to just focus and concentrate on their family, personal and professional lives, aims, objectives, goals and mission. Don’t get trapped by the slaves of worldly desires and forces of evil. I don’t want to even mention their names to make them popular and hero. They are garbage, sewage dirt and demons and should be treated as such. Only idiots would respect and honour them and thanks God I am not an idiot.
             BRAVO IMRAN ALI: Recently, I heard the interview and views of Imran Ali, a senior diplomat in the Consulate General of Pakistan in Toronto. The host was Badar Munir Chaudhary and the programme was “Hamari Bhi Suno with Badar Munir”. Also present on the occasion was Yudhvir Jaswal, Chief Editor, Midweek Newspaper.  This interview was worth listening and praising. Both the guests were just too good. We need such people to promote awareness and understanding. Such efforts could bring both India and Pakistan and their people closer. It could help promote friendship, love, peace and stability in the region.
            Imran Ali’s impressive comments were candid, clear and based on realities. I fully endorse and agree with his views that we must first set our house in order and both India and Pakistan must think and work in the larger interest of the people. This can only happen if people are brought closer. Destructive policies and actions must be replaced with good ones. Cruelties, discrimination, hate and anger should be discouraged, strongly condemned and stopped.
This is what I too have been focusing in my writings. Indeed, Imran Ali is a true and bold person. It needs a lot of courage to speak in such a way, particularly when you are serving on an important position. Without fearing the consequences, he spoke from the heart and very sensibly. Keep it up Bravo Imran Ali.   
CHEAP POPULARITY: On the other hand, people like Tarek Fatah and Tahir Aslam Gora have criticized his views. Well, they have all the right to do so as critics. When I heard Tarek Fatah’s interview conducted by Tahir Aslam Gora in which he uttered all sorts of bullshit, nonsenses and blah, blah, blah against Pakistan then I said to myself: “Just ignore the cheap popularity attempt. He seemed mentally sick. He is not in his control but seemed remote controlled. May God help and guide him.”   
Whatever I speak or write is against the corrupt rulers, people, policies, system and society. I definitely like and love both Pakistan and Canada. Both the lands and people are very, very dear to me and will remain so. Canada and Pakistan are my mothers and I cannot betray my mothers. Some people are but I am not a mother rapist and don’t belong to such class.
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