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            TORONTO: Who are turning this beautiful world---The wonderful blessing of The Almighty God--- into a prison, cauldron, graveyard and hell?
            Who are the actual real enemies of humanity and mankind and responsible for massive deaths, destruction and tremendous sufferings of the innocent people?
            In order to make the world a safe and better place and protect the people, we HAVE to know and understand the facts and realities and make others understand as well---through proper awareness and by all means---Keep doing this even if we have to for a hundred, thousand and million times and years. It is indeed one of our most important duties and responsibilities.
            There should be no limit for such efforts as it is directly connected to our protection, salvation and existence. It is saviours versus sinners, humans versus beasts and friends versus enemies of the mankind. Want to live peacefully or die mercilessly? The choice is ours.
            Even if helpless and for becoming a voice and strength of all those victimized and suffering, we must try to protect ourselves and all by strongly protesting, condemning, criticizing and stopping all madness and craziness of the so-called and self-proclaimed champions of democracy, humanity, peace and people.
            They are in reality extremely cunning, brutal, merciless and cruel pharaohs, dictators, hypocrites and worse than the most dreaded beasts. Recognize, expose, restrain and repel them before they reach, destroy and devour us.
            This is what The Almighty God, His messengers, believers and wise, sane and sound people of all religions and communities tell and teach us including Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists. For proper awareness, read and understand the original holy books with an open mind to get the real message, inspiration, awareness and understanding.  
            The world knows that The Almighty God is not a liar and distortions are insulting attempts to prove Him a liar and confuse, distract and destroy the innocent people. This is the dirty work of the devil and his army of beasts, hypocrites, dons, dictators and pharaohs.   
            The clash of the giants---Superpowers---for vested interests (routes, resources, regions and domination) and the beastly and Pharaonic temperament and actions of some has made the lives of innocent people miserable and turned the world into graveyard and hell.
            The limitless madness and craziness and senseless and endless quest of merciless, brutal and cruel Pharaohs and dictators for power, rule, occupation, domination and destruction has claimed millions of lives, particularly of women and children.
            Even infants are not spared. They are blown into pieces, ripped and roasted by the bombs and bullets. Millions of children become orphans, women widows and persons disabled. Most of them remain neglected, are exploited and abused. And the world remains dumb and helpless.  
            We feel bad mentioning and reading such things but imagine about those who are affected and victimized by such tremendous calamities, disasters and devastations. A look into their eyes and feel of their pain would result in non-stop tears in your eyes with hiccups and possibly a heart attack as well. In order to feel their pain, connect your heart and self with them.  
            No amount of blood quenches the thirst of these vampires. The more they spill the blood and kill the people, the more the madness and craziness of these beasts increases. Damn with the people, countries and religions, they enjoy every bit with focus only on the vested interests.
            They look very civilized, well-mannered, well-dressed, well-educated, friendly, always smiling, have child and angel like innocent look and talk like gods, prophets, saints and pious people but don’t be fooled and misled by all such features and their hypocrisy. The reality is totally and completely different. They are monsters, beasts and vampires.
            Soon Middle East is going to become a ball of fire in which millions of innocent people, particularly women and children, would be roasted.  Already the game of death and destruction is on. Chemical and napalm bombs have devoured and disfigured many.
            The war craze is increasing with blames, excuses and threats. The United Nations has no voice and power and is dominated and dictated by the powerful ones. It has lost credibility. 
            The stocks of arms manufacturers are going up, up and up. The arms manufacturers and producers and all related people and industries benefit the most from all wars and destructions. In fact they play the most important role in all small and big wars. They help plan the wars, conditions and situations. The only losers are the poor, innocent and helpless people, governments and countries.       
            Pointers and analysis show that we are slowly moving and heading towards World War Three, which will prove extremely devastating and disastrous. Under such circumstances, situation and condition, we must get and remain united to stop them and protect ourselves.
            In order to serve humanity in reality it is extremely important to first know yourself, those near and dear to you, then people, communities, priorities and policies.
            Yes, without such mindset, lifestyle and approach one cannot achieve the aims, goals, objectives and missions. Those who have such positive qualities, abilities and capabilities are indeed the best ones and they deserve to be chosen, encouraged, promoted, supported, protected, elected and allowed to lead and serve the people, communities and countries.
            Vice versa, those who harm humanity in reality, they are ones who prey on and play with the people, have bad and beast nature, are extremely cunning, cruel, merciless and destructive. Extreme power and wealth intoxication keep making them most dangerous and deadliest.
            These dons become self-proclaimed gods, set their own limits and do and die for their goals and vested interests. Indeed, such beasts and hypocrites create and live in their own evil world and become committed enemies of humanity and mankind.
            The biggest problem is not what they are or what they do but is what most people do. Yes, they keep making these beasts, creatures, hypocrites, crook, criminals and terrorists extremely powerful, dangerous and deadly by blindly promoting, supporting, electing and following them to the extent of worship. Yes, worship.
            By doing this or committing such grave mistake, the people choose to seriously harm themselves and invite destruction.  While they become poor, helpless, prisoner and slave, the beasts, criminals and crooks are made rulers and leaders (Political, religious and community particularly).They begin the era of corruption, cruelty and destruction.
            Is it wise and sensible to give votes to such leaders or promote and support such people of any field? No. It is better to stay at home then help them. This is because they are destroyers. Right from the people, society, system, institutions and the country nothing is spared. Lives become miserable. Like termites destroy the trees, they destroy everything. They act and kill like the deadliest germs, virus and bacteria. Such is their reality and identity.
            But why blame others. Indeed, people are the ones who help establish, support and promote cruel, dangerous and deadly rulers, leaders, dons and mafias. It is our hard-earned money in the shape of funding and donation which gives them the opportunity and strength to establish themselves, become powerful and make us poor, helpless and slave.
This is not innocence of people or love for God, people, community or country but is the worst form of stupidity, insanity and foolishness. None others but we are responsible for this situation, condition, our sufferings and destruction. Yes, we allow ourselves to be harmed, destroyed and killed. So it can be termed as suicide.
Are we trying to please God by harming and destroying ourselves or committing suicide? Do we think and expect that God would greatly admire and appreciate such foolish, idiotic and destructive thoughts and acts and reward us? Only those living in the paradise of fools think and act like that. They are brainwashed and not prepared to listen to anyone. Not even God. 
It is our duty and responsibility to help the confused, distracted, brainwashed and helpless and victimized people. Get united and prepared to crack and crash all evils and pharaohs who are bent upon crushing the people for their vested interests.
Will the true community, religious and political leaders and organizations particularly please come forward to join, help, support the people, face the tough challenges and get free the helpless ones from claws, jaws and grips of terrorists, beasts, dictators and pharaohs?  Strong and effective voices should be raised and practical action taken to stop the madness and craziness.
Innocent and helpless people whether of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Myanmar, India, Israel, US, UK, Canada  or any part of the world too are human beings and deserve equal attention, protection, representation and support. In the fight against terrorism or any big or small wars they are mercilessly and brutally killed the most.
In order to practically serve community and humanity, I try to remain connected and close to the people, listen to them, work with them and serve them in various capacities with the power of my pen and writing. My motto and message is Serve Humanity In Reality. I am dedicated to serve and create awareness. I consider this as one of the Best Blessings of The Almighty Allah (God). May Allah keep showering this blessing on me and also bless me, a sinner and an imperfect person, with proper guidance, strength and the vision to become a good and responsible human being, Muslim, saviour, Canadian and a Pakistani.   
Recently, one of my friends and a senior community member, Syed Muhammad Iqbal, an  active social and community figure and a lawyer by profession, formed Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), a registered organization, and included me as a team member to serve people and communities, particularly Pakistanis, in the best possible manner.
 PSF team leaders are mostly professionals, well-educated, respectable and responsible persons with good background, track record and contributions. They are interested in the people, their problems, priorities and policies and are eager to help, support and serve them accordingly.  
            PSF does not intend to beg but seek support, cooperation and collaboration of the sponsors and donor agencies in order to practically serve in the best possible manner. The team’s successful past shows the strong belief in successful present and future. Canada and Pakistan are both our motherland, have given us much and made us proud and it is our duty and responsibility as well to serve and make them proud.  
            Pakistan and Pakistanis too are the victims of worst kind of terrorism. Karachi particularly, the heart of Pakistan and my birthplace, is bleeding profusely. Dreaded Dons of Land Mafia, Drug Mafia, Gun Mafia, Criminals, Terrorists and Taliban are in control and have all turned this beautiful and peaceful city into hell. The government, political and other parties and groups and all law-enforcement agencies are all helpless and people hostage.
            Now the people are not safe anywhere in the city---homes, offices, main roads, streets---Poverty is compelling them to commit suicide or become corrupt or flee the city and country.
Highly Influential and powerful people, political, community and religious leaders, groups and parties are directly involved and responsible. They are heading these powerful mafias and have become billionaires. Those who used to live in the huts and cheap quarters as poor are very rich now and own million dollars businesses and bungalows.
What to say or talk about their accountability, no one even dare question or ask them. They are living like kings and have made the innocent and helpless people beggars and slaves. The city is in the grip of worst fears and dangers. These helpless people badly need attention, help, support and freedom. The community and the world must wake up to the call for help.     
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