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            TORONTO: Pak Seniors Forum joined millions of Canadians all over the world in paying rich tributes to seniors and celebrating National Seniors Day on October 1, 2013.
            The PSF team including members, volunteers, supporters and partners are committed, dedicated and determined to serve Seniors In Reality with the spirit of their motto: Serve Humanity In Reality.
            The Government of Canada proudly paid tribute to the seniors who have helped build the country and continue to make valuable contributions to Canadian communities, workplaces and society. National Seniors Day is an occasion for all Canadians to appreciate and celebrate seniors. Individuals, community groups, schools, employers and families celebrated National Seniors Day in various ways including:
Postcard: Sending National Seniors Day electronic postcard or downloading a postcard to say thanks to the seniors they know.
            Poster:  Downloading or printing a National Seniors Day poster that can be placed in office, community centre or other local organization.
            Feature Article: Posting or sharing a feature article celebrating seniors' contributions in their areas.
            Mayoral Proclamation: Officially declaring October 1st as National Seniors Day in their community, town or municipality. Holding an event to mark the day and celebrating their declaration.
            Certificate of Appreciation: Celebrating with a certificate of appreciation to seniors who are making a real difference in the lives of others.
            Website Button: Promoting National Seniors Day by posting a button on their websites.
            Older Canadians have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences to share. Each day, their contributions make a real difference to Canada's society and economy. To promote positive images of aging, the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors have worked together to profile Canada's seniors (For details visit www.seniors.gc.ca). Their stories demonstrate the valuable achievements and contributions that Canada's seniors make to their communities, their families and society at large.
            National Seniors Day is an occasion for Canadians across the country to show their appreciation and celebrate seniors in their community. To help celebrate National Seniors Day, the Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of State for Seniors, took part in the Positive Active Aging Forum, hosted by the Ontario Society (Coalition) of Senior Citizens’ Organizations (OCSCO).
            OCSCO received $19,000 in funding from the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) to host the forum. Subject matter experts will help increase awareness and understanding of seniors’ issues, including barriers to aging well.
            Minister of State Wong addressed forum participants, which included older adults, caregivers, policy-makers and educators, at the North York Seniors Centre in Toronto. She congratulated the organizers for supporting social participation and inclusion of seniors in their communities.
            Pak Seniors Forum realizes that while celebrating with seniors, paying them tributes and keeping them happy in various ways including exercises, events, recreations, etc. we must never forget those elders who are facing various forms of abuse including physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, psychological (emotional) abuse, systemic abuse, neglect and other forms of abuse ( For details visit www.onpea.org).
            Not all situations that may be of concern to a senior's family, friends or caregivers are considered elder abuse. Seniors choosing to give money, gifts or excessive attention to a much younger member of the opposite sex is not abuse. Nor is a well-to-do senior choosing to live in ‘sparse' conditions.
            The ONPEA has prepared the following tips for prevention of elder abuse and neglect:
Preventing the abuse of yourself:  1) Stay as active as you can - go on outings with friends; volunteer; join a gym; visit neighbours 2)Maintain your friendships and maintain contact with loved ones 3) Have any cheques that you may receive, i.e., pension cheques automatically deposited to your bank account 4) Have bills, such as your telephone bill, automatically paid from your bank account 5) Get legal advice when creating, and/or have a lawyer draw up a Power of Attorney for Property and/or Power of Attorney for Personal Care for you 6) Only grant attorney ship (as in a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property and/or a Power of Attorney for Personal Care) to someone, or some people, that you know you can trust, and whom you know will respect your wishes 7) Write into your Continuing Power of Attorney for Property instructions regarding when it is to come into effect 8) Attend educational seminars/sessions that are being offered in your community regarding the abuse of older adults, your rights, senior's safety, etc.
            Preventing the abuse of older adults: 1) Educate yourself about the abuse of older adults and the rights of older adults 2)  Become involved in your local abuse of older adults Committee or Network and encourage the development of educational sessions for older adults on their rights 3) Learn about the rights of seniors and explain these rights to older adults that you know 4)  Listen to older adults - take time when speaking to them about their current situation and offer suggestions regarding how they might keep themselves, and their assets, safe 5) Take an older friend out to lunch, visit them, call them to see how they are doing - in short, keep in touch older adult family members and friends.
            Pak Seniors Forum, a newly-formed and registered organization, knows and realizes the importance and sensitivity of serving and protecting seniors and is seriously focusing on the need also to create proper awareness and understanding in order to understand and check elder abuse so that elder abuse and neglect could be effectively prevented. The PSF team, headed by Syed Muhammad Iqbal, president, is prepared to work or partner with all groups and individuals who are helping and supporting seniors. 
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