Wednesday, November 6, 2013


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TORONTO: Although it’s very, very difficult for the seniors, particularly the South Asian community members, to leave their warm beds and houses and get ready to attend an early morning meeting or event in the winter season yet many determined, committed and energetic seniors attended, even from far off places, an event supported by the Pak Seniors Forum (PSF).
  Pak Seniors Forum (PSF) supported and participated in the ‘Happy Healthy & Independent at Home’ event held on Monday, November 4, 2013, from 10:00-11.30 am at Jenner Jean-Marie Community Centre (At Thorncliffe Library), 48 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto. Canada. The co-sponsored program was facilitated by Anna Azaryan, Outreach Assistant, from Better Living Health & Community Services.
The presentation by Anna Azaryan was very impressive and in between many questions were asked regarding services, facilities and benefits. The main purpose of the event was to enable the participants to learn more about programs and services of Better Living Health & Community Services that will make it easier for the people who care for themselves, their families and others to stay healthy, happy and independent at home. 
Better Living Health and Community Services (, works in collaboration with a variety of partners, including other community support service agencies, private sector businesses and government agencies.
Some participants were already in touch with Better Living and availing the facilities for their family members and some others showed keen interest in getting connected. The distinguished guests were from various communities with majority from the Pakistani community. Those who attended were mostly PSF team members and supporters.
They participant including Muslims, Christians, Hindus were mostly highly educated and reputed professionals including doctors, engineers, intellectuals, educationists, students and others belonging to respectable families. They included Manif Syed, Afzal Khan Nayyar,  Mirza Nooruddin, Azhar Bokhari, Akbar Ali, Hanif Khayal, Hilda D’Costa, Khatoon Savani, Nasim, Victoria Brown, Khalid Ahmed, Inder Gandhi, Prashant Pehl, Nikoletta Parousis, Tariq Mirza, Muhammad Hafiz, Haji Muhammad, Syed Muhammad Iqbal, Javed Zaheer and Zafar Khan.
The Better Living keeps organizing frequently such events to educate, help and support the people and recruit volunteers. Pak Seniors Forum (PSF) team also attended, on invitation by Hilda D’ Costa, the presentation by Better Living, hosted by United Church, at 18 Thorncliffe Park Drive on November 6, 2013.
Since the participants of such events are mostly seniors, they expect and deserve extremely good care and necessary light refreshment because most of them are weak and sick and require food and water to give them the energy to remain seated, listen and enjoy.  
Some organizers, despite very reputable and with millions dollar budget and good funding, take the seniors very lightly and fail to take care of them properly. These affected seniors feel discriminated, humiliated and insulted.
The organizers must ensure that all seniors are not only deservingly respected but taken care of properly. The comments by some that “It is not our culture” to provide proper refreshment is tantamount to insulting the targeted communities and cheating the donors, sponsors and funders.  The funds and grants must be used honestly and properly. There should be no discrimination. The funds, grants and efforts are not meant to tame the wild. Seniors are human beings and respected people. 
Groups and individuals working to help and support seniors or others must clearly understand that they come in contact with people of different communities and mindset. They must try to deal with them responsibly and respectably instead of hating and criticizing the cultures and mindset. If they can’t handle the work properly then they should quit instead of creating bad impression and tarnishing the image of the reputable organizations they represent.
The Pak Seniors Forum (PSF) is not only working with all groups and individuals to serve seniors and others but it is also working as a think tank to find, inspire, motivate, encourage and groom young generation as future leaders. The team of experienced, determined and energetic seniors can work wonders and tremendously help and support the young ones. This is one of the objectives of the PSF.
The Pak Seniors Forum (PSF) also participated in the Canadian Diabetes Association event held at the Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, on November 5, 2013. PSF always keeps its doors open for partnership with groups and individuals to help and support each other to achieve the common aims, goals and objectives. 
This is because PSF motto is `Serve Humanity In Reality’ and the vision and mode is to promote the concept `Live & Work Together’. The participation in events and joint efforts to serve could make a great difference. The community needs us, our voices and strength to form a strong team of leaders in order to help, support and serve the community, all people and Canada.
The PSF team is becoming stronger by each day with inclusion of determined, committed and energetic people having very good reputation, education, experience and family background.          
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