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TORONTO: Once the opposition leader in the provincial assembly and leader of the PC Party of Ontario , John Tory, despite humiliating defeat and great disappointment in the past provincial election, has surprised all with a great comeback.
What powered his comeback and success is the firm determination to keep struggling with a purpose and vision and it paid off. His victory as a Mayor of Toronto is just the beginning of the long journey he has to make for the top slots from where he could serve better and in the best possible ways. The results of the 2014 general elections for Mayor of Toronto, held on October 27, 2014, are as follows:  John Tory:       Total votes: 394775. Percentage of total votes:40.276%.
Doug Ford      Total votes: 330610. Percentage of total votes:33.73%.
Olivia Chow    Total votes: 226879. Percentage of total votes:23.147%.
Indeed, John Tory was not given the coveted position of Mayor of Toronto on a platter. With a vision and plan for the people and city, he worked hard and fought for it. I had the opportunity of interviewing him few times when he was the opposition leader in the Ontario Provincial Assembly. Indeed he was very clear and impressive.
John Tory wanted to practically serve the people and do something great for them but then his team failed to respond positively and support him and I would dare say ditched him. I witnessed his defeat and felt very bad.
I apologised to him on behalf of the community for the insult and humiliation he faced when he visited the Thorncliffe Park locality. The incident took place near the Darus Salam Mosque. Those responsible were rotten eggs of the community who were posing as community and religious leaders. For the vested interests of the party and to please their leaders, they did all this and the blame came on the community and Muslims. The community is well aware of the dirty faces, politics and policies of all such so-called leaders who are exploiters and characterless characters.
It is hoped that John Tory will not take that incident personally and would serve the Thorncliffe Park locality with full honesty and spirit of true leadership. This is what people expect from leader of such a calibre and character.
Another good development for the Thorncliffe Park locality is the success of Jon Burnside as Councillor of Ward 26. In the previous election he gave a tough time to John Parker and this time he achieved success. I have found Jon Burnside as a young, straight-forward, determined and a dynamic leader who has a great future ahead and could serve people, province and the country in the best possible manner. I like and love working with people and leaders who like and love serving the people sincerely and honestly---without giving Lollypops and carrots..
John Parker was also good and did his best for the ward-26 although the Thorncliffe Park locality people were a bit unhappy for being neglected. Jon Burnside must win the trust and confidence of the people and focus on solving the issues and problems.  
The results are as follows:
Jon Burnside   Total votes: 9415. Percentage of total votes 42.729%.
John Parker     Total votes: 6167. Percentage of total votes 27.989%.
Ishrath Velshi  Total votes: 3055. Percentage of total votes 13.865% .
            MISSISSAUGA: In the elections for Mississauga Mayor, Bonnie Crombie crushed others with a big lead. I happened to meet her and interview her before she won the MP elections against Wajid Ali Khan. The big lead shows the respect, trust and confidence she enjoys. Her impressive personality and tremendous contributions is proving that she means business and is determined to serve the people and city.
            It will be a great task for Bonnie Crombie as people are used to the great Hazel McCallion, who was first elected as Mayor of Mississauga in 1978 and was the longest serving mayor of the city. She is a symbol of true leadership and an example worth following.
            The results of the elections are as follows:    
            Bonnie Crombie 102,346 (63.5%).
            Steven Mahoney 46,224 (28.7%).
            Dil Muhammad 2,429 (1.5%).
            Stephen King 1,874 (1.2%).
            Masood Khan 1,254 (0.8%).
            IRRESPONSIBLE MEDIA: Many calls were received from surprised and curious people who read the column of the highly respected and internationally renowned journalist Azim M. Mian of GEO and Jang Group.  Azim M. Mian is based in United States and covers visits and events of VVIPs and VIPs. They were shocked by the irresponsible reporting by such a responsible and professional journalist of the calibre of Azim M. Mian.
            In his column titled “Tabdeel Shuda Canada---Allama Qadri Ki Wapsi”, published in Jang, Karachi, of October 29, 2014 (, Azim Mian wrote that out of 100 Muslim candidates only Max Khan (Masood) and Zeeshan (Milton) emerged successful.
            When relevant websites were checked for elections results, what to speak of success the name of Max Khan (Masood) was found nowhere in the councillors list. One name Masood Khan was found in the list of candidates for Mayor of Mississauga who got only total votes 1,254 (0.8%). From where and how did Azim M. Mian got the name of Max Khan (Masood) as a winner or elected one only he or GEO or Jang Group must be knowing better..
            Yes, the name of Zeeshan Hamid was found as elected one in Milton. Zeeshan Hamid contested for Councillor Ward-8 of Milton and won with total votes 1184 (43.29 %).
             MESSAGE: Distinguished Pakistani community leaders including Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, who is also close to and family friend of John Tory, Mayor-elect, Toronto, Jim Karygiannis, Councillor-elect and a powerful ex-MP, Rick Milne, Mayor-elect, New Tecumseh, and Syed Mohammad Iqbal, President of Pak Seniors Form (PSF), and the PSF team leaders and supporters have expressed great happiness on the success of  such leaders, who deserve to be elected because of their tremendous contributions and true leadership. They hoped that people would greatly benefit from their plans, policies and contributions. 
         While congratulating all the successful mayors, councillors, trustees and others in the municipal elections of 2014, I would like to remind them to focus on the promises and commitments made. It is time to start delivering now.
            The focus should remain on serving humanity, community, locality and the city. Those people, areas, issues and problems which remained deliberately neglected due to wrong policies and dirty politics should get special attention and justice on the basis of equality and priority.
             While it is the duty and responsibility of the media and community leaders to act as a watchdog, critics and monitors the elected representatives too must understand their duties and responsibilities and perfom their jobs sincerely and honestly. It is hoped that all the elected ones will work as a good team members and leaders and help and support each other in the interest of the people and city. This is what we all expect from true leaders.
            I don’t know about others but I will keep following them like a shadow in order to monitor, guide and help them. Enough of the game of humiliations, insults and unnecessary interference and dirty politics. Enouh of bullshit. It  should end forthwith. We need to make Ontario and Canada a better and best place to live in and ensure progress and prosperity of all people and whole country. This is what our aim and objective should be and remain. Let’s pledge to implement and achieve this. We must stand, speak and act against all dirty politics and wrong policies which can harm the people and the country. This should remain our determination and goal.   
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