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            TORONTO:  Nobody would like and love to get and remain dirty except the dirty and filthy ones. For persons who like and love to get and remain neat and clean, the dirt and filth in any form becomes extremely painful and intolerable. This is human nature. This is the quality of a good human being.
            Accept it or not, sin is the worst form of dirt and filth. It is the product of bad nature, habits, company, mentality and activity. The stains of sins devastatingly corrupt and destroy the mind, body and soul. They make the soul and mentality dirty and filthy just like the clothes and body.  The dirt and filth caused by the stains of sins become a great burden on the soul. It becomes very sick and restless. So we need to protect in all possible ways our clothes, mind, body, soul and everything related to them.
            Why do we focus on cleanliness? We focus on cleanliness because it promotes goodness and freshness. We focus on CLEAN environment to remain sound and healthy. We focus on clean dealings, policies and politics to avoid corruption in the system, society and country.
            All good religions, believers, followers, people and teachings put cleanliness and the resulting goodness as top priority. People do commit sins and mistakes but their nature, habits and taste of cleanliness and goodness helps them to realize and recover and seek forgiveness. God knows the nature of humans and has given them the option and opportunity of true realization and forgiveness till the last breath.
            It is the sins which make a person corrupt, cruel, cunning, criminal and terrorist. Such persons or sinners become extremely dangerous and a real threat to mankind. It is such sins and persons which had made God extremely angry and compelled Him to show His Wrath and destroy them. It happened not once or twice but many times.
            The original holy books tell us this very clearly. The divine messages or deliverances in the form of commands, incidents and guidance are all not jokes but are for us to realize, understand and protect our mind, body, soul, ourselves and all others from the sins and sinners.
            The policymakers, rulers, leaders and all concerned people must understand their overall duties and responsibilities very well and act in the best interest of all communities, people and the country. Any wrong policy or step will not only badly harm and hurt the people and communities but the interest of the country as well. It will divide the people and communities, create serious differences and promote hatred. This must never be allowed at any cost.
             One such policy has greatly worried, alarmed and hurt the Muslim community and made them really angry. The Muslim community particularly is very much disturbed by the sex education curriculum launched in public schools.
            In this connection, a lot is being said and done by groups, organizations and community leaders of many communities to build up pressure against this policy. The Muslim community members are all united against this policy on religious, ethical and moral grounds. Their religion, teachings, grooming and culture does not allow them to compromise, accept or implement this or any such policy which will harm them, their faith, belief and identity and put them in the rank of sinners, wrong-doers and non-believers. They simply cannot dare or afford to do this.
            The Muslim community must force the Muslim religious scholars, intellectuals, lawyers and leaders to step forward, unite and come out with a clear cut stand and statement on this or such sensitive issues to help them.
            The religious leaders with support of other community leaders and people must approach and convince both premier and community members. The religious ministers in the mosques or Muslim organizations must issue `Fatwa’ so that the Muslim community could present it to the rulers, policymakers and leaders and convince them to not compel the Muslims or those not interested or not allowed by their religions to accept or implement such policies.
            On March 8, 2015, the Thorncliffe Parents Association, held a meeting of parents of Thorncliffe Park Drive in this connection. The purpose was to organize a one joint forum to build up pressure, raise strong voice and stand up against the sex education curriculum launched in public schools.
            The meeting was held at the Jenner Jean Marie Community Center and attended by a large number of people of Muslim and other communities including religious leaders of mosques. The terrible pain of betrayal by their leader (Kathleen Wynne, MPP and Premier of Ontario), hurt and anger as a result was visible on all faces.
            They said that there are over 30,000 Muslim voters alone in this locality alone, which is one of the most important areas in Canada, most of whom voted and supported the Liberal party and Kathleen Wynne as MPP and chose her as their leader.  
            They were happy that Kathleen Wynne would understand their worth, value their votes, voice and wishes because she knows the people and area very well and had been winning from here many times. It is this area which helped her become MPP and the Premier of Ontario.
            The launching of the sex education curriculum in public schools proved shocking and disappointing for the particularly Muslim voters and people of this locality, who now term it as betrayal. Instead of respecting the wishes of the voters, their very rights are being trampled and they are being compelled to go against their religion and teachings.
            This could prove very costly for Liberal or any other party or their leaders who keep supporting such harmful policies. Now the community leaders and members have started collecting signatures for petition against the sex education curriculum. It has been decided that all those signing the petition will NOT vote, support or promote any party or leaders, who are working against the interests of the people.  Such parties or leaders will have no place in the Muslim community or their support whatsoever.
            Also, they will put pressure through all means including protests and rallies and platforms including media and other communities to withdraw this policy. If it still does not work then they will stop sending their children to schools. They will use all peaceful means to create proper awareness and understanding against the sex education curriculum.  
            All those hypocrites, rain frogs and exploiters in the community or society---right from the homes, streets, malls and mosques---who are self-proclaimed champions and leaders and keep harming the interests of people and cheating and fooling them would be exposed and rejected. They had caused tremendous damage to the community just for their vested interests.
            It was decided to form committees to deal with the issue or such issues in peaceful, legal, ethical, moral and proper manner.  Rallies---participated by women, children, infants, seniors and others--- would be taken out in the locality and wherever considered necessary in protest, to show unity and to put pressure on the rulers, policymakers, parties and leaders.
            A clear message will be sent to the parties and leaders that no one will be allowed to fool, cheat, exploit and abuse the community and people.       Every member and vote is extremely precious and powerful enough to make the parties and leaders understand that they have to pay a heavy price by not respecting the people and their wishes. They have to fulfil the promises and commitments and stop giving LOLLYPOPS.
            It is hoped that Kathleen Wynne, MPP and Premier of Ontario, a very popular and powerful leader of this locality, will take the worried, disturbed and angry Muslim community into full confidence by respecting them, their wishes and their religion. She will not break the relationship of trust and confidence.
            As a journalist, I have seen Kathleen Wynne as a very powerful and good leader and always promoted, supported and respected her and the Liberal party as a result. I have nothing to do with personal matters like being gay or lesbian of anyone until and unless others are cunningly or forcibly lured or compelled to become one like that. However, when it comes to God, good, religion, ethics, moral and community then I cannot support or compromise with anyone.  I cannot make the God angry just to please any party, leader and person. Sorry, no way.
            I am not only hopeful but sure that Premier Kathleen Wynne, as I have known her, will seriously hear the grievances of the Muslim and other communities which are against the sex education curriculum or any such policies and not compel them to accept it which for them will be like committing sin and suicide. Any wrong policy or decision will be a great blow to the leadership and party---any leader or party. Can the Liberal party or leadership afford this?
            Persons who are interested in signing the petition or getting a copy of it for further distribution to the members should contact Tanveer of Cellular Linx at 124-45 Overlea Blvd, East York, ON M4H 1C3, Canada. He is collecting nearly 30,000 signatures of persons who will extend him support and deny votes to leaders who will not agree or support the community.
            Communities can also contact Khalid Mahmood of Thorncliffe Parents Association for meetings, plans and actions. His Tel:(647)995-7001. Email:
To understand what exactly the new sex education curriculum is, visit TPA page
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