Thursday, July 23, 2015


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          TORONTO: Fellows, time has come to create, in the best interest of the people and country, proper awareness, awakening and understanding to educate, train and prepare the people for the federal elections and protect them from all shrewd, corrupt, cruel and cunning people, leaders, policymakers, parties, groups, organizations and mafias.
            It is our national, moral and religious duty and responsibility to love, respect, help, support, serve and protect all people and country, particularly the innocent, helpless, neglected, exploited, hated and discriminated ones. Our failure to do so would lead the people and country towards definite destruction. Hep maintain Canada as one of the best countries of the world and try to make it the best. Only through proper awareness, awakening, understanding and unity we can do this. We have to work together in order to live together with love and peace.
            It is time to open our eyes and use our minds to understand and judge the right and wrong and good and bad. It is never difficult to differentiate between the good and bad and right and wrong. Take a pause and think seriously before taking any decision and action. Our decision, freedom and votes are the most precious things we have. For God’s sake don’t lose them.
            Why sell ourselves so cheaply to become helpless and slaves of the shrewd, corrupt, crook and cunning leaders, parties, groups and mafias. Learn to help and protect ourselves first instead of deliberately becoming helpless and depending on others and getting fooled, cheated, exploited and harmed.  Throughout my whole life I have been seeing this happen and people suffering terribly and their lives made miserable.
            People are themselves responsible for the bad condition and situation of both the people and country. They choose to sell and make the lives of all hell. Our job is to keep reminding all and seeking their attention, help and support to check and stop all the wrong practices, policies and people. Everyone must play the important role and do whatever he can do to create proper awareness, awakening and understanding. This is extremely essential to bring positive changes and ensure progress, prosperity and stability of both the people and country.
            Spread out and search for the good, right and true people and leaders. It is not difficult to recognize and find them. Such best people and leaders have these fine qualities---Good nature, character and contributions. They never sell themselves but devote their lives to live and die to serve and protect humanity. They believe in the golden principle---Respect, serve and protect humanity in reality. In this process of searching, we can also recognize and shun the people with bad nature, character and contributions. This makes our job damn easy.
            People with bad nature, character and contributions are very shrewd and cunning. They belong to the mafias but pose as saints and good ones to trap, exploit, use & abuse and harm the people including the highly educated and sensible ones.
            Such are their dirty minds, tricks, policies and brainwashing.  They gain strong hold on the mind of the people and control them as robots. This is how they achieve their vested interests and make the lives of people miserable and hell. They are the mentors and protectors of mafia gangs, corrupts, crooks, criminals and terrorists.
            The Muslim World is a glaring example of such victimization, terrible suffering, miseries and destruction. The glorious chapters of the Muslim World were written because of the best rulers and leaders of good nature, character and contributions.
            After them, conspiracies were hatched to misguide, harm, hurt and destroy them. The conspirators created and trained Fake Mullahs, religious leaders and scholars with the task of creating confusion, misunderstandings, differences and divisions. Unfortunately, the conspirators succeeded in their sinister mission.
            Today, the Muslims are divided, fighting with each other and killing each other senselessly. They have been brainwashed and made robots by the devils in disguise posing as Mullahs, Imams, religious leaders and scholars.
             Today in the whole Muslim World there is no ruler or leader with the combined best qualities of good nature, character and contributions. This is why Muslims are suffering, being bashed and killed mercilessly. They are being treated as orphans and slaves and exploited, discriminated, hated, used and abused by almost everyone. Muslims are suffering because of their bad deeds but the blame is being put on Islam. This is a part of the game of conspiracy.
            Muslims are paying a heavy price because of their own stupidity. The Muslim World badly needs a ruler and leaders who can help, support, serve and protect Muslims and all others in reality. It is never too late. Right persons, right decisions, right actions and contributions are the keys to the right solution, salvation and survival. We need to expose and shun the devils in disguise in all fields including community, religions and politics posing as good ones. This is how we can protect ourselves and others.
            We must understand that spirituality and humanity are two sides of the same coin or like body and soul. If you separate the soul from the body then the body becomes dead, useless and dumped.  We need to understand this delicate relationship and try to always remain normal, sensible and responsible. T
            Then only we can like, love, respect, help and support each other and learn to live together. Then only we can courageously and with full confidence use our rights, freedom, decision and votes to choose and elect good people and true leaders with the best qualities of good nature, character and contributions. Then only we can help, support, serve and protect all people, country, community and humanity in reality.
            Consider it as a sacred mission, unite and march forward to create proper awareness, awakening and understanding. Both the people and the nation need this spirit and action badly.
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