Saturday, March 12, 2016

            TORONTO:  Rich tributes were paid to the internationally recognized and world renowned South Asia’s legendary singer and personality, India and Urdu speaking peoples pride and ideal and sweetheart of millions worldwide Talat Mahmood at a selected gathering organized on February 27, 2016, in Toronto, Canada, by the Pak Seniors Forum (PSF).  
            The chief guest was Muhammad Usman Siddiqui, a music lover who met Talat Mahmood in 1942 and his beautiful and sweet voice impressed Talat so much that he not only praised and encouraged him very much but selected him for audition in All India Radio’s children programme.
            Usman sang many songs in the children programme and won the hearts of not only thousands but specially of Talat Mahmood himself, who saw in him a great singer and wanted him to become one.  He was an ordinary fan of Talat but they instantly became good friends. In romantic terms, it could be described as love at first sight with great respect and likeness for each other’s voice and personality. In friendship terms, it was a magnetic bond of beautiful ties.
            Sensing the fine quality and beauty of the God-gifted magical voice and bright future as a big singer, Talat Mahmood kept pushing Muhammad Usman to join Marris College of Music, Lucknow (presently Bhatkhande Music University).  Such was the good relationship and friendship.  That is why Talat inspires and lives in the heart and mind of Muhammad Usman.
            In the very first meeting, they greatly impressed each other. The audition proved a great breakthrough. They became good friends as Talat liked and fell in love with Usman’s beautiful, romantic and magical voice.  While the voice was sweet and soft, the moods were romantic and tragic. What impressed Talat most was the almost similar quality of voice and moods.
            It touched the heart of both and millions of listeners. While Talat Mahmood earned the fame and recognition as a legendary singer, Usman Siddiqui became one of his good friends and the biggest fans. Even today Usman remembers Talat Mahmood and keeps singing his songs.  Such is his love and respect for Talat Mahmood and his voice. Whenever he remembers Talat, his eyes are filled with tears. Recently he suffered a stroke which affected his voice but he is
recovering fast and hopes to sing again in remembrance, love and respect for Talat Mahmood.    
            Usman spoke about the good character, great qualities and impressive personality of Talat Mahmood, who belonged to a very good family. He said that not every singer could easily sing Talat Mahmood songs. The fine quality of voice and moods are difficult to match. This is why very few sing Talat songs.
            Talat’s voice and moods have tremendous healing effects. The intellectual and helpless class or those with love-filled or broken hearts will definitely get lost in Talat Mahmood’s voice whenever they hear his heart and soul-touching songs.  He not only makes the people cry but their hearts as well. The listeners become restless. Those who want to fall in love with Talat Mahmood and his voice and become his fan could know about him at and many other links.
            Usman also sang for a film `Rasheed Dulhan’. The song was composed by the renowned composer Mujaddid Niazi, who was also a Ghazal singer. Again, behind all this was Talat Mahmood, who took special interest and kept encouraging, supporting and promoting Usman.
            Usman Siddiqui migrated to Pakistan in 1952. He graduated from the University of Karachi. Usman could not become a professional or great singer but served on a senior position in the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) from where (KANUPP, Karachi) he retired in 1997. He keeps visiting his children including Adnan in Milton and daughter in Orangeville, Canada. In Pakistan, he looks after the clinic `of his son, Adnan, who is a medical doctor.  Ahmed Medical Centre is located at Erum Heights in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi, Pakistan.
            I told Muhammad Usman Siddiqui that Talat Mahmood’s sister Azra was the wife of my uncle Ilyas Hussain (Shabba), who was my mother’s cousin and lived in PECHS, Karachi.  My parents and other family members too loved hearing Talat Mahmood.Talat visited Pakistan to meet them. Usman recalled how Talat and he spent the days in Pakistan during the visit.
            Muhammad Usman Siddiqui was also close to Sohail Rana and considers him as one of the greatest composer and a legend. Sohail Rana used to use the harmonium presented by him. Sohail Rana went to Orangeville to specially meet him and they spent the day recalling the beautiful, wonderful and memorable golden days---The days passed with the country’s leading music and film world personalities, who were their common friends.
            On February 27, 2016, Muhammad Usman Siddiqui also attended the birthday party of Hania Ali, daughter of Ebad Ali and granddaughter of Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President of PSF, who is Usman’s nephew. There too Talat Mahmood remained a hot topic.--- Javed Zaheer’s link: for exclusive articles.---JZ’s motto, mission and vision: Serve Humanity In Reality (SHIR).
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