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          TORONTO: As son of the soil and as a responsible and respectable citizen of Canada, as founder of SHIR International Network, as Chairman of SHIR International News Network and as representative, strength and voice of all people, assemblies, council and bodies, particularly the helpless, needy and deserving ones, I in the strongest possible words denounce, condemn and criticize all anti-people and anti-state activities, statements, comments and remarks against Pakistan and Canada and humanity.
          This is because both are my mothers and to serve humanity in reality is my cause, mission and vision. It is my duty and responsibility to practically unite, support, promote and protect all people and communities all over the world in order to serve humanity in reality at all times, by all means and in the best possible ways. Indeed it is the duty and responsibility of all like-minded people and leaders at all levels. We need positive and constructive practical contributions to help the people and serve humanity.   We also need to prepare the people and to help them protect themselves from people and leaders with vested interests and evil designs.
          Poor Pakistan and Pakistanis are now used to such inflammatory anti-Pakistan statements like made by founder of MQM Altaf Hussain. Zardari and his stooges also allegedly made hate statements including: “Pakistan Na Khappay (Pakistan not wanted).” Instead of being termed and declared a traitor he was made President of Pakistan. May be Altaf Hussain will also be chosen for this post or as prime minister. May be a team of senior generals will go on a C-130 plane to bring him back for the big positions or as civilian chief martial law administrator like they brought late prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto from Paris. He was used, abused and later hanged.
          Pakistanis are used to it. God did not make them helpless. It is they themselves instead of challenging and getting rid of the mafia chose to become helpless and slaves and are now suffering. They themselves are responsible for all that this happening to them. There is still and always time to wake up and stand up to face the challenges.
          The hate policies, attitude and approach against any people must end. The rights of all people must be respected and protected. This is not being done. The cruel quota system is an example of discrimination and hate against the Urdu speaking people. Because of this they including me have suffered a lot.   
          There were and there are so many enemies of Pakistan who instead of being punished are supported and promoted. They are causing maximum damage to Pakistan and the people and the general are saluting the crooks, criminals, enemies and traitors and obeying their orders. The plea is to allow and protect the democratic system. The country is burning and turning into hell and they are acting as spectators.
          The army comes to the help of the people and country during natural disasters or to help restore law and order. Under the present situation and circumstances, they must intervene for a brief period to help free the people from the mafia ruining the country and to help bring forward true leadership so that the people could live in peace and to ensure stability and progress.
          Unfortunately, the past experiences of military intervention were not good at all. They failed to wipe out the corrupt ones and instead included them in the band. This is because most of them were related to each other or were serving in different parties. They promoted and protected each other. Musharraf too made this and many other mistakes including the NRO and paid a heavy price. The beasts tasted his blood but could not devour him.
          We need a good and true leader, whether civilian or general, to lead and serve the people and country. Presently there is no balance. The army officers and soldiers enjoy the best facilities and they deserve it but what about the civilians. Don’t they deserve anything? Why are they facing deprivation and allowed to suffer painfully. Why can’t they too get the best facilities and protection?   The Pakistan army is one of the best in the world but still people are suffering badly in Pakistan. What does this mean?
          HUMANITY VALUES: One can tackle, tame, teach, train and make animals, birds and insects understand properly and perfectly with less difficulty but making the human beings, particularly the genius, highly educated,  professionals, intellectuals and leaders, understand is one of the most difficult, challenging and toughest tasks in the world. This is not a joke but an undeniable fact and reality.
          God had to send thousands of prophets, messengers, saints, pious and good people and leaders but only very few human beings listened to them seriously and with an open mind, understood sensibly and accepted fully the divine messages, became true believers of God and followed Him, His divine messages and messengers truly. They dedicated, devoted and sacrificed their lives and everything for God and humanity. For God it is understood because it is worship but why humanity?
          Most of our geniuses, intellectuals and leaders portray, propagate and present humanity and religious definitions and values as two entirely different things whereas the fact is that they are both the same.
          This  wrong and senseless approach of such people provide best opportunities to the cruel and cunning human beings, non-believers and committed enemies of mankind and those with vested interests to distort the divine messages and truth to confuse, mislead and harm humanity. Most of the human beings easily become their prey and are harmed.      
          The aim and objective of interfaith bodies is to promote love and peace. Issues are discussed and debated. Muslims have a very simple answer and solution for this. It is Surah # 112 of the holy Quran, which ends the arguments because God Himself is answering. So Muslims must take great care in engaging themselves in arguments and unnecessary explanations.
          Because humanity and Islamic values are same therefore all the believers of one God and followers of His divine messages must unite on a common platform and follow His commands and orders. Their values are same and must remain same. Being believers of the same God they become like minded. The problem is that they are confused and which keeps them from becoming united. For understanding humanity values one must study the religious values then only one can understand the difference and shun the bad ones planted by the enemies of mankind.  Only through proper understanding of the good values we can serve humanity in reality. There is no if and but about this.
          Paul McKenna of Scarboro Missions Interfaith Dept. (interfaith@scarboromissions.ca), 2685 Kingston Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M1M 1M4, has sent an informative message for all. It was shared with me by Iftekhar Hai (iftekhar.hai@gmail.com).
          Following is the message:
          “Dear interfaith colleagues around the world:   This 76-page interfaith dialogue guide blends Scripture (Islamic and Christian) with family systems theory to offer specific guidelines, techniques and practices that can help bridge religious, ethnic and other kinds of identity divides. It was designed to help facilitators bring together Christians and Muslims in workshops, dialogues, mediations, meetings, interventions or mentoring groups.  Although designed for use within the Nigerian cultural context, it is applicable within many other cultural contexts where faith is a critical factor, and where identity differences divide a population, resulting in community rupture or violence. Click here to view or download:   https://www.scarboromissions.ca/wp-. His website is
www.scarboromissions.ca. Tel. 416-261-7135 ext. 296

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  1. I read it carefully.
    I appreciate your loyalty with Pakistan as well as complete sincere loyal to our new home Canada.
    Your decribtion about humanity and Islam also good .
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    Afzal khan