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TORONTO:  At a time when the miseries, sufferings and hardships of innocent, helpless, poor and deserving people are increasing alarmingly due to the wrong and bad policies of rulers and policymakers and dirty politics of most parties, politicians and community leaders, the decision of Frank Klees, MPP Newmarket-Aurora, not to seek re-election in the next provincial election came as a great shock for me and all good, responsible, loving and caring Canadians.
Frank Klees performed the leadership and critic responsibilities in the best possible manner and proved himself as a true leader and a good person, powerful voice and strength of the people, who simply fell in love with him because of his great qualities, abilities, capabilities, will, determination, boldness and love for the people. He exposed many corrupt faces and scandals and was extremely popular among all good, respectable and responsible people.
There must be many good leaders but I see none of his calibre, spirit and daring leadership in the party including Tim Hudak who can fight for right, rights and people. This is what is worrying the people most and made them very sad.
I have always been advocating for, supporting and promoting true leadership at all levels and noticed in the process that there is great dearth of such leadership. Good people prefer to remain in low profile and very far away from dirty politics, policies and people. Despite their best efforts to serve the people and country, they find it hard to continue and finally QUIT and say Good-Bye.
I met Frank Klees first time at the residence of Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, and a distinguished community leader. They are both very good family friends since long and respect, support and promote each other very much.
After that I met Frank Klees many times on various occasions and was highly impressed by his personality, attitude, tremendous contributions and leadership qualities.  
The exit of good and true leadership, when they are needed the most, at any level is definitely not a good sign for the people and country. It is an indicator of country’s nose-diving towards worst days and destruction due to wrong policies, bad politics and incompetent leadership and bureaucrats. It is a sign for the people to understand and become alarmed while choosing, voting and electing leaders. This is because nobody suffers except the people. They are made poor, beggars and slaves of the rulers, policymakers, parties and their leaders.    
LOLLYPOPS: The parties protect their vested interest and their puppet leaders but the ultimate sufferers are the common people, who are most of the time given LOLLYPOPS laced with honey. What is propagated as a progress turns out to be terrible failures and extremely painful for the people. Just look at the last five, ten and fifteen years and see how the people have been burdened by the increased cost of living, fees, taxes and debts and screwed and crushed. Is this what is called progress?
The political parties are directly responsible for the debts, terrible failures and horrible situation but the losses are covered by emptying pockets of the common people. When they moan, groan and cry then they are given Lollypops to silence them.
What kind of progress is this? Behind the curtain, all the parties remain united in protecting the common vested interests. Only the innocent people are tricked and fooled. They keep playing with the people, their lives, future and career and progress and stability of the country as well. Isn’t it a serious crime?   
            This is why I stress and emphasize on not only voting, supporting and promoting good and true leaders but remaining loyal to them in order to make them powerful and successful.
            Canada and Canadians have given me and my family a lot and that’s why I love them a lot. This is a natural response. Although some wrong and bad policies of rulers, policymakers and politicians are hurting and harming the immigrants and citizens of other origins, proving extremely painful for them and increasing their worries yet the strong bond of love is intact. This is because the people and Canada are very good. It is the bad policies, policymakers and rulers, which are responsible. Instead of the law-breakers, criminals and crook, all people are suspected and treated as bad and punished.
            PAKISTAN: My country of origin is Pakistan. I was born there and always love my motherland very much. My parents migrated from Lucknow, UP, India, after creation of Pakistan. They offered great sacrifices, left many of their near and dear ones there and never looked back. This was their will and determination and great love for Pakistan.
            In Pakistan, they faced great hardships in the settlement process. Adjustment was not an easy task. Despite the great hardships, much difficulties and tough challenges, they remained torch-bearer of right and rights, focused on giving us good education, bright future and nice career. They were very friendly with us and gave us the best love and care. This is because they promoted love, peace and good values. They believed in the concept of love and respect each other and live and work together.  I still cherish the memories of those golden days.
            At that time my city Karachi was one of the best places in the world. Its beauty, peace and lights attracted tourists from all corners and people from all parts of the country to settle there. They all lived in peace and harmony and loved, respected and supported each other.
            MISTAKE: Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Founder of Pakistan, when asked about some shady characters in his parties said: “I know I have some Khotey Sikkay (Unreliable leaders) in my pockets”. Perhaps, he had no option at that time because they joined the party and opted for Pakistan.
            I respect Jinnah a lot but would say that this was one of his greatest mistakes and which is proving very costly today for Pakistan and Pakistanis. The Khotey Sikkay were traitors and corrupt leaders. They were planted to loot, harm and destroy Pakistan and Pakistanis. They were part of international conspiracy against Pakistan.    
            And time proved this truth. Immediately after creation of Pakistan, these traitors and corrupt leaders started the process of elimination of good leaders. They murdered Liaquat Ali Khan, Fatima Jinnah and many other true leaders, good personalities, honest and patriotic people and took control of power. Then they started corrupting the system, society and people and destroying institutions and foundation of Pakistan.
GANG RAPE: The non-stop brutal Gang Rape of Pakistan and Pakistanis by the international conspirators and their cronies (traitors and corrupt leaders) ever since creation of this country has caused tremendous damage including separation of East Pakistan and brought this beautiful country on the verge of destruction. Fortunately, because the creation of Pakistan was the result of Divine Mission therefore it faced toughest challenges of worst times and is surviving. 
            The traitors and corrupt leaders are extremely cunning and evil. They have captured and now control almost all important positions and institutions including the army, police and agencies. They have eyes and ears everywhere. Through demoncracy, they have made the people helpless, slaves and their lives terribly miserable.
            After sucking the blood of the people and seeing them dying, now the vampires, traitors and corrupt leaders are handing over Pakistan and Pakistanis to the cold-blooded creatures, human beasts and terrorists posing as Taliban, Mullahs and Muftis to devour them.
            The American CIA with the help of Pakistani agencies pumped billions of dollars and created thousands of madrassas (religious institutions) to train and produce Mujahideen, who were given the title of Taliban because of their association with the madrassas. It was proper and need of the time to fight against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.
            Both the names Mujahideen and Taliban are very respectable. After the war, the same Taliban and Mujahideen were labeled as terrorists because they were considered a serious and potential threat and danger to the American and allies vested interests. It was also due to the US policy of Use and Abuse. So there was nothing of surprise. It was expected from the Americans.
            WILD BEASTS: The rouges, crooks, criminals and terrorists in the region took full advantage of this and started calling themselves as Taliban. These wild beasts are using the names of Allah, Islam and Sharia and committing most gruesome crimes, spreading panic and terror. They are tarnishing the image and identity of Allah, Islam, Sharia and Muslim. Because of them Muslims worldwide are labeled, suspected and treated as bad, crooks, criminals and terrorists.
            It is important to understand the difference between terrorists and Muslims. Terrorists are simply criminals and the sinful activities of these Charias (Crazy people) have nothing to do with Sharia and Islam.  Under Sharia laws they deserve death sentence and nothing else.
On the other hand, good and true Muslims are peaceful, loving and caring. They can never be terrorists.  No good and true Muslim will ever sit and talk with terrorists to make a deal or represent them in any capacity. It is not possible. They can die but cannot do this.
Therefore, it is important to judge between good Muslims and those posing as good, Muslims and Mullahs. The Allahwalas (Good and true Muslims) study, understand and follow Islam, Quran and Sharia in true spirit.
The Mullawalas (Those who blindly obey and follow Mullahs and Pirs) and consider their words more important than anything else including Allah, Muhammad (PBUH) and Quran.
Unfortunately, the brainwashed blind followers of Commecial & Fraudy Mullahs are in millions. Such Mullahs are mostly crooks and criminals. They just pose as Mullahs.      
            MOHAJIRS: When the traitors and corrupt leaders took control of power, they sensed that it would not be easy to control and make the Urdu speaking people of Karachi their slaves. Most of these people were educated and knew how to fight for right, rights and freedom. They possessed the experience of getting freedom.
            As a part of cunning conspiracy, the policy of creating hatred was adopted. The Urdu-speaking people were taunted as Mohajirs, Makkar, Bhayyay. The brains of innocent non-Urdu-speaking were poisoned by venomous propaganda and hatred. They were pitted against the Urdu-speaking people or Mohajirs. In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s there was no MQM. There were student organizations representing Mohajirs.          
            The quota system introduced by the PPP leader late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto too was part of the conspiracy. The doors of jobs were shut for Urdu-speaking people of Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and urban areas of Sindh province.
Even the non-Urdu-speaking deserving persons could not get jobs. Duffers and idiots belonging mostly to the political parties started becoming doctors, engineers, bureaucrats and professionals. This was implementation of another phase of destruction of Pakistan. They wanted to give a very slow and painful death to Pakistan and Pakistanis.
MQM: Mohajirs were pushed to the wall and cornered from all sides. This is why when MQM (Mohajir Qaumi Movement) was formed to defend Mohajirs and fight for their rights and cause, the Urdu-speaking people jumped and joined in great numbers and voted, supported and promoted it. They found a platform to unite and fight for their rights and survival. The fight was against traitors and corrupt lobby and not the good, innocent and helpless ones of other provinces. There was no element of hatred in their struggle.
The Urdu-speaking people including those not belonging to MQM had to face encounters, military operations and all sorts of cruelties and hardships. Thousands were killed in this process and many are still missing. Thousands fled the country and took refuge abroad including Canada.
The traitors and corrupt leaders proclaimed themselves as son of the soil and patriots and instead labelled Mohajirs or Urdu-speaking people as terrorists and traitors. Mohajirs were hunted and massacred mercilessly. How can they forget the massacre of innocent people including mostly women, children and elderlies in the Pucca Qila, Hyderabad, and many other places in Karachi.
When MQM became a strong force and powerful voice of the people then it transformed itself into Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). Now it wanted to help all the innocent, helpless and deserving people of the country right from Karachi to Kashmir. This again was not an easy task. The Firauns (traitors, corrupt and cruel people) were very cunning and powerful. They unleashed worst kind of terror and venomous propaganda against MQM and Mohajirs.
The transformation of MQM into Muttahida Qaumi Movement was based on love, respect and care for all. Altaf Hussain in his latest book “Falsafa-e-Mohabbat---Philosophy of Love” has explained as to how this goal could be achieved through spread  and power of love.
SICK MENTALITY: I am a journalist since 1974 and never remained a member or worker of any political party or movement including MQM. I am committed to my profession and can never become a member of any party. This is my policy. If I join anyone then I cannot do justice with my professional work, which is most dear to me.
Despite not being member of any party or movement, even in Canada since 1999 I am taunted by many non-Urdu-speaking people as MQMwala or Mohajir. This shows their dirty, sick and corrupt mentality. Understanding that their filthy mindset cannot change, I avoid them and have pity on them. May God protect Canada from their corrupt, dirty and sick mentality.
MQM enjoys the sympathy, vote and support of most of the Urdu-speaking people of Karachi and urban areas of Sindh province. They will through their vote in the garbage bin instead of giving vote to any other party. This is because no other party including PPP, PTI, Jamat or PML had done anything for good Karachi. Instead, the people faced wrath of those parties in power.
If any other party or leader emerges, which the people know and find to be good and better than they can vote or support that party or person. The situation of Karachi is getting worse by each passing day. If the Government, Army or MQM fail to protect them then the people would be compelled to take the law into their hands. They have become fed up with the non-stop game of death and destruction.
For long, people are looking towards MQM to act and effectively play its role of defending the rights and all innocent and helpless people but the worsening situation is damaging the image of even MQM.
Despite the presence of unit and sector offices in areas, people are not safe even in the houses and on streets and roads. It seems that they are helpless before the criminals and terrorists. Instead, they are being allegedly targeted, tortured and killed by the agencies.
So people are extremely disturbed, angry and unhappy with the government and all parties including MQM. The drug, gun, land mafias, criminals, target killers, kidnappers and terrorists are making their lives miserable. They are roaming freely and ruling the city.
Jinnah gave us the land in the shape of Pakistan. We got the land but were deprived of real freedom and objectives of making Pakistan by the traitors and corrupt lobby. It is entirely our fault and weakness. We should have stopped them in the very beginning but it was not done.
History tells us that people who cannot fight for their rights, freedom and survival always remain helpless and slaves. They prove themselves coward and deserve this. Are we a nation of cowards and slaves? If not then get ready to fight for our rights, freedom and survival. Otherwise the world will give us the titles of Nishan-e-Beghairat, Sitara-e-Buzdili and Tamgha-e-Zillat.      
            UNITE: It is not the issue of Urdu-speaking people now. Right from Karachi to Khyber and Kashmir, we must forget all differences, start respecting, loving and protecting each other as human beings, Pakistanis and Muslims and unite with the spirit ---Serve humanity in reality---to fight the common enemy---The terrorists, traitors and corrupt ones.
            Instead of dealing with and surrendering before the terrorists, we must and have to pacify the good and true Taliban and Mujahideen by respecting and protecting them and gaining their trust and confidence. They are our own people, will understand and join us in defeating the common enemies---Terrorists, traitors and the corrupt ones.  
            It is very difficult to convert even the common Muslims but unfortunately it is damn easy for some of them to become traitors. Just give them few dollars and they can do anything you want.  The enemy takes full advantage of this weakness. For money, they can even shoot at God in the sky, fire at Kaaba, kill people including worshippers and destroy mosques and Quran.
            IMMORAL: They have been doing this and the whole world is witnessing this. Money makes them immoral, crazy and beast and they no more remain a Muslim. This is their fate and end. The terrorists, traitors and the corrupt ones belong to this dirty class. They cannot be allowed to take the law into their hands and play with lives of the people. They cannot be and should never be allowed to become rulers.
            We must remain prepared to give any amount of sacrifices big or small to protect Pakistan and all people including Punjabis, Mohajirs, Sindhis, Balochis, Pathans, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and so on. It is time to shun insanity and show sanity. We were deprived of real freedom but now even our survival is at stake. Wake up, think and act before it is too late.
            JZ’S PROFILE: Javed Zaheer, Free Expression Award Winner, Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner, ex-Goodwill Ambassador for Pakistan-Canada Relations (PCR) of Good Governance Forum (GGF), Pakistan, Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Ex-Member of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, Canada, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, Canada, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `DAWN', Canada, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan, Chairman, CANOPI, Director of Children Dignity Foundation (CDF---Canada & Pakistan), Honorary Director Information of Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), Canada, and Director, Canpak, Chamber of Commerce, Canada, is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981/, To read more JZ’s exclusive articles, please visit: www. and (Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004 to 2011. Visit and                 

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