Friday, February 28, 2014


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TORONTO: The pain of loss of near and dear ones not only proves very painful but weakens and shatters the affected persons and families. Although time is a healer and most people forget and move ahead but for some the loss becomes an important part of memory and pain and restlessness keep increasing making them feel helpless, broken and lonely.
 The month of February, 2014, made many of us very sad when their near and dear ones departed.  My uncle, Asmat Kamaluddin (Mother’s brother), and Shahid Hashmi’s brother, Abdul Azim Sajid, passed away in Karachi, Pakistan, on February 14 & 15, 2014, respectively after protracted illness. On February 24, 2014, a renowned and distinguished figure of South Asian Community (Hyderabad Deccan, India), Sadat Ali Khan, passed away in Ottawa, Canada.
Shahid Hashmi’s family said: “Abdul Azim Sajid was an executive banker from Pakistan and held many positions globally. He frequented Canada often and most of Shahid Hashmi’s family and friends in Canada remember him as very loving, caring and soft-hearted person. 
 “Abdul Azim Sajid will be remembered by family including his two sons, Raheel and Sharjeel, and three daughters, Umber, Nomi and Noreen, and his wife, Tazeen, daughter of Syeda Mazzar Urooj. He had a full and prosperous life fulfilling all his family responsibilities’ and dreams leaving behind a void in our hearts.”
 The following is written by the late Abdul Azim Sajid’s daughter, Noreen Sajid:
“One of my biggest motivators has moved on from this life. He made me strong, taught me resilience and believed in me till the very end. I will never miss him less but I will make sure to follow in his footsteps by celebrating his life rather than grieving his loss.
“Love you daddy, God doesn’t make too many like you and I am so grateful to the Almighty for making me your daughter and to you for making me your "Nano Sahab.
“I don't know when I will be able to accept that you aren’t physically present in this world ... for me you will live on in every big moment of my life. May you rest in peace.”
This powerful message shows the excellent values and character of the family head and members. Seldom such commitment are made and expressed. It needs a lot of strength, courage and confidence.   
 There are very few people in life with whom one shares the private, personal, professional and overall experiences. For me Sadat Ali Khan was one of those close friends. The other one was Javed Yusuf. Both have left this world but have also left behind very good memories of the good days passed with them.
We used to chat for hours and many times in a day on phone. They were very good human beings, knowledgeable persons, intellectuals and prominent distinguished personalities and provided me good company and guidance.
Although it was very difficult adjusting with them because of their strictly disciplined lifestyles and hot tempers but with me they were very good, loving and caring. People were surprised that we never had any argument or dispute whatsoever and always remained very close. They liked and loved me very much.
\Sadat Ali Khan had moved to Ottawa and for years we remained out of touch with each other. Then in 2013, our contact was re-established. He missed me a lot and was eager to meet me. Then one day he came to Toronto with his son and for hours we met and chatted at my residence.
His face glowed with happiness. He had dinner with me and two other friends present on the occasion---Syed Mohammad Iqbal, President of Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), and Afzal Khan Nayyar, also an important community figure.
Group photographs were taken, which now have become part of the good memories. That was the last meeting with Sadat Ali Khan. He used to call me and inquire about my health and promised to bake a cheese cake for me and bring it to Toronto. He was a good cook.
Sadat Ali Khan was the publisher and editor of bilingual newspaper `Terjuman”, published from Toronto, Canada. After his physical disability and severe illness he could not publish it but the newspaper was of very good standard, very popular and widely read and respected in the community.
 Because of the great qualities of both the persons and their love and care, I will always miss them. The sweet memories increase my loneliness. It is extremely hard to find true and really close friends these days. Mostly we find hypocrites and people with vested interests. One can feel the hollowness and judge the hypocrisy.
Since Shahid Hashmi and his family are renowned and respected in the community, condolences keep pouring in from all corners.
The team of Pak Seniors Forum including Syed Mohammad Iqbal, president,
expressed deep sorrow on the tremendous losses and offered their condolences to the families of the departed souls. Sadat Ali Khan, Abdul Azim Sajid and Asmat Kamaluddin will always be remembered because of their tremendous contributions, goodness, greatness and good character.  
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