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                TORONTO:  Life is the soul in the body.  Without soul, the body becomes motionless and worth nothing. It is declared dead. Such is the importance of body-soul and spiritual-physical relationship. All people know and understand this but still over 90 percent remain confused and lost. This is where God through religion comes to their help.
            Unfortunately, in the selfish quest for personal gains, success, happiness and satisfaction most people including me remain in the dark and lost. As a result, we suffer failures, losses and pain but blame God for all this. We end up saying: “It is the will of God or He is not helping us”.
            Admit it or not, we start thinking and feeling bad about God that He is unjust and ignoring and punishing us. In our prayers, we keep requesting and pressing Him for immediate help. The greatness of God is that He never disappoints all those who truly seek help from Him.  Why are most of the people confused and lost? It is because of the different brands and versions of religion created, floated and promoted by most religious leaders and scholars. Such religious leaders and scholars are part of the religion mafia. Crooks and criminals are taking full advantage. It has become a flourishing business.
            The victims are innocent, helpless, exploited and brainwashed people. They are cunningly used to run the religion market business and make the religious leaders and scholars extremely powerful and successful. These leaders do not teach or preach but issue godly commands to get their dirty jobs done---by hook or by crook. They love being respected, treated, followed and worshipped as god. This is how they become Firaun (Pharaoh)
            God has mentioned about the region mafia in the original holy books and assured the true believers, followers and all good human beings that He will deal strictly with them and give them exemplary punishment.
            As a result of international conspiracy, the Muslim World particularly is suffering. It is the main target for destruction in order to implement the One Religion concept of some powerful powers. This religion is a brand and the religion mafia is being effectively used to implement it.
            Thousands of religious leaders and scholars have been recruited and professionally trained for this purpose to reach people at all levels and mislead and harm them. This is what is happening. The brain-washing makes the people dumb and believe, obey and worship them. They can hear against God but would kill you if you dare speak against their religious leaders.
            I was sitting in the mall in my area in Toronto, Canada, when some frustrated Pakistanis, who were highly educated people, were heard saying: “Take Islam out of your life and Pakistan and then everything will be OK. There will be peace everywhere. We don’t need Taliban or Islam of terrorists and Mullahs.”         
            I intervened and said: “My dear friend what has Islam got to do with terrorism. Islam is neither based on terrorism nor related to it. It teaches and preaches against terrorism. I agree with you that we don’t need the brands and versions of Islam that the terrorists posing as Taliban or Mullahs or Muslims are offering and promoting.
            “The true Islam has NEVER been put for sale. It is free for one and all. It is soul and cannot be destroyed. You need this soul in your body to understand God, good and humanity. It is the light which helps people come out of darkness.  Without Islam, you are as good as dead.  
            “You are only talking bad about Islam and defaming it. If you understand its definition and start implementation in the true sense then only you will know what Islam in reality is. Unfortunately you too are a victim of the international conspiracy and religion mafia. May God help, protect and guide you and all of us. For success, understand, follow, obey and worship only Allah and not the so-called Mullahs.”
            Only true understanding and implementation of Islam will end the frustrations and sufferings of the Muslim community. It will help build the character. They must understand that: “Allah bachata hai aur Shaitan nachata hai (God saves us and the devil makes us dance on his tunes). Allah saath deta hai aur shaitan laath deta hai (Allah supports us and the devil kicks and ditches us). So stop dancing on the tunes of the devil---playing with us as political, community and religious leaders at all levels. Always choose, promote and support good people and leaders and work with them in the best interest of humanity.
            Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and people of all religions are victims of the cunning Religion Mafia. It is a deadly network formed to harm and destroy people. It is the enemy of mankind and humanity. Just keep serving humanity in reality and worshipping the true God to get best possible help, support, protection and blessings.
            Don’t curse yourself, your people, your country, true religion or true believers but save your energy to confront the real enemy---The religion mafia and all other mafias. Let’s work together in the struggle against the enemies of mankind and humanity---The cunning, corrupt and cruel class. Let’s be a good human being first than anything else.
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