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                TORONTO: Mother is undoubtedly one of the best creations of God and status of woman. Yes, mother.  Sad to say and frankly speaking most of those whose mothers are alive don’t realize the dignity, respect and importance of a mother. Instead they consider the mothers as a burden and treat them accordingly.
            I have heard moans and groans and seen helplessness and tears in the eyes of many mothers due to verbal, mental and physical abuses by their near and dear ones, who before the world pose as respectable, responsible, very nice, loving and taking best care of their mothers but in reality the situation is totally different.
            Lives of mothers are made terribly miserable. The womenfolk responsible for such treatment forget that one day they too would become mothers and could face worse treatment.         Yet the mother, despite the worst treatment meted out and all sorts of abuses, keeps praying for them instead of cursing them. She dies quietly sans complaints but keeps worrying about her near and dear ones till her last breath. This is the greatness and goodness of mother. This is why she is the best of all creations.   
            Ask those who truly loved their mothers, lost them and now miss them badly every moment. The pain of losing and remembering them is unimaginable. With the passing away of mothers, the doors of tremendous blessings showered due to prayers of mothers are shut. Only good deeds, good character, true humanity service and prayers for them in return could help.
            I am extremely fortunate that my mother, Anisa Khatoon, who is 84 years old now, is alive, lives in Chicago, US, and keeps praying for all the near and dear ones, particularly her children---six sons and two daughters and their families.
            Since childhood I remained very close to my mother. My parents used to give me special attention because I was quite weak and shy. My friends were books. I used to sit with elders and enjoyed their company. I was called an oldie by children of my age.
            On June 9, 1973, at 2 a.m. my father woke me up, told me that he will die in the morning between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. and started giving me all sorts of advises. That day I was feeling very sleepy and in no mood to listen to what my father was saying. I went to bed again but this time my father not only woke me up but scolded me and asked me to seriously listen to what he was saying because he has very less time.   
            I looked at his face. He was feeling quite restless. After about one hour lecture both of us slept. At 7:00 a.m. I woke up to give him water, tea, polish his shoes, get ready all the other necessary things so that he can dress up and leave for office. At that time he was feeling well and sitting on the bed.
            At 7:30 a.m., he asked me to bring another glass of water. I went to the refrigerator, which was hardly five feet away. When I brought the water and gave it to him he held the glass and looked at me for few minutes and then started drinking water. As I was about to leave the place, I saw him lie on the bed and started trembling and then everything was finished. He was no more. Many doctors came and checked and declared the same. One of the doctors even injected the dead body and took money for the visit.
            I was in a state of shock. I could not believe what he said would happen but it happened at the same time (Between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m.). I looked at my mother who was stunned. At that moment I controlled and composed myself and went to my mother and hugged her.   
            I can never forget the face expression of my mother. With tears flowing from her eyes and hands trembling, she said: “What has happened and what will happen now?”.       
            I don’t know from where I got the courage and confidence. I told her: “It was the will of God. Don’t worry we will handle everything with the help of Allah (The Almighty God). “
            And since then Allah has always helped us. No doubt we faced great hardships and had to face many tough challenges and very difficult times but my mother and God was with us. We kept struggling and kept achieving successes. In the 1980s and 1990s, the migration of my siblings to North America started. Except one sister, who got married and went to India, and one brother, who is in Karachi, all have moved to United States and Canada.
            After my mother went to US then only I started the process of migrating to Canada. I could not leave her alone in Pakistan. It was my mother who gave me the tremendous strength to face the situation and struggle. She was my backbone, the source of inspiration and motivation and still the most valuable asset of my life.
            Now I remain sick and could not take care of her. She lives in US but still worries a lot about me. Whenever she comes to Toronto and lives with me, most of the time she keeps scolding me and feeding me. She loves to cook parathas (Oily roti), make tea and other things I like. I keep stopping her but she never listens and wants me to become fat and healthy in few days. This is the beauty of love and care of mother. You just can’t stop them.
            The fragrance of mother is so nice that I feel like putting my head on her body all the time. I just can’t express it in words. I used to sleep with my head on her legs so that I could get the warmth of her body and the fragrance.
            Now I and my siblings are very much worried about her. Her health is not good. I fear the day when I will lose her. May God give her long and good quality of life so that we can benefit from her love, care, prayers and because of her the tremendous blessings of Allah (The Almighty God). She is fortunate that all her children love and respect her and try to take good care of her.
I request all my near and dear ones, friends and fans to pray for her good health and long life and also for all mothers who are alive and those who are no more with us. Let’s share the joys and sorrows of all.
            Mothers are ocean of true love and blessings. Never misbehave with them, treat them badly or break their hearts. They will never complain or curse but God will certainly not spare all those who hurt or harm them in anyway. Let’s all those whose mothers are alive celebrate Mother’s Day and Remembrance Day with all those who have lost and miss their mothers.   
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