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DEAR ALL:  My name is Omair, I am a web designer/developer by profession. I am currently working full time in a well known company as a Technical Lead for web department. Also, at the same time I keep my options and run a small part time business for website designing, called OmairTech Recently an idea came to my mind of creating a Smart Phone (Tablets too) App for Android users, which will basically help Muslims finding Masjids where ever they are in Canada. Hence I created an App, called, Canada Mosques Finder, available at Google Play Store.
          This is a very handy application for every Muslim to have. It detects your current location and find Masjids in the nearest proximity for you. It also contains a Directory for all the Masjids within Canada (expanding the list every day). You can also use the built-in map to locate the Mosques. Also, you can find the Prayer Timings in this App.  Once you find the desired Masjid, you can either call, browse their website, get directions to it or start navigation, or last but not the least add that Mosque to your favorites.
I humbly request you to pass this message to everyone in your circle so they can benefit from this App. Please keep on passing this message to others. The more people download this app through your message, the more rewards you will get from Allah, Insha'Allah.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
Omair Al-Hamid

Web and Application Development.

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