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            TORONTO: Why people madly love pet dogs and terribly fear rabid and mad dogs? Not there may be but there are good reasons for this. Yes, very good reasons and most of us know the reasons. Mad dogs are extremely dangerous and fatal in most cases. They cause hydrophobia and ultimately death.  What do we do with mad dogs? Yes, kill them to save the people from the harmful effects and death.
            Same is the case with human beings with bad nature. Their cunning nature makes them crook, cruel and human beast. Yes, these cold-blooded creatures become incurable rabid human beasts and extremely dangerous for humanity. The dreaded rabies control brains of such human beasts and they start loving blood and flesh of humans including infants, women and elderlies.  
            They love to cause maximum death and destruction in the name of peace, humanity, community, religion, democracy, vested interests and so on. They love to and enjoy tearing human beings of any size and ages into pieces. This gives them great satisfaction. This is why it is important for the people to remain alert and protect themselves and all others from the incurable mental sickness, craziness and cruelties of the cold-blooded rabid human beasts.
One thing is for sure that the rabid human beasts are committed enemies of God, good and people and can never ever be trusted. One important thing for all of us to understand is that they will never agree to and accept anything good because they are committing crimes and cruelties deliberately and with sinister purposes and malicious intentions.  
Like for dealing with mad dogs, the only solution for them is to expose, face and fight them till the end in the best interest of humanity, mankind and all good. This is the only way to protect all people, particularly the innocent, helpless and exploited ones.
            Like it is the duty and responsibility of all law-abiding people and law-enforcement agencies `To Serve And Protect People’ similarly it is the legal, social and moral duty and responsibility of all good human beings, people of conscience and character to join hands, step forward and protect humanity from the cruelties and dangers of cunning & cruel rabid human beasts. This is what the real meaning and definition of Jihad (Holy War & Struggle) is. This is why the cunning & cruel rabid human beasts fear Jihad.  This explains the importance of Jihad for people and why it was declared necessary and compulsory. 
            The activities of cruel, criminals, terrorists and human beasts, calling themselves of any religion, caste, community or country can never be termed Jihad. They belong to only one category and that is CRIMINAL category.   
            The cunning, cruel and cold-blooded rabid human beasts are the ones who pose as angels, pious and good but distort the divine messages and truth to confuse and misguide the innocent people, particularly all believers of God and good including Christians, Jews and Muslims and keep them in the dark and play the game of death and destruction with them. Yes, they are the ones responsible for all nuisance, nonsense and massive death and destruction.
            The army of cunning, cruel and cold-blooded rabid human beasts comprises professional soldiers and highly trained fighters, who in reality are cowards but try to pose as braves by mercilessly and brutally shooting to death even infants at point blank range. Through heavy aerial, naval and ground bombardments they deliberately target, tear and blow hundreds of innocent people including infants, children and women into pieces.
            They call it as successes against terrorists and such shameful acts as a collateral loss in a war. Innocent ones are innocent whether Christians, Muslims or Jews. No sane person of any religion, community or country dare kill infants in such brutal manner and claim as VERY BRAVE AND POWERFUL. The shameful acts of all such beastly-mind mad people, soldiers, fighters and leaders can only be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Except causing massive death and destruction, what good are they trying to get or prove? What is the fault of the innocent and helpless people being killed, maimed and injured?
            Gaza is burning, the situation is worsening and lakes of blood of innocent and helpless people are seen here and there but the United Nations has miserably failed to play its role, serve and protect the people and countries. The UN, like always, remains a hostage of band of the cunning, cruel and rabid human beasts. The world powers are mum and enjoying the game of death and destruction. Only crocodile tears are being shed. It is high time to seriously think about forming a really effective body to serve the people and countries and humanity in reality. 
            HORRIBLE PICTURES: For horrible pictures of death and destruction in Gaza, visit:
            Look at the Muslim World, mostly eunuchs, puppets, poodles and loyalists are in control as rulers and leaders.  There was a time when Muslims including saints, pious and good persons travelled to various parts of the world, won hearts of the people and made millions of friends. India is a living example where even today millions of people visit the shrines of the recognized saints like Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia to pay respect to them. They include mostly non-Muslims.
            On the call and orders of these saints, Muslims supported by good Hindus and Sikhs marched to India and other places to help, support and serve the innocent and helpless people. Now the Muslim rulers and leaders look towards their masters---the world powers---for help to rule and secure their vested interests. Such is their shameful status, position and condition.  
            Therefore, Muslim countries led by true leaders must come forward, seriously think of forming powerful blocs and an army to tackle the tough challenges and difficult times faced by the Muslims particularly in any part of the world.
            This is important also to deal with terrorists, corrupt rulers and leaders with vested interests posing as Jihadists and Muslims but tarnishing the image and reputation of Islam and Muslims. Without this the Muslim World would continue to suffer tremendously. The cunning & cruel rabid human beasts would continue to play the game of death and destruction.
             It is high time for the world to wake up if it really wants to make the earth a better and safer place. All the men of conscience and character of all religions, communities and countries must stand up, condemn in the strongest possible words and do whatever possible to end the craziness and madness of the cunning & cruel rabid human beasts.
            The original holy books including Bible, Torah and Quran present us divine messages in the form of words and demand from us to translate practically the words into actions. The holy books and divine messages tell us clearly as what to do and how to tackle the cunning & cruel rabid human beasts. If we fail to understand and act then we should get ready for death and destruction by the human beasts.
            Unfortunately, till now nearly 95 percent of the people fail to act and thus are responsible for their own losses and suffering. It is because of this that the band and army of cunning and cruel rabid human beasts is becoming really powerful, super active and extremely dangerous. In order to ‘Serve And Protect Humanity In Reality’, all saner elements and wise persons must unite to do something practically.
Those maintaining silence will become partner of crimes and part of the cunning & cruel rabid human beasts. In order to protest against the merciless and brutal killing of all innocent and helpless persons, particularly infants, children and women, in the Middle East, there is a need to raise strong voices against the war crimes being committed.
Those enjoying and defending the killing of the innocent persons must be condemned in the strongest possible terms and boycotted. Their true faces must be exposed so that their voters and all people could identify and recognize the bad rulers, leaders, policymakers and media. Help chain the cunning & cruel human beasts.            
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