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                TORONTO:  All those cunningly labeling and branding innocent, helpless, loving, caring and peaceful Muslims, particularly Pakistanis, as terrorists are devils in disguise, mentors of terrorists, staunch supporters and promoters of terrorism. No ifs and buts, they are the terrorism mafia bosses and dark angels. 
             In the name of PEACE, these terrorism mafia bosses and their criminals are cruelly destroying the REAL PEACE, PEOPLE AND THE WORLD. It is they who have been pointed out clearly by GOD Himself in the holy books as the committed enemies of mankind.            Talking about sacrifices, services and contributions, millions of Muslims of all ages and genders suffered tremendously and were massacred brutally in the struggle for and in the process of creation of Pakistan. This was their spirit and love for Pakistan and freedom. All they wanted was a separate land where they could live and breathe freely and live and work together with people of all communities and religions. This was the goal of independence.
            After 1947, freedom from India was achieved but the process of sacrifices for Pakistan did not stop. Instead it has become a continuing process to achieve and taste the real freedom, which has been denied to them by the corrupt rulers and leaders.
            Now the struggle for real freedom for people has turned into struggle for survival for both people and Pakistan. Muslims of Pakistan have since then been struggling hard, suffering badly and offering precious lives to protect Pakistan and taste the real freedom. The corrupt leaders have made the people their slaves and servants and indulged in massive loot and plunder and destruction of the country.  
            Not only for survival of Pakistan, the peaceful, loving and caring Muslims of Pakistan responded to the call and remained in the forefront to protect the peaceful people of all parts of the world. They directly faced the brunt and helped defeat Soviet Union and push it back from Afghanistan. This was a fight for the world and for survival of Pakistan as well. Pakistan was left with no choice but compelled to not only join but lead the war.
            But what Muslims of Pakistan got in return? The US and Allies got peace and victory and left happily but ditched them and left them alone to face and fight the human beasts and dark angels---Terrorists. Since then in the war against terrorism thousands of Pakistani soldiers and innocent people were killed and are being killed daily.  
            The Muslims of Pakistan are fighting courageously and giving a befitting reply to the terrorists, who pose as Muslims, are frustrated and scattered and indulging in cowardly acts. The brutal massacre and slaughter of over 140 people including over 132 innocent school children at point blank range and burning of teachers in the Army School in Peshawar on December 16, 2014, is one such cowardly act.  About 114 school children were injured and some of them struggling for their lives. Pakistanis worldwide are deeply shocked and grieved at the horrendous and despicable terrorist attack.        
            This cowardly act of massacre of children has not only shaken Pakistan and Pakistanis worldwide but the whole world. This incident has awakened and united the people who are now more determined to face, fight and finish off the committed enemies of mankind and humanity---THE TERRORISTS. They must get rid of this curse from Pakistan. They must defeat and destroy the Terrorism Mafia to ensure peace in the region. Such beastly and cowardly acts cannot weaken the resolve of the Muslims and all people of Pakistan to combat all terrorists, their supporters and promoters.  
            Unfortunately, these cowardly acts could have been effectively checked and the terrorists located, exposed, punished and rooted out if the government, army and agencies had taken serious notice of repeated statements made by leaders, particularly Altaf Hussain of MQM and Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf, that the terrorists posing as Taliban and Muslims have entered Pakistan, are establishing themselves and have become very powerful with the help of their supporters and promoters, now popularly known as Gullu Butts (Terrorists & criminals) in all fields, particularly government, parliaments, army, police, agencies, politics, religion and media.
            Instead of taking any or serious notice and action, Altaf Hussain and his team were labeled as traitors and crazy and Pervez Musharraf also labeled same and put behind the bars.
The result is that the terrorists got encouragement and free hand and started striking army officials and military installations and now even their children.
            The terrorists will strike harder if still nothing is done. It is time to take swift action and strike back and hard against all involved in terrorism----The terrorists, their supporters and promoters. They must not be allowed to escape.
            The terrorists teach, preach, support and promote terrorism. They may pose as Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and good people but in reality their religion is TERRORISM.
The terrorism mafia is extremely cunning, powerful and influential.
            The terrorism mafia gang members are not ordinary people but include rulers, policymakers and leaders of all levels. This is why it is important to always search for, support and promote true leaders who are like precious gems and reject the corrupt leaders who are dreaded germs and members of the terrorism mafia.
            The precious GEMS or good human beings are not angels but much superior than angels.  They ensure success, peace and happiness. The corrupt leaders or dreaded GERMS make you sick, servant and slave. The choice is ours.
            The massacre of over 132 school children or little angels in Peshawar by terrorists or the dark angels has been widely and strongly condemned by world leaders and people. Pakistanis worldwide including Canada and US organized candle light vigils, mass prayers and solidarity rallies. They were joined and supported by large numbers of VIPs and distinguished leaders and people of other communities and religions.
            The Consulate General of Pakistan in Toronto, Canada, too organized on December 20, 2014, Quran Khwani and Dua (Prayers) for the innocent lives lost in the terrorist attack in Peshawar on Friday, December 16, 2014. Distinguished personalities, community leaders and members and people of different communities including Christian, Sikh, South Korean and Sri Lankan joined the prayers in large numbers and shared the sorrow of the community and affected families, extended support and strongly condemned the cowardly act of massacre of innocent kids.
            Many women brought even small kids who held banners with powerful messages like `Enough is enough’, `The smallest coffins are the heaviest ones’ and `They went to school and never came back’. 
            John Tory, Mayor of Toronto, was the chief guest on the occasion. He said: “I am not only here as Mayor but as a father, grandfather and parent and share the sorrow and extend sympathies to the community and affected families. Not only this, we have to stand up, speak up and practically act against terrorists, terrorism and their supporters and promoters. We have to make sure that both Canada and Pakistan remain the countries of peace.  We will have to make sure that all people continue to live with best facilities and equally treated in Canada.”
            Asghar Ali Golo, Consul General of Pakistan, in his address briefly traced the history of Pakistan and the region and said: “We have to help, support and cooperate with each other in the fight against terrorism. The rulers, leaders and people must not only condemn in strongest terms terrorism but practically act to help and support Pakistan.”
            Rev. Shahid Kamal, Pastor, Salma Zahid, Liberal candidate, Mahmood Khan, father of Maqsood Khan, Councillor, and Tim Iqbal also spoke on the occasion. Syed Hashim Reza Taqvi was the MC. A. Qayyum Mufti recited verses from the holy Quran. Mainstream media too covered the occasion.    
            Those who attended the occasion included Bashir Khan, Roshan Khayal, Syed Muhammad Iqbal (President of Pak Seniors Forum), Masood Alam, Afzal Khan Nayyar, Javed Mughal, Gabriel Cha, Brett McDermott, S.M. Hassan, Badar Munir, Nadeem Siddiqui and Mazhar Shafiq           
            Mere attendance and just verbal expression of support are not enough. What the peaceful, innocent, loving and caring Muslims of Pakistan most need at this time is practical support and action in the fight against terrorists and terrorism. We must stand up, speak loudly and invite others as well to join the fight and struggle against terrorism in all possible ways.
            Another most important thing is to help remove the misunderstanding created by the terrorism mafia through propaganda that Muslims and Pakistanis are criminals and terrorists.
We must all unite, live and work together to remove all such misunderstandings and contribute tremendously. Not all Muslims and Pakistanis but only all those who commit crime and fraud and are involved in terrorist activities or terrorism of any form must be punished.  This way we all can defeat the common committed enemy of the mankind, humanity and the world---The Terrorists and the Terrorism Mafia.
            Those rulers, policymakers and leaders who are cunningly making harmful policies and plans and taking actions against peaceful and innocent Muslims and Pakistanis to label them as terrorists and criminals must be stopped from doing so.
            They are creating hatred among people through the wrong policies, irresponsible statements and actions and trying to harm not only the Muslims and Pakistanis but all people, communities and Canada. Such irresponsible behaviours and wrong policies can extremely harmful but never beneficial for all people and country.
             We must forget all differences and divisions and live and work together in the best interest of all people, communities, all countries, particularly Canada and Pakistan. The people of Pakistan, particularly Muslims, are badly in need of help and support in this hour of crisis. Let us all extend the helping hand to support them and get rid of the curse of terrorism from there.
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