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                TORONTO:  The sharp claws of cruel death are snatching poor children of helpless mothers and families in the Thar, Chachro and Mithi areas of Sindh Province in Pakistan. The total has already crossed over 260 with no end in sight.
            The so-called champions of democracy, community and humanity, who are extremely cunning and cruel in reality, say it is due to mainly scarcity of food, water and medicinal facilities. Because the fact is that it is being cunningly, cruelly and deliberately allowed to happen, the deaths should be registered as murder against all those authorities, leaders and influential people directly responsible and they be awarded maximum punishment they deserve. Even public lynching is least punishment for these beasts. This is because they treat the dying poor children as those of pigs and dogs. Yes, this is too much. Wake up Pakistanis and the world.
            Yes, it is happening because of their exploitation of people and criminal negligence. They are only watching and enjoying the deaths and destruction in the affected areas. While the dying poor children and their families are begging for a sip of water and a piece of bread for a very long time, these criminals are spending billions of people’s money on themselves and living like kings, lords and emperors.
            All those who know this very well and can act and do something as their duty and responsibility for the poor children and helpless families and stop the game of death and destruction but are instead acting as silent spectators and doing nothing including rulers, policymakers, bureaucrats, parliamentarians, leaders, army generals and officers and people are equally responsible for the exploitation, criminal negligence, deaths and destruction.
            They are least concerned and bothered as they think that they are all above the law and gods on earth and people are their slaves and servants. They are the Pharaohs of this time but forget how God destroyed Pharaoh and others of his like and type. Yes, they will definitely meet the same fate and be disgraced and destroyed along with their supporters and promoters. In such situation God acts to help, support and protect the people and never spares the cruel and cunning ones rulers, leaders and people.    
            The below link is one example to understand the reality and happening:
            No doubt the terrorist attack on Army School in Peshawar in which precious lives of over 130 children were lost shook the army, leaders and nation and provided a lead for taking action against the terrorists, their supporters and promoters. The move and actions should be appreciated and fully supported.
            Now almost every person is talking about the Peshawar incident and taking strong action against terrorists, their supporters and promoters to end terrorism. It is not only the duty and responsibility of the army but of the whole nation.
            In one such group discussions in which retired army officers were also present, I raised the issue of the dying poor children. Most of them said: “Peshawar incident and terrorism are more important than the deaths of poor children in Tharparkar area of Sindh, Pakistan. Such children keep dying every day and everywhere in the world. It is a natural process, will of God and a routine. It does not deserve focus and attention.”
            I just kept looking at their faces. Because of such negative and destructive attitude, thinking and approach of people we lost East Pakistan and even now the Bengalis hate them. Now they are thinking of and considering others in Pakistan as pests, pigs and dogs. They can only harm the people and Pakistan and create more Bangladesh type countries. They cannot be reformed so the other option is to stop them by all means.
            Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, a distinguished community leader, expressed grave concern on the situation in Pakistan and said: “Strict vigil on the border is needed to check terrorists, flow of weapons, drugs and other unwanted and harmful goods and persons. The borders must be fully secured and protected. Every person must realize the dangerous consequences of corruption, particularly bribery, know his duty and responsibility, must come forward, encourage and support each other to end both terrorism and corruption.”
            Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President of Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), while condemning terrorism in the strongest possible words and expressing concern on the situation and happening in Pakistan, particularly deaths of poor children, said: “Terrorists, their supporters, promoters, corrupt rulers and leaders deserve no mercy. Already they have caused considerable harm to both the people and country. They deserve exemplary punishment.
            He said: “Pakistanis living abroad can play an important role by inviting attention for help and support of world leaders to get rid of the corrupt rulers and leaders and terrorists and traitors. We have to unite to face the tough challenges. Those living abroad must behave properly, act responsibly and contribute tremendously. This is how we can earn respect, gain success and be rewarded.”
              Only few brave leaders, soldiers and people are needed to steer Pakistan and the people out of trouble. Only their bold decisions and courageous actions can help end corruption, chaos and crisis. Yes, only the true leaders and people can help unite the people and foil and fail all evil designs and conspiracies and defeat the enemies of Pakistan.
            Pakistan was created as a separate land for Muslims where they could live peacefully and equally with people of all communities and religions.  Muslims launched and supported the independence struggle in the name of Islam.  It was the spirit which fuelled the struggle. The spirit was the blessing of Divine Mission to create Pakistan.
            The same spirit is need to save Pakistan. Only proper Islam can infuse that spirit. Had we implemented Islam in reality in Pakistan since 1947 instead of becoming slaves, puppets and poodles of world powers and leaders than today Pakistan too would have become a power? Pakistanis know how to respect, live and work together with all people.
            While uniting to fight against terrorism and corruption, let’s not forget the dying poor children and their helpless families of Tharparkar. Lives of all children, whether poor or rich, are precious and it is our duty and responsibility   to help, support and save them in all possible ways.
            Canadian rulers, leaders and all people must step forward to support the Pakistani community help Pakistan. They can play really important constructive role.
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