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                TORONTO: Fear and pain play very important role in our lives. They can either make or break us. It depends upon their type and nature. Yes, type and nature. One leads towards darkness and destruction and the other towards God and good. So never take fear and pain lightly. Understand their type and nature to either benefit from them or to face them courageously and confidently. One gives us courage and confidence and the other shatters them.
Our conscience is our best friend and guide in this regard. It makes us realize our lies, mistakes, misunderstandings, sins, wrongs and guilt. This realization makes us restless, becomes painful and makes us fearful. It is this fear which makes us good and law-abiding.
It is this fear which removes all destructive fears and gives us the strength to have full trust and confidence in ourselves, God and good. This gives us the understanding of the purpose of our creation and being honoured with the blessing of being human being.
It is this fear and pain which reforms us and makes us good human beings, turns even the worst sinners into saints and teaches us to honestly love, care, respect, help and support. It softens and melts the hardest hearts and makes them paradise and garden of love. It gives peace to the even the most disturbed minds and make them clean and clean. It purifies the soul by removing the burden on the mind, body and soul.
So always wish for, desire and love such sweet pain and guiding fear and then see wonders happening and witness the dramatic changes in our lives. It is this pain and fear which makes us cry non-stop in our true worship of God. Yes, it is this non-stop crying as a result of pain of guilt and fear of being punished for displeasing God and making Him unhappy and angry which God loves the most and accepts the prayers and the true worship.
SOLUTION: Instead of fearing the devil, evil and enemies of mankind have trust and confidence in The Almighty God. It is only He who can protect and save us from destructive fears, death and destruction. It is only He, the Creator of mankind and the universe, who can support us and help us defeat even the most powerful enemies or superpowers on earth or anywhere in the universe.
So Muslims, Christians, Jews and all believers of The God and good instead of insanely fighting and killing each other, live and work together and love and respect each other. This is the only solution of most of our big and small problems, which have been created by us and not God.  By hating, fighting and killing each other, we are only making the terrorists, criminals and enemies of mankind stronger and extremely powerful.
Recognize the real enemies who, for their vested interests and to control the world, wealth, routes and resources, are making us hate, fight and kill each other. It is the mostly the powerful countries, rulers, policymakers, leaders, intelligence agencies and the organs under their influences and grips including media and corporate business who are behind all this.
It is because of them massive death and destruction have been caused in the world and millions of helpless and innocent people have been mercilessly massacred, killed, maimed, harmed and displaced all over the world. Yes, it is because of them the lives of people have been made miserable and the world unsafe and turned into hell.
THE ENEMIES: They first hire mercenaries and then after use declare them criminals and terrorists and go after them. Not only this, they train terrorists and enemies to achieve their goals through terrorism and keep shedding crocodile tears and fooling the people by asking them to fight against terrorism. If they have the courage to deny then deny this. The whole world is aware.
Instead of fearing them and getting damn scared we need to think of defeating all the destructive forces involved in terrorism and crimes against humanity. This can only be done with the help and support of God and good leaders and people.
History and the original holy books tell us how God had destroyed extremely powerful ones who were crazily involved in death and destruction and proving dangerous for the people and the world.
They may be extremely powerful and dangerous but for God these creeps and crooks are nothing.  See how God sent small birds to crush and destroy them in the past. So there is nothing to be afraid of or to fear. Just have trust and confidence in God and leave the rest to Him.
The following divine words of God in the holy book Quran gives us---All believers including Christians, Muslins and Jews---encouragement, confidence and courage to face and fight all evils, cruel people, terrorists and criminals:
Surah # 105 Al-Fil (Verses 1-5): Hast thou not seen how thy Lord dealt with the owners of the Elephant? (1) Did He not bring their stratagem to naught, (2) And send against them swarms of flying creatures, (3) Which pelted them with stones of baked clay, (4) And made them like green crops devoured (by cattle)? (5). Translation—Pickthal.
Surah # 48 Al-Fath (Verses 1-4): Lo! We have given thee (O Muhammad) a signal victory, (1) That Allah may forgive thee of thy sin that which is past and that which is to come, and may perfect His favour unto thee, and may guide thee on a right path, (2) And that Allah may help thee with strong help - (3) He it is Who sent down peace of reassurance into the hearts of the believers that they might add faith unto their faith. Allah's are the hosts of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is ever Knower, Wise - (4). Translation---Pickthal.
Surah # 110 An-Nasr (Verses 1-3): When Allah's succour and the triumph cometh (1) And thou seest mankind entering the religion of Allah in troops, (2) Then hymn the praises of thy Lord, and seek forgiveness of Him. Lo! He is ever ready to show mercy. (3)
God is ALWAYS there to guide, help and support us. It is we who are misguided, have become shaky and lost trust and confidence in God. We are responsible for our sufferings, hardships and destruction and CANNOT blame God or good people at all. This is why the enemies, terrorists, criminals and all evils are becoming extremely powerful, influential and destructive.  The destructive fear has overcome us, made us weak and easy target.   
When is the Muslim, Christian and Jew world going to understand this? Till how long will we keep playing in the hands of cunning, cruel, powerful leaders, policymakers, agencies and people? For how long will we allow our destruction? We have the answers but don’t pay attention or take them seriously. Let’s all live and work together for love, respect, peace, stability, success and true happiness.
Just understand and remember, even the most powerful, cunning and cruel ones are no match for God. Just His `Be It’ words are enough to turn them into trash. If you want to feel the pain and fear then enjoy the beneficial ones.
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