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          `LIVE & WORK TOGETHER’ 
            TORONTO:  In order to practically support and promote the concepts of “Live & Work Together” and “Help, Support, Promote, Love & Respect Each Other”, members of the Canadian Seniors Club held its first meeting at the new location at 18 Thorncliffe Park Drive on January 31, 2015.
            Ahmed Hussein, Executive Director of Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office, took special interest in arranging the new location for the Canadian Seniors Club and assured his full support for provision of more facilities for the seniors and members.
            Abdul Razzaq Chishti, senior most member of the CSC, and Naseem Hussain (Popularly known as Guard Sahab), floated the idea and made efforts for the new location including meeting with Ahmed Hussein. It was the result of team effort.  
            The first CSC meeting started with recitation of verses of the holy Quran by Shakeel Ahmed, Vice President of CSC. Tariq Rehman, President of the CSC, in his address thanked the TNO’s Executive Director Ahmed Hussein for his interest in CSC, support and the facilities provided and promised. He also thanked the CSC members for helping form and run the club successfully.
            It was unanimously decided that members of all communities, except those actively or in any way involved in or promoting dirty politics or solely vested interests of party politics or not working in the interest of all people and common cause, were welcome to join the Canadian Seniors Club. Presently, the members belong to the South Asian community, mostly Pakistani community and some Indian community members.
            It was hoped that each member would do his best to present and build a good image of the community and come out with new ideas and proposals which could prove constructive, beneficial, inspirational and motivational for all.  It was decided to recognize and promote extraordinary talents, gems, geniuses and distinguished members of the community for their achievements and tremendous contributions and for making the people and country proud.
            Those present at the CSC meeting were Tariq Rehman, Abdul Razzaq Chishti, Naseem Hussain, Syed Shakeel Ahmad, Azhar Bokhari, Afzal Khan Nayyar, Mohammad Masood Alam (Facilitator), and Javed Zaheer. Fateha (Prayer) was offered by members for late Razaul Jabbar, a reputed community leader, who passed away on January 29, 2011.
            TRIBUTE: Afzal Khan Nayyar, General Secretary and Program Coordinator of the Canadian Seniors Club,  who is also General Secretary of PICAS, the organization of late Razaul Jabbar and worked closely with him, paid rich tributes  to the personality and read out Javed Zaheer’s article titled “Razaul Jabbar Remembered”(Read article at
            Afzal Khan said: “Razaul Jabbar was a distinguished, recognized and respectable personality of the South Asian community and India’s Hyderabad community. His literary contributions and achievements are remarkable. He contested for councillor seat in Ward 26 of Toronto. He had a brilliant literary background, was author of seven books of selected stories in South Asian languages and was recipient of literary awards. His books are: 1. Hadees-e-Deccan 2. Nau Heerey (1958) 3. Roshni Ki Kiran (1970) 4. Nai Dharkan (1975) 5. Chand Ki Kashti Ka Akela Musafir (1985) 6. Sunkh Uthaney Ka Hosla (1991) and 7. Saharon Ke Mausam (2006).
              “He was president of Seniors Association, which provides opportunities to share and socialize for healthy living. He participated in various international conferences.”
            HURDLES: Some hurdles are being faced in attracting new members, who are unhappy with TNO performances and say TNO must first pay attention to those living in the locality including for facilities and employment. They allege that presently most of the staffers and employees do not live in the area and as a result lack interest, do not understand the people, their issues and problems. Mostly favourites of some groups and parties are being promoted and others neglected.  This is making people unhappy and disappointed with TNO.
            They keep asking as to why the people of this locality not being considered for jobs or services in TNO? Are they not competent, qualified or capable? Why the step-motherly treatment when they can communicate and serve in similar or much better way?
            They said that the new Executive Director, Ahmed Hussein, must try to understand and redress the grievances of the community members. Also, TNO must protect its image and reputation by not playing in the hands of those with vested interests, who are proving harmful for both the TNO and people. 
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