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                TORONTO:  Ask people who know Khalid Ahmed, NDP candidate for Don Valley East, and they all will say: “He belongs to a good and respectable family, is a young, intelligent, educated, ambitious, brave, bold, disciplined, honest, responsible, respectable, helpful, supportive, a dynamic and promising Canadian leader in making of the South Asian and Muslim communities.”
            No doubt Khalid Ahmed is a good human being and has a very good nature and character with combination of the above excellent qualities. His family, friends, community, Canada and Canadians have all helped, supported and groomed him to practically become like that, live and work together, respect people of all communities equally and serve them honestly.   
            Since he entered politics, I remained a bit concerned that he might be spoiled because most of the political parties tie the hands, zip the mouth, make their leaders and workers robot, puppet and cunning and compel them to play dirty politics and focus only on vested interests. This is why both the people and country suffer.  
            Except that he is quite young and inexperienced, till now I have not noticed bad change in him. NDP is lucky to have a leader like him and should be proud of him because he is capable of playing important roles and performing the duties and responsibilities properly.
            I hope he retains and maintains all the good qualities, relations with people and meet their expectations otherwise his image will be tarnished and he might lose help, support, respect, trust and confidence of the people.
            Proper understanding of the God’s message in the below Surah Al-Asr of the Holy Quran (# 103) will help him to remain good, steadfast, retain and maintain and emerge successful and victorious: “By the declining day, (1) Lo! Man is a state of loss, (2) Save those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance. (3).”
            Khalid Ahmed, a proud young breed of the South Asian and Muslim communities, belongs to the middle class and knows this class very well including people, needs, issues, problems and priorities. Visit  The increasing popularity of Tom Mulcair and NDP’s chances of forming government are increasing his confidence.
            Shining son of Hameeduddin Ahmed, a Canadian of Indian origin (Not Red Indian) and a reputed journalist of the community, Khalid Ahmed saw how his family struggled hard to adjust themselves and settle respectfully in Canada, get proper recognition and then join the mainstream to serve all in the best possible ways.
            Khalid Ahmed is a fruit of all the efforts made by family, Canada and Canadians. He joined politics with a purpose: To Serve Humanity In Reality (SHIR). He is a proud member of the SHIR Team and wants to make Canada and Toronto stronger by making the middle class stronger.
            When Khalid Ahmed came to meet me, I asked him several questions including how he plans to work and practically bring peace and happiness in the homes and lives of the people and why he chose the platform of NDP.
            Khalid Ahmed explained: “Growing up in a middle class family of nine (9) (the youngest of 7 children). I know the difficulties of making ends meet to raise a family. When my father first immigrated to Canada, like many immigrants he worked two jobs while attending school to make ends meet.
            “I have always been very interested in politics and wanted change but not change just for the sake of it; I wanted the change that puts people first. When I first decided to join a political party I did a lot of research about our parties, what they stand for and their agenda. After months of research I found out that the NDP is the only political party that is working for positive change and puts people first.
            “My ideology of having a fairer society, affordable childcare, better healthcare, secured retirement, creating jobs for middle class families, and protecting the environment matches with the NDP party and the agenda. I believe Tom Mulcair as Canada’s first NDP prime minister and I as the next MP for Don Valley East will bring change to Ottawa and focus on Canadian’s priorities.
            “Why I decided to run? I have always been a strong leader and voiced my opinion; I always wanted to serve Canadians and the community. I am dedicated to serving the community regardless of what I am doing even if it’s through my education as a Social Service Worker and advocating for seniors, from my practicum at John Howard Society supporting adults who have been in the conflict with the law, or being passionate about youth issues and serving on Seneca College’s continuing education advisory board, working to improve student life on campus. “
            Khalid said: “I lived in the Don Valley West (Don Mills and Overlea area) for almost two decades and now it’s time I bring positive change for the people of Don Valley East, even if it’s just making affordable childcare because in the GTA we have the least affordable childcare in the country, or increasing the minimum wage to $15 because the cost of living increased significantly but the national minimum wage has not increased significantly. I also vow to protect our security and our rights by repealing bill C-51 because we do not have to pick between freedom and security.”
            He said: “As the next MP for Don Valley East, I will commit to promoting outreach to local business, religious and non-religious organization, and schools in order to hear their concerns. Also, my office will be conveniently located to assist the concerns regarding any issue people are facing in the community (fairer society, immigration and citizenship, taxes and anything me and my team can help with).”
            Khalid Ahmed said: "I believe in NDP leader Tom Mulcair, who has promised an NDP government, which would boost the guaranteed income supplement to help Canada's most vulnerable seniors. He considers it an important first step to lifting 200,000 seniors out of poverty."
            Although Khalid Ahmed keeps meeting people regularly, he launched his election campaign on August 29, 2015. His office is located at 15 Gervais Drive, Suite 310, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1Y8 Phone:  647 938 9063.
            Leaders and supporters of NDP say: “As our next MP, Khalid’s priorities start with showing greater respect for seniors by strengthening pensions, restoring the retirement age to 65 and providing better long-term care and home care.
            “Khalid is passionate about youth issues as well. He has served on Seneca College’s continuing education advisory board, working to improve student life on campus. He is pursuing a degree in Social Work and recently completed a practicum with John Howard Society of Toronto, supporting adults who have been in conflict with the law.
            “A proud resident of Thorncliffe Park, Khalid knows and loves this community. The youngest of seven children, he has lived in the Don Mills area since the early 1990s.  His family immigrated to Canada in the mid-1970s and lived near Victoria Park at Lawrence.”
            Khalid Ahmed enjoys the respect, support, trust and confidence of members and leaders of all communities including distinguished personalities. Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, does not agree with NDP policies and leadership but keep encouraging Khalid Ahmed because of his good qualities and character.
            Khalid says: “I am seniors advocate with Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), a local non-profit organization, headed by Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President of Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), engaging local residents in dialogue on pensions and healthcare.” Syed Muhammad Iqbal was impressed by Khalid and NDP leader Tom Mulcair and is supporting both now.
            Khalid had twice contested (2011 & 2014) for MPP in the Don Valley West locality of Toronto against Kathleen Wynne, a popular and powerful Liberal leader and now Premier of Ontario, Seeing his vision, spirit, determination, remarkable performance and the tremendous support of people enjoyed, NDP has elevated his candidature to MP.
            When Khalid Ahmed came to meet me and was leaving, I just told him plainly: “Forget everything and relations and just remember that I am and all SHIR Team members are interested only in seeing how you and the NDP leaders perform and contribute to bring peace and happiness in the lives and homes of people. I want to see you as David facing, fighting and defeating all Goliaths. For this you have to prove your honesty and loyalty to the people, only through which not only you but the party as well will earn respect and recognition.”
            Young leaders like Khalid Ahmed and others are source of inspiration and motivation for all communities. They must always be encouraged to engage in positive and constructive activities and live and work together with all communities.
            The South Asian and Muslim communities need them and are proud to have members like them and hope that they will never disappoint them and always keep making them proud by serving all communities and humanity in reality.        

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