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                TORONTO:  Wonder why people don’t go out to vote? The reason is simple and logical: Their votes are wasted because wrong people are elected, who pose as very good and responsible, commit and promise but fail to come up to expectations and serve people in reality. People feel being fooled, exploited, cheated and trapped and see that only vested interests of parties are served and promoted. Seeing this, people lose trust and confidence in leaders, parties and their workers, are badly disappointed and prefer remaining at home to avoid wasting their precious votes.
            In order to win trust and confidence and votes, the leaders and parties must prove their honesty and sincerity and loyalty to people. They must respect the wishes, values, rights and freedom of people.
            Wrong people and parties are the real enemies of democracy and promoters of demoncracy. This is why the people and country suffer. So keep watching the character and contributions of all---parties, leaders, workers, volunteers and supporters. Remain alert against hypocrites and exploiters in the community. They are the real enemies and only cause tremendous harms. Don’t ever entertain, support and promote them.
            I keep watching the happenings and giving clear messages to all including people, leaders and parties. At the same time, I keep listening to people and leaders as well in order to build bridges and help restore trust and confidence through proper understanding and awareness.
            Both Liberals and Conservatives are facing tough times and challenges because some of their policies are considered controversial and harmful by the people. NDP is in a position and trying to take full advantage by proving as a healer of wounds and promising to deliver.
            Don Valley West is considered and reputed as one of the most important localities for elections and remained stronghold of the Liberal Party. Currently, John Carmichael of Conservative Party is the current Member of Parliament. In the coming federal elections in October, 2015, John Carmichael ( is trying hard and hopeful to get re-elected.
            Rob Oliphant, ex-Liberal MP of Don Valley West (, is doing his best to make a comeback and is confident of becoming Member of Parliament.
            Also, Syeda Riaz is candidate of NDP and is hopeful of giving tough time to both and becoming MP. Syeda is daughter of Tasleem Riaz, who was very close to Jack Layton and a reputed community leader. She is a dynamic young girl and contesting for the first time (
            ROB OLIPHANT; Rob Oliphant of Liberal contacted me and said: “Javed: I hope that we can sit down and you can see in me some of the qualities that you are wanting in a good leader. It is what I try to be – as a Christian, of course, but still think that we have way more in common than not in common.”
            Rob Oliphant then invited me at his campaign office, where we including Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President of Pak Seniors Forum, and Mazhar Shafiq were present. In the hours-long frank discussion, Rob Oliphant said: “We will bring real change in Don Valley West. Two important major changes will be in economy and immigration. We believe in fairness and that’s why we always aimed for fair economy. People making $25,000 to 30,000 are struggling hard. The major economy policy changes include improved and effective income tax. Also, we have to find ways for more jobs in Thorncliffe Park Drive locality. We must help people find employment and give them satisfaction because they are Canadians and should not remain outside the mainstream.
            Rob Oliphant said; “People must understand that the municipal, provincial and federal level leaders, roles and policies are not same and have different impacts. They should not be mixed. I am a federal candidate and have always remained close to the people of my locality, listened to them and served them in reality. I know my people well and they understand me’’
IMMIGRATION: Rob Oliphant said: “Most of the people contacted in Don Valley West, particularly in 85 building, were facing immigration issues including long delays in getting citizenship.”
            Rob said: “Grandparents and siblings are an important part of the family. Siblings will prove a great helping hand and that’s why we plan to allow sibling immigration. We fully understand the need to bring and join people who need and love each other.”  
            Rob Oliphant said: “In my election campaign, there are Christians, Muslims, Jews and others. I work comfortably with all because we are all Canadians. I have no problem with Muslim woman wearing Hijab because I understand that what is on the head is not in the head. I respect them. Canada is a very diverse country and Canadians believe in diversity. Canada and Canadians are reputed for generosity. The Conservatives don’t like Muslims and Harper is creating two classes of citizens and does not like diversity,”
            SEX EDUCATION:  Rob Oliphant said: “People must understand that sex education is a provincial issue. I have nothing to do with this issue. It is indeed a complex issue. Those who disagree with a part of it can opt out. Most of those who are opposing sex education are politicizing the issue, not telling the truth and using this issue for their vested interests including to make sure that Rob Oliphant is defeated. The important thing is that children need to learn and that’s why we have to teach children. The parents opposing this issue must find a way to teach their children in their own interests.”     
            Mazhar Shafiq, who was also part of the meeting, said: “Please see below. Opt out option still available. Forward it to all the concerned parents as lot of misinformation is being spread and it is all politically motivated due to Federal election this year. Few people are taking advantage of innocent people who are not aware about the whole thing”:
               EQUALIZATION: When Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President of PSF, raised the important question of maintaining equalization standard, Rob Oliphant said: “There are many ways we can recognize people. We are all Canadians and deserve to be treated equally. Professionals qualify to migrate to Canada. They only need help for settlement. Policy changes are needed to recognize them and allow them to join their professions and mainstream. They are an asset and Canada will benefit from their services.”  
            Rob Oliphant, while answering my questions, said: “Javed: It was a great pleasure to meet with you. It is a great privilege to be a Member of Parliament. I enjoyed that privilege from 2008 until 2011 as the M.P. for Don Valley West. I chose to run again this time because I feel that my work as the M.P. for Thorncliffe Park and for the whole of Don Valley West was not finished yet.
            “During the time I was M.P. for Don Valley West, I came to know the people of Thorncliffe Park (and at that time Flemingdon Park) very well. I came to know them through their stories and their struggles, through their events and celebrations, and through the work I did with them and for them.
“This work focused largely on immigration and citizenship issues, but it extended beyond that to employment, housing, pension, employment insurance issues, human rights and also community development.
            “If elected again, I will serve the community ensuring that people are treated fairly and openly in every process that they engage in with the federal government. I will help them secure Temporary Resident Visas for their family members or for scholars visiting the Mosque, I will ensure timely responses regarding sponsorship of family members to join them in Canada (spouses, children and parents) and I will work to ensure that Canada finds new ways to help newcomers to Canada settle in effectively, find meaningful and better-paid employment and contribute to both the economic and social life of Canada.
            “While financial security doesn't guarantee happiness, financial insecurity certainly promotes unhappiness. It also brings about family and personal stress, illness and other social problems. As a Member of Parliament, part of a Justin Trudeau government, we will ensure fairness for both the middle class and those trying to get into the middle class. I am certain that the lives of people in Thorncliffe Park will be better with a Trudeau government.
            “Just as the first Trudeau government (that of Pierre Elliott Trudeau) opened Canada up to the world and the world up to Canada and created a more just society, a Justin Trudeau government will ensure that all Canadians and prospective Canadians are treated fairly. That will make a real and tangible difference in the lives of Canadians.
            “One of my passions has always been protecting and ensuring minority rights. I was chair of the Yukon Human Rights Commission and it was very important work helping address injustices and discrimination. I am proud to be part of the Liberal Party which not only introduced the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the work of Pierre Elliott Trudeau) but continues to have it as our cornerstone (under Justin Trudeau). Just as I fought for rights of Muslims while I was in the House of Commons the last time, I will do that again.
            “But it is just as important to make sure that people have food on the table and are able to pay their rent. Our new Canada Child Benefit will be of huge value to people with children in Thorncliffe Park. Under our plan, 9 out of every 10 families in Canada (and virtually everyone with children in Thorncliffe) will receive TAX-FREE cheques every month - up to $6400 per child each year. Yes, people earning $200,000 or more won't receive this but that means that we can give more to lower income families. That is what fairness means.
            “When I was the Member of Parliament, my Constituency Office was a welcoming place for every resident of Don Valley West. We helped long-time citizens with their problems and cared equally for newcomers who had just arrived and were only dreaming of citizenship. In the last four years, it has become more difficult to come to Canada, more difficult to find work, more difficult to become a citizen and more difficult to pay the rent. Canada is better than that. I will work to ensure that no one is left behind.
            “A Canadian citizen is a Canadian citizen. The Conservative government promotes two-levels of citizenship. This is not acceptable. Of course, if someone commits a crime they should be punished. But they should not lose their citizenship just because they chose Canada rather than having been born here. Canada is better than that. Again, I will work to ensure no one is left behind.
            “My faith is important to me. As a Christian Minister I have served my faith community for over 30 years. But I have also served other faith communities and value people of all religions equally. I have learned great lessons from my Muslim brothers and sisters about charity, peace, spiritual discipline, friendship and the importance of family. It has been a wonderful benefit to me to come to know Muslims not only as constituents but as friends, colleagues and companions. I will stand with the Muslim community in the future just as I have in the past reminding everyone that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.
            “Recently I attended events for Pakistan, India and Afghanistan Independence Days. I also attended several Filipino events. It was wonderful to attend these occasions with so many friends. I chose to wear "traditional" clothes at many of these events.
            “I was thanked a number of times for wearing Shalwar Kameez, thanked for wearing "Pakistani dress." I reminded them that, in Canada, Shalwar Kameez is also Canadian dress. It may be made in Pakistan, or India, or Afghanistan, but it is now Canadian. And that is the same for so many people in Thorncliffe Park: they may be made in Pakistan, or India, or Afghanistan, or Bangladesh, or the Philippines, or Latin America, but they are Canadian and need to live, grow up, and grow old happily in Canada. My job as the Member of Parliament for Don Valley West is to do everything in my power to make sure that happens.”
            Like I always say, people are the best judge. They must use their rights and votes honestly, sensibly and in the best interest of the people and country. Before election, leaders pose as prophets and saints and after being elected they change colours and become strangers.
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