Wednesday, July 19, 2017


TORONTO: The Indian-held Kashmir bleeds and burns, while the cunning, immoral and cruel leaders of the powerful nations watch and enjoy every bit of the beastly and Barbaric game of death and destruction with eyes wide open.
Yes, they are not deaf, dumb or blind but having great fun on seeing the blood of helpless and innocent Muslims and their good and peaceful Hindu, Sikh, Christians and other supporters flow in Occupied Kashmir.
Actually, these powerful leaders, their allies and puppets in other countries, are the ones who hatch sinister conspiracies, destroy system and institutions and spread worst type of corruption.
Kashmir since 1947 is a victim of such conspiracies. Crazy, fanatic and  extremist Hindu leaders like Narender Modi and the hardliners and terrorists in other Hindu organizations have been given free hand to kill and enjoy the thrill.
They enjoy the support of the Indian army, which again is there since 1947. They all have killed, disabled and seriously injured thousands. Thousands of others have been blinded by the pellet shots on the faces.
The powerful, cruel, conscienceless and immoral leaders of the big powers and the world have turned the United Nations and all other important organizations established for peace in the world as useless. Only their vested interests are supported, promoted and protected. Burning issues like Palestine, Kashmir and others are deliberately left for the garbage bins.
The Muslim World, organizations and leaders are mostly puppets and slaves of the big powers and their allies. They have delivered nothing but caused unimaginable massive harm to the Muslim and their causes. They keep fooling the people by giving them lollypops laced with deadly poison. Instead of just verbal service, had they acted sincerely, honestly and practically issues like Palestine and Kashmir would have been solved long ago.
        Only the people whether in Kashmir or Palestine, can unite and prepare themselves for committed struggle and sacrifices to achieve their goals and freedom. They
must be supported people of the whole Muslim World. Noting is impossible. Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan. This was a battle ground where the worldwide Muslims united and achieved victory.
Because East Timor was a place of of non-Muslim powers, they got it freed and Indonesia could do nothing and just watched helplessly.
So Muslim people and leaders must stop looking towards the enemies for help, support and promotion. Their policies can only harm Muslims.
Not that the Muslim leaders are silent. They are raising voices through different platforms worldwide. Unfortunately they mostly reach deaf ears of the common enemies of Muslims and humanity. This is why the issues are not being paid attention.
One such conference was organized in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by the Friends of Kashmir. Lord Nazir Ahmed, first Muslim member of the British House of Lords, and Tariq Azeem, High Commissioner of Pakistan in Canada, were the special guests at the Kashmir Solidarity Conference, held on July 15, 2017, at 1380 Stouffville Road,, Ontario, Canada. The organizers included Dr Azrab Khan, Syed Sajjad Hyder, Hafiz Munir,  Zafar Bangash\, Khawaja Rafiq Shad, M. Ayub Qureshi, Eitzaz Khawaja, Ibrar Khan, Zamin Usman and Mukhtar Ali.  The other prominent guests included Shahid Hashmi, Seema Hashmi and Tasneem.
The hall was fully packed with supporters of the Kashmir cause, struggle and people. Instead of fiery speeches, they must now plan strategies of action to help the people in reality.
Modi and his pack of extremists and terrorists are ferocious monsters and beasts. If people fear them then they are going to destroy them. If people stand up  against them then they will panic and flee. There is a choice---fight or become their diet. After Gujarat, his appetite wants more flesh and blood of Muslims.
Both Lord Nazir and Tariq Azeem  properly highlighted the Kashmir issues and the unimaginable crimes and brutalities there by the Indian army and the stooges.

Lord Nazir said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman (who enjoys the bad reputation as Maulana Diesel), who gets two million dollars as Chairman of the Kashmir Committee in Pakistan, has done nothing for the Kashmir cause. Instead he has harmed the Kashmiris and the cause. He should be removed immediately from the chairmanship of the committee.
    The figures of death, injuries and destruction were enough to give good people of any community worldwi heart attack. They too could not do anything because most of the own leaders are cunning and corrupt. They want to see only flow of blood and torn fleshes of innocent and helpless people. Despite this we must not lose hope and keep mobilizing people of all communities for the Kashmir, Palestine and other common issues and causes in the world.
I am writing this article from my platform SHIR---Serve .      Humanity In Reality. People of other platforms and groups must join me in raising strong voices, creating awareness and practical action.        
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