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            TORONTO:  Because of frustration and disappointment, must we stop serving the people? Most of the people do and laugh at those who are determined and committed. Yes, this is happening and proving harmful for the people themselves. The result---They are confused, wrinkled with worry and easily exploited by opportunists. Objective---The struggle must continue to protect and promote them under all circumstances and in any situation. Strategy---Even the toughest challenges must be accepted and faced courageously. Only then we can emerge victorious and help give the people the real success and happiness. Only then we can achieve the set goals.
My community and country people are, no doubt, faced with a serious situation. They are surrounded and gripped by mostly selfish and corrupt leaders, who are cunning like a fox, keep croaking like a frog and do absolutely nothing for the people. They are like killer birds and crows always ready to harm the pigeon like people. They are infected dogs which cause hydrophobia and kill the people. This is their reality, character and contribution. They pose very sweet and innocent but are professional exploiters, deadly poisonous and extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, they are found in every society of the world but must be recognized, exposed and kept away from the people and the system.     
             TRUE LEADERSHIP: The solution is selection of the right persons for leadership at all places and positions, who can serve, protect and promote the people. It may be very difficult but definitely not impossible. Unfortunately, right from 1947, Pakistanis committed grave mistakes by blindly and repeatedly supporting and promoting wrong persons. Those who struggled for freedom were systematically eliminated. Since then we are suffering and paying very dearly. The corrupt leaders have brought us to the brink of destruction. They succeeded in breaking Pakistan in 1971. Now they are after the remaining part. Even the beggars of their lobby have become billionaires and very powerful.
Because of the corrupt lobby and rulers, the sufferings and miseries of the people are unimaginable. Those who want to do something have been made helpless and hostage.  President Gen Pervez Musharraf and his team is a good example. Recently I received an article of Shaheen Sehbai, a veteran journalist of Pakistan associated with South Asian Tribune in the US, in which it was reported that the US diplomats in Pakistan and the State Department officials are both extremely worried about the political happenings in Pakistan and the future of Musharraf.  They are cautiously watching the increasing influence and power of Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain, who is posing a serious threat to the liberal and enlightened Musharraf.
MUSHARRAF: Shaheen Sehbai, do you think the Americans are so stupid not to understand as to what is happening? They can tell Shujaat and his generals about their activities right from their childhood till now. Why would anything surprise them? Shaheen, you also know what is happening since 1947 and should focus sincerely and courageously on exposing the corrupt ones and helping the people.
 The corrupt lobby also includes journalists who are on the payroll of the national and international agencies. They too have harmed the people and country very much. So don’t wander and wonder. The picture and situation is crystal clear. Both you and I know and understand it very well. Musharraf is being used and abused. The others want to remain clean and make him dirty. This is what has been happening in Pakistan.
Please, don’t let the corrupt bastards play with the people. They have destroyed the country and now want to make the people beggars and criminals.  The reality is that Pakistan will always remain our origin and identity, whether like it or not. We must ensure progress and prosperity in all the 54 districts of Pakistan. The province formula has tremendously harmed the people and districts. Many areas remained deliberately neglected. Funds and quotas were grossly misused. You know it better.  
 It was reported in the article that Shujaat is allegedly acting on instructions of the very powerful conservative Punjabi Corps Commanders. Musharraf is proving powerless and helpless in front of Shujaat, who cannot even be graded as a politician but became influential and powerful thanks to the strong backing of the generals and the lobby.  This situation is extremely disturbing and could plunge Pakistan into chaos and darkness. It could be disastrous for Pakistan.
AMERICANS UNEASY: The Americans are seriously watching the developments and anxiously waiting to act. Their fingers are itching to press the triggers. At all costs, they now want peace and stability and not turmoil in the region. To achieve their vested interests and fulfill their ambitions, they can go to any extent.
 Musharraf is being suggested to choose dignified exit but would it solve the problems? The emergence of conservative leadership would irritate and anger America and compel it to turn Pakistan into another Iraq. Is this what we want? Unfortunately, we see no sensible, liberal and enlightened leader at all to steer Pakistan out of the crisis. Musharraf is doing his best but facing great pressure and opposition from many corners.   
Pakistan is actually facing leadership crisis. All others are useless and worst than others. Those given chances only indulged in loot and plunder. We badly need a true, sensible, liberal and enlightened leadership, if we really want to save the country and move respectably along with the world. Conservatism would only lead to isolation. The terms of liberal and enlightened must be according to our constitution and not that of anti-religion, anti-state and anti-people. 
            MORON MULLAHS: The conservative and fanatic leadership if promoted is certain to destroy our country. Most of the morons have turned Mullahs and are misleading the people. They have occupied mosques, Madarsas and religious institutions. In the name of God, they are duping, exploiting and harming the people. The pious and righteous ones have been pushed aside and forced to remain silent. They are not allowed to come forward and serve the people. We have to find the right persons and place them in the right positions. Only they can guide us about religion and give us the desired results. Only they can create proper awareness and understanding. Only they can help make Pakistan the citadel of Islam in the true sense. 
The Moron Mullahs, who are actually devils in disguise, have made mockery of Islam and are the worst enemies of Islam and the people. The Moron Mullahs cannot tolerate each other and talk of love, peace, unity and brotherhood. They are involved in anti-Islamic activities and miss no opportunity to defame Islam and harm the people. This is their character and contribution.
The Moron Mullahs are black sheep and have cunningly succeeded in winning the trust and confidence of the innocent people. It is extremely important to expose and crush them. These Morons must be thrown out of all mosques, Madarsas and religious institutions and replaced by the deserving ones. This would be one of the greatest services to Islam, Pakistan and the people.
Musharraf or any leader who succeed in freeing the people from the cruel grip of the Moron Mullahs would go straight to heaven. The Almighty would reward them a lot in this world also. What a gain. This would be the greatest Jihad. It is our duty and responsibility.  It is in the interest of the people. If you want to identify the Moron Mullahs, just match their character and contribution and you  will find the devil and beast inside.
SHAITAN: The services and intentions of Moron Mullahs are `Fi Sabilis Shaitan’ and not Fi Sabilillah’. Our national poet Sir Mohammad Iqbal has said about them in Kulliyat-i-Iqbal as follows: `Din-i-Mullah Fi Sabilillah Fasad’.  These Moron Mullahs are spreading their own Mazhab-i-Mullah (Religion of Mullah) and not Mazhab-i-Islam (Religion of Islam). This we need to understand very clearly. If we do not take any action now then they will continue harming Muslims and defaming Islam.
The Moron Mullahs have divided and confused the Muslims by creating differences and hatred. Surprisingly, still we wonder why the Muslims are scattered, shattered and battered. Actually, it is all because of the conspiracy of the Moron Mullahs. Accountability of the Mullahs is extremely necessary to identify and recognize the fake and moron ones.
Not only Pakistan, the whole Muslim World is suffering because of them. They are a problem for the whole world. The problem with the Muslims is they fail to react properly to the situation, become highly charged, emotional and sentimental. This helps the morons most. This is what they want.  They are using religion and other good offers as bait to fool the people.
  OVERSEAS: The Overseas Pakistanis too are extremely worried. They are saying: “Pakistan has been turned as an abandoned well full of deadly snakes and insects (Corrupt elements). We need to act urgently to save our near and dear ones from these creeps and creatures. We can no longer see their sufferings. They need our immediate attention and support. Pakistan, which is a heaven on the earth, has been turned into hell by the corrupt elements. We need to either bring our people out or do something to change the system and give the people true leadership. Whatever needs to be done must be done urgently. The clock is ticking fast. The writing is on the wall.”
The Overseas Pakistanis are also faced with true leadership problem. The community leaders are mostly non-dependable, non-reliable, selfish and hypocrites. They serve their vested interests and use and abuse the people. That’s why they fail to win the trust and confidence of the people. Before promoting them, their character and contribution must be watched carefully. Their screening and accountability is necessary. They are promoted by the people but in return cheat them. This is very unfortunate. They try to impress the people with favours and then use them. We must say good-bye to all such favours and friendships. The rotten eggs must be thrown out of the basket.
GHALIB IQBAL: In Canada, Ghalib Iqbal, Consul General of Pakistan in Toronto, has gained great popularity because of trust and confidence of the people. Despite being a bureaucrat, he uses his power for the people. Most Pakistani bureaucrats worldwide don’t and consider the people as their servants and slaves and behave with them very badly. I am quoting and reporting what I have witnessed personally. 
Ghalib’s presence and interest has made the community strong and acceptable by other communities. The highly successful holdings of major events are examples of his efforts.  Instead of mere criticism, we must support him and all other true leaders who are contributing positively and are capable of serving and promoting the people. The positive contributions of all must be praised. 
Ghalib is keenly interested in development of the rural areas of Pakistan. He keeps asking the people to help the people back home in awareness and promotion of literacy and other important fields. DIL, Developments In literacy, an organization in Canada is very active in this connection. Their website is Email address:, Ph # (416)225-0702 (Ayeshah Wakkas). We must support all such organizations. 
            SOUTH ASIANS UNITY: The South Asian community is very strong in North America. It can play very effective role at all levels. Only unity of the communities of that region is needed. Now efforts are being made by saner elements of the communities to hold joint events in order to promote love and peace and demonstrate to the world that they can live and work peacefully. The Family of the Heart held on August 13, 2005, a reception to celebrate the independence days of both India and Pakistan. It was a very good attempt.
People of both the communities comprising Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and others attended in large numbers and mixed freely. Their objective was to bring the people of both sides closer and promote unity in the real sense. Now they plan to hold a major event in this connection. Such events must be encouraged and made a regular feature.
During the celebrations of Independence Days of both India and Pakistan, large numbers of people of both sides attended the functions and congratulated each other. I happened to attend both the functions and was impressed by the new wave of change.

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