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            TORONTO: Can we make the devil understand? Never. This is because he already understands everything but is committed to go against good and right. The Almighty accepted his challenge and allowed him to try his best to distract the near and dear ones. That was the beginning of the fight against the good and the bad.
            Between The Almighty and the devil is the same holy message sent in the shapes of scrolls and books through His near and dear ones. The Almighty has given us three important protective shields---conscience, brain and the common sense---to understand and differentiate between good and bad and right and wrong. Without proper use of these, even the best knowledge and minds become useless and destructive.
Unfortunately, over ninety-five percent of the world population never cares to benefit from them properly or at all. They focus mainly on their vested interests and try to fulfill the desires and goals by any means or at any price. This is the cause of distraction, suffering and destruction. Human being is the worst enemy of humanity, mankind, liberty and sanity. This is a proven fact.
            The message in all the holy books including Bible, Torah and the Holy Koran  tells us about right and wrong and good and bad. In not understanding the message, the fault lies with us. We say that we trust and believe in The Almighty but blindly follow the so-called religious leaders, traditions, customs and cultures and fail to match them with the true message of the holy books. This has led to confusion, distortion, and distraction.
DEVILISH CONFUSION: Fortunately, the Holy Koran is the only book which has not been distorted, despite numerous attempts. Unfortunately, the devil has succeeded in creating confusion and which has become barrier between the people and the holy book. The responsibility for this again lies on the so-called religious leaders, who not only form groups and sects but compel the followers to obey the rules and policies as commandments.
Every such leader claims of being representative of The Almighty, The Holy Book and The Prophet but cleverly and cunningly brainwashes the illiterate and blind followers and lead them on their own path. So, the people are in fact victim of confusion---The best tool of devil. Once the confusion is cleared and the true message is conveyed to them properly, they too can become true followers, lovers, near and dear ones of The Almighty. This job can only be accomplished by proper awareness and understanding through people of good nature, qualities and character. The problem is that good people are not promoted but neglected by the system. They are considered dangerous by the exploiters and conspirators.
TRUST LOST: Most of the so-called religious leaders, because of their shaky character and negative contributions, have lost trust and confidence of the people. These leaders never allow the good ones to come forward and serve the people. People understand this very well and know that they are being misled and exploited but feel helpless. The fact is that only the people can help themselves by rejecting the wrong ones and promoting the right ones. They have to stand up and fight courageously for their freedom and rights and the right direction shown by The Almighty.
For this they have to practically study, understand and implement the true message of the holy books including the Holy Koran, the final book with message of all the scrolls and books included in it. It seems difficult but is found to be the easiest when once understood and accepted.
Because of the devilish confusion, even after over1400 years majority of the people are away from the true message and lost in darkness. Through preaching, sermons, lectures and debates, efforts and attempts are made to make the people understand the truth and The Almighty.
WORST SUFFERERS: Most of the Muslims are making a great mistake by not understanding the fact that the message of the Holy Koran is for the whole mankind and not only for Muslims. Those who study, understand and accept it understand Islam and become Muslim. Momins are the ones who come very close to The Almighty and become His near and dear ones.
Muslims are the most confused and exploited ones and worst sufferers, because of emotionalism and blind faith, trust and confidence in so-called spiritual and religious leaders, traditions, customs and cultures. Instead of fighting the common enemy, they are harming each other and blaming The Almighty for destruction. This is why they lack unity. They will have to understand the critical situation and get out of the state of confusion and crises as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they dream of heaven but have made the world a hell for themselves. Is this what The Almighty teaches and wants?
DEBATE ON RELIGION: Family Of The Hearts, in a series of lectures on religion and God, organized a debate on January 7, 2006, at the North York Library Auditorium, Toronto. The hall was jam packed. The attempt to create awareness and remove confusion was good but the proceeding was very disappointing. The audience comprised of more knowledgeable and sensible people and most of the speakers, because of poor understanding and knowledge of the subject, were clean bowled by the pointed questions. They could not give even proper explanation and references. 
The speakers said that they were given very little time, only three minutes, to express their views. The audience gave the rating of `poor knowledge and low standard’ to the speakers. They, however, praised the Family Of The Hearts for organizing and encouraging such debates but hoped that in future speakers of good standing and  reputation should be selected, keeping in view the high standard of the audience.
NEGATIVE RESPONSE: About 42 scholars, religious leaders and authorities were personally contacted and invited to take part in the debate but almost all of them refused to attend on one pretext or the other. Had they attended, the debate would have become really very lively and the audience happy. The negative response of the 42 scholars and leaders, who claim to be champions of the religion and the people, was really disappointing. This was a good platform and opportunity for them to appear and clear the confusion.
            SCHOLARS CRITICISED: I can never praise and defend the 42 scholars and intellectuals who turned down the debate offer and disappointed the people. What type of leaders and authorities are they? What is the use of their knowledge, when people cannot benefit? They don’t have the courage to come forward and face the situation and challenges and only look for opportunities to achieve their vested interests. This is really shameful.
They allegedly only want two things from the people----OBEDIENCE AND MONEY. This is what pleases them and this is what, unfortunately, people do. Then we blame The Almighty for our sufferings. Is this sense and justice?
They cannot be called leaders. We definitely lack true leadership and guidance. Those whom we see as sheep are actually wolves, ready to devour us. If still we don’t understand and remain confused then we must always remain prepared for the worst.
CONTROVERSIAL FIGURE: It is alleged that most of the 42 scholars and intellectuals turned down the offer after studying the 12 questions and because of involvement of the Ahmadiyya Movement and Akhtar Shirazi, a scholar and researcher who considers himself as a Champion of the Holy Koran and has his own views about Islam, Muslim and the Holy Koran. Because of his views and research, he is labeled as a highly Controversial Figure in the community.
 “This must be one of the main reasons for their not taking part in the debate. People suspect his mental condition. We cannot stand his insulting and derogatory remarks. We cannot give him importance and publicity and make him another Salman Rushdie. This is what he wants. It is better to ignore his uttering and blabbering. If he was in Pakistan, he would have been killed,” some said angrily.
“This debate was a deliberate attempt to promote the views and policies of the Ahmadiyya Movement. It was very well planned. The motive was exposed by the twelve questions. Akhtar Shirazi was a bait and nicely trapped. However, his bold views shocked and disappointed the Ahmadis as well,” they alleged.
 Akhtar Shirazi was the only speaker who spoke very boldly and faced the audience confidently. He, however, could not answer the questions to the satisfaction of the questioners. He was congratulated by some for his bold efforts to explain the facts. His views and answers raised the blood pressure and temper of many to the highest point. Those with blood boiling were calmed down.
DECLARED SATAN: One of the participants declared Akhtar Shirazi as Satan (Devil). The participant, a converted Muslim, said “The devil did not prostrate despite command of The Almighty and even you don’t believe in Sajda (Prostration) and, therefore, you too are no lesser Satan (Devil).” Akhtar, however, defended all his views.
 Akhtar Shirazi said he believes in prostration which means submission to The Almighty and His orders and does not mean bowing before Him. So he does not believe in any such prayers. He says: “I dare challenge anyone to discuss with me about Islam, Muslim and the Holy Koran. I have done great research on Islam and the Holy Koran. They cannot fool me.”
POPULAR BOOK: He said: “People must read my very popular book ‘The Quranic Concepts of Nikah (Wedlock) vs Religious Prostitution’. Safdar Agha is the Editor and Co-Writer of this book. A lot has been revealed, clarified and defended in this book of great knowledge. They can contact me for discussion and details on Tel # (905)508-4662. Email: and address: 1 Royal Gale Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4S1Y6,Canada. I am always ready to face any challenge.”
 TWELVE QUESTIONS: There were twelve questions in the debate organized by Family Of The Hearts. Ziauddin who conducted the proceedings read them. They are:
i)                    What is the meaning and significance of religion in our lives?
ii)                  What does the word `Salat’ mean in verses (17:78 Al Isra), (2:238 Al Baqrah), (11:114 Hud), (62:9, 10 Al Jumu’ah), (4:101-104 An Nisa). Do they indicate the prayer and timings, as most Muslims understand it today?
iii)                In the light of the Qur’an what would be the definition of (a) Kafir          (b) Mushrik (c) Muslim and (d) Momin?
iv)                In verse (33:40 Al-Ahzab), what does the Seal of prophet mean?
v)                  Was Jesus taken up to heaven before having been crucified? How would you explain the verses (3:54-55 Al-Imran) and (4:157-158 An-Nisa)?
vi)                What does the word Ahmad signify in verse (61:6 As-Saff)?
vii)              What does `Dua’ or supplication mean? Is supplication related to the verses (2:186 Al-Baqarah) and (42:26 As-Shu’rah).Verse (50:16 Qaf) says God is closer than the jugular vein. What does that mean?
viii)            What does `seven Heavens’ mean in context of the Holy Qur’an?
ix)                Would you consider Sura Al-Fatihah the foundation and essence of the Qur’an? The Sura is considered as a Dua and the rest of the Qur’an as Allah’s answer to it.
x)                  Do humans have a `free-will’ or is everything predestined. If predestined then why the judgment as per the Qur’an?
xi)                Is the Qur’anic message outdated and does it need updating or is for all times?
xii)              What is your view on Halala marriage (Marriage with ex-husband) in light of the Qur’an?

            HIDDEN AGENDAS: Such debates must be encouraged and participated by leading religious authorities in the interest of the people. The debates must focus on issues through which the audience could be educated and updated about the important message of the Holy Koran---Good and Bad, Right and Wrong---and burning issues. Adequate time must be given to all speakers to express their views and the audience to put questions. The speakers must be asked to come fully prepared so that the audience could benefit from the proceedings. This will also expose the knowledge and standard of the speakers.
            Preaching, sermons, lectures and debates are all part of education and training. Confusion is created due to hidden agendas of the people and parties involved. This is where the trouble starts and people are misled. The direction is cleverly and cunningly changed. People trust The Almighty and respect the Holy Book but, under the devilish spell and confusion, obey the policies, rules and commands of their religious and spiritual leaders. This is happening. This is where we need to remain on guard and watch our steps. One wrong step could change the direction and destination.
MISCHIEF-MAKERS: The character and contribution of a person and party exposes the motives and intentions. When confused, get help from the man’s best friend---the book. Before   condemning, just for once study and understand seriously and with an open mind the true message of the holy books including the Holy Koran. After only complete study and analysis, a decision can be made.    
The devilish confusion has definitely created chaos. The mischief-makers are posing as peacemakers, exploiting and fooling the people and turning the world into hell. Their character, conspiracies, destructive activities and negative contribution stand exposed. The Holy Koran too tells about them and it is time to understand the message:
             SURA BAQARAH (2:11-13): And when it is said to them: Make not mischief   
in the earth, they say: We are peacemakers only. Are not they indeed the mischief-makers? But they perceive not. And when it is said to them: Believe as the people believe, they say: Shall we believe as the foolish believe? Are not they indeed the foolish? But they know not.
            SURA BAQARAH (2:14-16): And when they fall in with those who believe, they say: We believe, but when they go apart to their satans they declare: Lo! We are with you; verily we did but mock (the believers). God (Himself) does mock them, leaving them to wander blindly on in their disobedience. These (hypocrites) are they who purchase error at the price of guidance, so their commerce does not prosper, neither are they guided.
            This is what the Holy Koran (Which has a message for the humanity) says about the mischief-makers. In order to know more about them, we need to study and understand the holy books with an open mind and positive approach. With confusion and negative waves in the mind, we cannot grasp the truth and understand anything.
COMMON GOAL: The only truth and conclusion is that we can always look with full trust and confidence towards The Almighty for guidance and help and can never ever say goodbye to Him. This is because He is our Creator and Master. We can only become His near and dear ones if we understand Him through His true message (holy book) and true believers. Without the proper use of our common sense, brain and knowledge this can never happen. The conscience is a blessing of The Almighty and is always there to guide and help us, whether we want it or not.
What else do we really need? This is a question we should ask ourselves. We can only understand this if we get out of the state of confusion (spell and grip of the devil).
All we have to do to become good and responsible is to change our lifestyle and direction in a positive manner. Not fast and overnight, it can be done slowly and gradually with proper awareness and understanding of everything. We have to practically help each other reach and achieve our common goal---Worship and Obedience of The Almighty and Service to Humanity.
HUMAN RIGHTS: The other thing is that we must cooperate with all those working for human rights. Any effort or struggle for good of the people by anyone must be encouraged and fully supported. All those working against the people must be rejected and exposed. Focus must be given on issues of human interest. It is never too late.
I recently attended meetings of the Youth for Human Rights International and International Association of Scientologists and was greatly impressed by their tremendous efforts and contribution. Their senior representative, Nicole Crellin, briefed me about the organization and worldwide activities. This inspired me to give more importance to human rights issues. I assured her that in future human rights would always remain a top priority for me and my friends as well.
The Youth for Human Rights International was recently launched in Canada. A large number of people attended the ceremony and expressed support for the organization.  They can definitely gain a lot from the message of the Holy Koran on human rights.
POSITIVE EFFORTS: We can get most of our issues solved only through proper communication and understanding. My friend, Zahid Mustafa, who is not a religious scholar or an authority, has proved this. People living in the Thorncliffe Park Drive vicinity used to strictly keep their children away from sex education on pretext of religious and social grounds. Zahid approached both the school and people to solve the problem. He made the people understand the importance of sex education and removed the taboos and fear from their mind. He requested the Principal of Valley Park Middle School to separate the classes of boys and girls for sex education. The principal appreciated the suggestion and agreed. This is how a highly sensitive problem was very sensibly solved.
He also gave suggestion for safety of students crossing the road and going to Valley Park Middle School, which was appreciated and accepted by Jane Pitfield, Councillor, and forwarded to the relevant authorities with strong recommendation for consideration and action.  
EXPLOITERS: These are just two examples and there are hundreds of others. This way we can reject and get rid of PHD (Pull Him Down) Specialists and exploiters fooling the people as social, religious and community leaders. Don’t expect help from them. They can give us only pain and sorrow and make our lives miserable.
We need to highlight all positive achievements, developments and discussions to educate the people and remove the confusion and taboos from their mind. This will not only help promote good people but also help bring the people of all communities closer to each other and promote love, respect, understanding and cooperation.

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