Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Respected John Carmichael, MP
I hope you must be fine and enjoying the charm and pleasure of being an MP. I have found you a nice person, a thorough gentleman and a good Canadian but unfortunately helpless and powerless because of your party affiliation and policies.
I would definitely pray for another term for you and fully support you if your Conservative Party gives you the real power and allows you to become voice and strength of the people and practically serve them. Like with feathers clipped birds cannot fly same is your position without power and strength.
People have voted for you and are looking towards you and your party for practical help and true leadership. Every time they are given LOLLYPOPS, patted on the back and sent back homes. How long will this continue? Now the lips have become so sticky because of the Lollypops that they have become dumb and even cannot kiss their loved ones. Their shoes keep getting torn and their visits to the medical centres are increasing because of high BP, uncertainty, betrayal by their leaders and parties, frustration and disappointment. I don't know whether they will get help or not but I know that very soon their families will get their Death Certificate and they GRAVE-----And that will be thanks to powerless and incompetent leadership and wrong policymakers.
Because of some Deaf & Dumb Leaders and their dirty politics and policies, the nice Canadian people are getting very bad names. The reputation of Canada is being tarnished. If such trend continues and is allowed, both Canada and all people will be seriously harmed and head towards destruction. Being a nice person, I am sure you would never become a part of such leaders and instead join the people in countering all the policies and efforts that could harm the wonderful country Canada and the good people.
My people keep approaching you with great hopes but return extremely disappointed. They have found you Most Powerless (MP). Please show them your power of being an MP (Member of Parliament). Help open their sticky lips so that they can speak and kiss and seriously hear to what they say and want. Without power and strength of true leadership, if I were in your place believe me I would have resigned. Yes, RESIGNED.
Sir, we respect you a lot and want to fully support you and become your strength but in return we too expect and need the same. Don't we deserve the same? If not then deny and deport us? Is this what the rulers and policymakers want?
When people come back extremely disappointed and tell me their stories I just ask them not to lose patience and keep trying and still if nothing happens then learn a good lesson and NEVER give any such leaders or parties VOTE. This is what best we can do. This is how we can fight back. This is why I keep supporting all good people, communities and organizations including the Pak Seniors Forum in the best interest of humanity. Every person serving humanity is a leader, ambassador and soldier. He does not need crutches to stand or party to represent. He belongs to the people.
Best regards,
Free Expression Award Winner
Professional Journalist,
Honorary Director of
Pak Seniors Forum (PSF).

JZ’S PROFILE: Joined Journalism Profession in 1974 (Daily `SUN’, Karachi) and still serving as a professional journalist (2014). Javed Zaheer, Free Expression Award Winner (Awarded by National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada—NEPMCC. Award presented by Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, Canada), Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner (Presented by North American Desi Idol), Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Ex-Member of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, Canada, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, Canada, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `DAWN', Canada, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan (From 1986-1999), Chairman, CANOPI, Director of Children Dignity Foundation (CDF---Canada & Pakistan) and Honorary Director, Canpak, Chamber of Commerce, and Honorary Director Information, Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981/ To read more JZ’s exclusive articles, please visit: www. and (Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004. for latest exclusive articles.

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