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          SENSIBLE & COMPOSED”?    
                TORONTO:  Time (Waqt), situation (Haalaat) and society (Mahol) play an important role in making what we are. They cannot change our good or bad nature but definitely influence us greatly through negative or positive emotions or thoughts or good and bad chances and opportunities  to make us very good or very bad---Good human being and true leader or corrupt, cruel and human beast like dictator, terrorist and criminal.
            Within a flash or seconds and for a moment, the trio can turn even highly respected and very best, sincere, honest and pious person including priest, rabbi, monk and Mullah into becoming devil, corrupt, crook and criminal--- Right from petty thief, rapist and opportunist to the most dreaded human beast---cruel, killer and terrorist.  
            This happens due to the extremely lustful, powerful and mesmerizing Whisper Of Devil (WOD).  The ugly scar as a result on the character damages the personality of the person and renders the good deeds and contributions worthless. The guilt as a result keeps the person in constant pain and never lets him or her live or die in peace unless the regret is such powerful that it helps him or her to understand and mend truly.
            We do make mistakes and commit sins and would keep doing so because of our faults or influence of the devil and his cunning use of the trio---Time, Situation and Society---in both good and bad ways. We can only counter it by trying to remain as much `Practically Normal, Sensible & Composed’ and near to The God, good and truth. Though it sounds good and easy but in reality is an extremely challenging task
            Not only the devil, even God puts us in tests by giving us or taking away from us health, wealth and happiness so that He can judge who is with Him or who is not. Who likes, loves and obeys Him and who does not.
            Most of the people like, love and accept God but does not listen to Him or obey Him. On the other hand, most people are against priests, rabbis, monks and Mullahs because of their craziness and cunningness but listen to them, pay attention to their godly posture and obey them more than God. These people do not declare verbally but physically and mentally are so much influenced, impressed and caged by the devilish tactics and nature that they listen and follow them in a worship manner. This is the root cause of suffering of humanity, which leads them astray, towards insanity and cruelty.
            There are some people who think they know too much, are never wrong, very influential, wealthy, powerful and successful. They start saying blah, blah, blah against God, divine messages and truth as well in order to prove their wrong points and arguments as right. Even they start comparing themselves as equal to or more than God. May God help and guide them.
            To guide and save the people from the clutches of the cruel and crazy priests, rabbis, monks, Mullahs, leaders, rulers and dictators and others fond of becoming and acting like god, God has declared very clearly about Him and His Authority in the holy Quran (Chapter 112. Verses 1-4):
            “Say: He is Allah, the One! (1) Allah, the eternally Besought of all! (2) He begetteth not nor was begotten. (3) And there is none comparable unto Him. (4).”
            Knowing the nature of human beings, God has said in the Holy Quran (Chapter 103. Verses 1-3): “By the declining day, (1) Lo! man is a state of loss, (2) Save those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance. (3).
            God has told and taught us how to remain “Practically normal, sensible & composed” and to truly serve humanity in reality and in the best possible manner. Only those with good nature and habits would understand and accept it.   
            In order to fully and properly train and prepare people as to how to believe and become good, do good works and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance, God has blessed us with the holy month of Ramadan. The compulsory 29 or 30 days fasting training or refresher course, if practiced and performed properly and in the real sense and essence, makes the person practically normal, sensible, composed and perfect.
            Fasting at any time of the year always proves extremely beneficial mentally, physically and spiritually. This is the beauty of fasting. Unfortunately, now mostly it is not done in the true spirit and people focus on food and show-off only to impress others and prove that they are better and best Muslims. The reality is that fasting is thousand times more than that.
            At dawn they start and stop eating and at sunset they start eating madly like had never seen food or were hungry for years. During the fasting period, they become signboard: “Do Not Disturb” and avoid meeting or welcoming people. Those who disturb them face the brunt. What sort of worship or fasting is this? Is this what God taught us to do? It is completely against the teaching of Islam and wish of God.  
            Whatever energy or fat they lose in between is multiplied ten times or more when they break the fast with oily, sugary and harmful stuff. Then the rest of the year they focus on dieting and medicines to reduce the fat or cure the illness.
            With such habits and behaviours, could they be considered “Practically normal, sensible, composed and perfect”? Then they say that God is not helping and supporting the people and leaving them to suffer and die. They forget that God likes, loves and helps those who help themselves and others irrespective of colour, class, caste and religion.
            If we understand the actual purpose of our creation---To ‘Serve Humanity In Reality’, ‘Learn To Live & Work Together’ and ‘Worship Of The God’---then lives of all would become really good, peaceful, meaningful and successful. Being ‘Practically normal, sensible and composed’ makes a person truly visionary and a saviour.
            ‘Serving Humanity’ as an individual, community or national leader in the real sense is one of the best forms of worship and most of us don’t understand it or take it seriously at all. Instead, personal & vested interests are put above all and to achieve them they cross all limits to hurt and harm people, cause massive death & destruction and commit worst kind of crimes, atrocities and cruelties.
            Today, most of the community and national leaders are puppets, poodles and slaves of  groups and parties. In the name of peace, democracy or blah, blah, blah they are fooling, cheating, exploiting and harming the people and country. And why would God have mercy and protect, help or support them? Till people remain a silent spectator, this will continue and they will keep dancing on their tunes and facing the brunt.
            Every individual and community must keep making all leaders realize, without any fear, their roles, duties and responsibilities in a proper, powerful and respectful manner. This is important to guide them and keep them on track so that they could serve the people properly and in the real sense. Continued pressure and accountability would compel them to serve truly.
            The tier of community leader is very important to promote true leadership and communities and make the society really good. Unfortunately, most of the community leaders remain on SALE and are easily bought by the groups and parties. They are the ones who harm the people most by supporting wrong people and making them leaders and rulers. These sold leaders make the people slaves.
            In the end, I would like to congratulate Kathleen Wynne on being re-elected as MPP and Premier of Ontario. She deserved this victory because of her hard work, contributions and leadership qualities.
            Two weeks before the election, I visited, along with Syed Muhammad Iqbal, PSF, President, the campaign office of Kathleen Wynne in my Thorncliffe Park area in Don Valley West.  With full confidence, I congratulated in advance the staff and said: “Kathleen is going to win in a thumping way. Celebrate and distribute sweets.” Mazhar Shafiq, her close aide, was a witness to what I stated there. I congratulated him as well and said: “You people don’t need to worry or work hard. Victory is all yours.”
            But this does not mean that I will support any wrong policies or actions of Liberal Party or leaders including Kathleen Wynne. That is a totally different issue and for this my side and support will be with and for people.
            My advice to Kathleen Wynne and all leaders of any party: “Making sure the team includes really good community leaders, who can and are committed to support and promote people. Unfortunately, most people have suffered a lot at the hands of community leaders, who act more as rain frogs, hypocrites, exploiters and opportunists.
            My advice to the people: “NEVER EVER encourage, entertain, support and promote any wrong leader. Throw YOUR VOTE in the garbage rather than wasting on such creeps. It will be a great favour on the people and country”.
            Also, I would like to thank all those who promoted, supported and voted for me for inclusion in the list of 25 Best Canadian Immigrants. Although I could not make it to the 25 best ones still I have made my supporters, community and countries---Pakistan and Canada---proud by being declared as one of 75 Best Canadian Immigrants.
            My special thanks to all my reliable and trusted team members and friends including Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President, Pak Seniors Forum, Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, Afzal Khan Nayyar and my family members and relatives.
            The best reward and award for me always is the blessings of Allah (God) in the shape of His guidance, support and good and trusted friends without which I would be nothing.
            JZ’S PROFILE:  Declared as one of 75 Best Canadian Immigrants, an Honour for the Pakistani Community. Joined Journalism Profession in 1974 (Daily `SUN’, Karachi) and still serving as a professional journalist (2014). Javed Zaheer, Free Expression Award Winner (Awarded by National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada—NEPMCC. Award presented by Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, Canada), Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner (Presented by North American Desi Idol), Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, Ex-Member of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, Canada, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, Canada, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `DAWN', Canada, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan (From 1986-1999), Chairman, CANOPI, Director of Children Dignity Foundation (CDF---Canada & Pakistan) and Honorary Director, Canpak, Chamber of Commerce, and Honorary Director Information, Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)696-0981/ To read more JZ’s exclusive articles, please visit: www. and (Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004. Visit for latest exclusive articles.

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