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          RAZAUL JABBAR: This name needs no introduction. Razaul Jabbar, M.Com., LL.B., C.A., was a distinguished, recognized and respectable personality of the South Asian community and India’s Hyderabad community. His literary contributions and achievements are remarkable. He contested for councillor seat in Ward 26 of Toronto.
            Razaul Jabbar, who passed away on January 29, 2011, had a brilliant literary background. He was author of seven books of selected stories in South Asian languages and was recipient of literary awards. His books are: 1. Hadees-e-Deccan 2. Nau Heerey (1958) 3. Roshni Ki Kiran (1970) 4. Nai Dharkan (1975) 5. Chand Ki Kashti Ka Akela Musafir (1985) 6. Sunkh Uthaney Ka Hosla (1991) and 7. Saharon Ke Mausam (2006).
            His social contributions were as follows: Moderator, Speaker and Integrated Member of the Christian-Muslim Forum of Canada.  Launched project, “Feelings on Wheels”, formed to raise awareness of ability and empowerment of individuals with special needs. Mayor Art Eggleton inaugurated the project.
·             He was president of Seniors Association, which provides opportunities to share and socialize for healthy living. Organized Mushairas (Literary gatherings) and community functions. Participated in various international conferences within and outside Canada. 
            Razaul Jabbar was born on March 10, 1937, in Hyderabad Deccan, India. When he was about one year old, he became a victim of Infantile Paralysis. His legs and hands were completely paralyzed. His neck and back too were partly affected. Later, some strength returned to hands but legs remained paralyzed.
Due to lack of facilities 70 years back, Jabbar faced very tough time. There was no rehabilitation, no wheelchairs and the school and office buildings were not accessible. He could only move by sitting on the floor and dragging his body with the help of his hands. As a result, his lower body’s skin was affected with eczema and bruises.
During winter, it became more difficult. Dragging on the cold floor resulted in attacks of cold and fever. His ears were affected and there was continuous discharge from them.
Razaul Jabbar’s disability became a great challenge for him. People used to taunt, harass and discourage him. The family and society considered him a burden. The barriers of attitude gave hard times. He, however, faced the time and situation very bravely. He started going to school from Class 6th. Before that he used to study at home. He used to read stories about children and this interest developed into an urge to write short stories.
BOOKS PUBLISHED: In 1954, he remained in the hospital for 14 months due to major surgery---from toe to chest. Even in this condition, he used to read books. In the hospital, he wrote three stories, which were selected and published in a reputed weekly Urdu journal `Rahbar’, published from Bombay. 
In 1960, when Razaul Jabbar was a student of M.Com, he was editor of Osmania Journal, published by Osmania University, Hyderabad Deccan. He did both B.Com and M.Com from Osmania University.
LOVE MARRIAGE: Razaul Jabbar married in 1967. His wife, Zarina Rangwala, belonged to the Bohri community. She was his fan and this ended in a dramatic love marriage. Because of his disability, the Bohri community gave him a very tough time and opposed him tooth and nail. Zarina is a highly educated lady and has MA and B.Ed degrees.
Before migrating to Canada, Razaul Jabbar was Accounts Officer in a shipping firm. He served the firm for ten years. At the same time, he used to teach part time in Burhani College of Commerce as a part-time professor. He served on this position for seven years.
            Jabbar attended an international conference for disabled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He liked the place very much and decided to settle in Canada. He filed his immigration papers in New York, USA, and returned to India. He migrated to Canada in 1980.
Razaul Jabbar always said: “There is a code of conduct for Muslims in the Holy Quran and they should follow it strictly.” He has left behind two children---a son and a daughter---and five grandchildren. Jabbar’s wife Zarina worked as Assistant Manager for 14 years (1982-1986). She quit the job due to kidney failure. She is still under treatment.
            Despite disability and tough challenges, Razaul Jabbar managed to not only make a respectable place for himself in the society and system but helped his children as well in getting good education and jobs. He retired in 2002 and kept himself busy in social, cultural and literary activities. He passed away quietly but is still remembered by thousands of his fans and near and dear ones.
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