Monday, October 19, 2015


               CONGRATULATIONS ON 
Dear Rob Oliphant and all Liberals,
       Please accept heartiest congratulations on the thumping majority success in the Federal Elections 2015 from me, my family and friends including Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President of Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), Hashim Hyder, Tahir Hussain and all the SHIR Team Leaders and the community.
       My contributions in the shape of exclusive articles and critical analyses to ensure good & true leadership and progress of Canada is also a part of the thumping success. I hope we will keep working together to help and support each other and serve Canada, people and humanity in reality. Sorry, due to my bad health I could not join the celebration party otherwise I would have loved too.
        I also congratulate successful leaders of all parties Including Conservative, NDP, BQ and Green Party. Hope all will work togther in the best interest of Canada. 
        The losers should not lose heart and instead work hard to win the hearts and votes of people. They must analyze the reasons and factors of their failures to rectify the mistakes made. The terrible mistakes, wrong, discriminatory and harmful policies had badly hurt both the people and Canada. The results prove this. They need to and must learn a real lesson because Canada and all people cannot afford this.
        One of the Conservative campaigners and supporters, who claims to be an intellectual and writer, in Don Valley West locality distributed thousands of flyers in support of the party in Urdu and English languages. In that flyer he termed the Conservative Party as a `Better Evil' and asked the people to vote for the party. I consider it as dirty and sick mentality, reflecting yellow journalism. It showed the frustration. 
        By using Urdu language for his frustrated message, he insulted and defamed both Urdu and all the Urdu-Lovers in any part of Canada and the world.  I would like to clear that Urdu language and Urdu-Speaking People have nothing to do with such dirty politics, people and mentality, which is meant to tarnish the good image of both. Urdu is my mother language and I am proud of it. It is the national language of Pakistan  and respected worldwide.
       Thank you again for supporting me and my cause by recognizing my little and big efforts and contributions and giving me an opportunity to serve you and all. Hope you will remember me in future as well to live and work together.
        Also, I would like to specially appreciate the youth of the community including Khalid Ahmed, Syeda Riaz and others for coming forward to join the leadership race and become active part of the system, society and community. We must keep encouraging such youngsters and boosting their morale in a positive and constructive manner to properly guide them and also make them realize their mistakes and lackings.   
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