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                TORONTO:  Don’t be emotional. Be sensible and responsible. Take the federal elections 2015 seriously. Understand the importance. It’s a matter of taking Canada and the people out of crises and looming dangers for many. A slight mistake in decision making or choosing a party and leaders could cost dearly including citizenship. Canada and the people cannot afford it.
            Intentions are being doubted. Bills like C-51 and C-24 are considered sharp razors meant to completely cut the links and relationship of many citizens with Canada. Never in the history of Canada communities felt so unsafe and lived in such fear and uncertainty.
            Liberals are assuring the people that they will work towards repealing the dreaded bills and replacing the wrong policies and policymakers with good ones. They are promising a real change. Liberals understand that those fearing and opposing bills like C-51 and C-24 would NEVER vote for Conservatives but choose either Liberal or NDP.
            Rob Oliphant, ex-MP and Liberal candidate for Don Valley West, addressed and assured people of his locality that he understands and will address their issues to bring a real change according to the expectations.
            Rob said: “A citizen is a citizen and only a citizen and a Canadian is a Canadian and only a Canadian. All are equal and should always be treated as equal. Only this way we can live and work together. Only this way Canada can progress tremendously.”
            He said that although sex education is a provincial issue and has nothing to do with federal elections but he will work to create better understanding and bring both the people and the Ontario Liberals closer.  
            Mixing sex education issue with federal elections would greatly harm the people. It will only benefit the Conservatives and people should NEVER forget the overall harm caused during the last ten years to Canada and people, he added.
            Rob said: “Where the Liberals are popular and strong vote for them and where NDP is popular and strong then vote for NDP. Don’t stay at home or waste the vote. Our objective should be to oust Conservatives.”
            Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, issued the following statement titled `SAVE YOUR CITIZENSHIP NOW, FIGHT SEX EDUCATION LATER’. 
            He said: “The federal election is upon us and this puts a spotlight on many controversial issues. Recently, sex education has become a heated topic in the news but it is a provincial matter.  I understand it is a sensitive issue but we shouldn't jeopardize the federal election as a result. Citizenship is a federal matter and this should be our main concern right now. With bill 51and 24, it is at stake.”
            He stated: “I do not support terrorism and I agree terrorists should be punished no matter who and where they are. However, that should not threaten our citizenship. We have to elect a party that values each of us and would not sacrifice the rights of minorities. After living in Canada for more than forty years, I can say the Liberal party has always supported equality. Late Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau facilitated immigration for minorities and protected everyone's rights equally.”
            Shahid Hashmi said: “Until now, we have always been considered Canadians with equal rights. Harper has dismissed our rights, as our children who are born here feel threatened even though they are law-abiding citizens who condemn terrorism. This election is critical and it is important to solely support the federal Liberals because Justin Trudeau is the only one we can trust to protect our rights.  I urge you to care more about your citizenship then sex education for this election. Should we fight for sex education while our citizenship is at stake? Think of this when you cast your vote for this election. Please support all Liberal candidates, including Rob Oliphant, Salma Zahid, Deb Schulte and Iqra Khalid.”
            Visit to listen to Shahid Hashmi’s video message.
            Read the message in Urdu language for the community:
            NDP: NDP’s Tasleem Riaz and her daughter Syeda Riaz, who is a NDP candidate for Don Valley West, said: “We have nothing to do with Liberals or others. It is merely a propaganda, which has tremendously damaged our campaign.  We are working hard day and night for Syeda and NDP’s success.”
            She said: “People are responding positively. Syeda is becoming very popular and being termed as a fearless, bold, confident and a strong lady. She is winning hearts of the people and votes for NDP. She is a pride of the community and locality and has shown great courage to join leadership race. She worked closely with Jack Layton, Peter Tabuns and other NDP leaders, possesses experience and has been groomed properly. She is a born leader and should not be taken lightly.”   
            John Carmichael, MP and a Conservative candidate for Don Valley West, and his team are watching the scenario carefully but planning and working hard to win again. They are knocking on the doors and contacting people including those who are unhappy and angry with Conservatives because of the dreaded Bills C-51 and C-24 and wrong policies.
            In order to win, the Conservative team needs to keep a genuine close contact with the people most of whom complain that they are not attended and entertained properly.  With such attitude, they cannot win the trust and confidence of the people and only cause problems for John Carmichael.
            My family friend Nooruddin Mirza, an honest, simple, responsible and a respectable person and his family suffered a lot. Nooruddin repeatedly contacted the MP office and CIC but could not get citizenship and died a painful death due to pancreatic cancer and the long delay by the authorities. The family has been shattered badly and still waiting for citizenship call.
            Maybe now the Conservative government will give him posthumous citizenship. Should people expect solution of their issues and problems including citizenship, freedom and rights after death? This is the big question before us. This is why it is important to think seriously before we vote.              Tanveer of Cellular Linx, 45 Overlea Boulevard, Toronto, who expresses boldly about issues and problems, enjoys great support of people and had gathered thousands of signatures of members of many communities, says: “We need promises and assurances in writing from leaders to genuinely serve us otherwise they should not expect our support and votes. We must never entertain any leader who does not commit to be with us. We have a strong community and the community power to face the leaders and parties. We must never underestimate our strength. Nobody should be allowed to play with us. We have suffered enough.”

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