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            TORONTO:  Just like an evil is an evil, just an evil and nothing else similarly terrorists are terrorists, just terrorists and nothing else. Irrespective of what they are posing as, claiming as and saying they are, they deserve no mercy at all because they are the most dangerous blood thirsty cold-blooded human beasts, dark angels, forces of evil and sworn enemies of humanity. They are worse than mad dogs and should be dealt with accordingly to protect humanity.
            Even God and His angels are anxiously waiting to roast them in hell. Let’s send the deadly creatures there ASAP but make sure that the innocent and helpless people are not exploited, targeted and killed in the process as usually happens. Not every person in an army or police uniform is an angel. There are black sheep and dark angels as well. They need to be monitored, exposed and punished.      
            It is the nature of terrorists to create extreme fear and great confusion and cause massive deaths and destruction through cowardly acts including terrorism. Only our failures, bad rulers, leaders, policymakers and governments are making terrorists extremely powerful and resulting in deaths of innocent and helpless people.
            This is their religion, belief and true face but wear the masks of other religions to pose as Christians, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists and others to commit acts of terrorism, create and promote worst kind of hatred and differences leading to senseless fighting between communities and merciless killing of each other members.
            The following are useful links to understand the difference between Islam:
            Paris, France, was the latest target of the human beasts or terrorists. As usual, the victims were over hundred innocent and helpless people. The objective was to put blame on the Muslim community and paint and project them as terrorists. The goal was to create great hardships and cause serious problems for them to make their lives miserable there and everywhere.
            As a Canadian Muslim of Pakistani Origin and founder of the SHIR International Network and on behalf of the peaceful, loving & caring Muslim, Pakistani and other communities and all good human beings, I and my SHIR team condemn in the strongest possible terms the cowardly acts of terrorism anywhere including in Paris, France. Words cannot express the shock, grieve, sadness and pain that the loss of precious lives of innocent and helpless people have caused.  
            ISIS THREAT: Now the ISIS terrorists are threatening Canada. The Muslim and Pakistani communities fully realize the dangers posed by the ISIS and other terrorists and lunatics. They will do their best possible to protect Canada, Canadians and people of all communities. They are with the people and the Canadian government in the fight against terrorism. The SHIR International Network will keep playing its important role to create proper awareness and understanding so that the Muslim and Pakistani communities remain fully alert against terrorists and expose all those who are found to be posing a danger to the people and Canada in any way.  They must understand the conspiracies being hatched against the Muslims and learn to protect themselves.              The SHIR team includes distinguished personalities and community leaders including Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President of Pak Seniors Forum (PSF), Afzal Khan Nayyar, Hameeduddin Ahmed, Hashim Hyder, Mehdi Salahuddin, Canadian Ghazal singer. They are all playing their roles practically in big and small ways and through tremendous contributions to help, support, promote, protect and serve the community and humanity in reality.   
            Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President of PSF, who is also an important SHIR team member, is on Pakistan and Middle East tour. In his message from UAE, he says: “Being a member of your think tank I am spreading your message far and wide. The response is very good. It is having tremendous impact on people and attracting them towards the cause and mission: Serve Humanity In Reality (SHIR).”
            FACE & FIGHT: Terrorism always remained and will always remain a tough challenge for humanity. The intensity of terrorism will keep increasing as terrorists are advance party or army of anti-Christ as well. We can only face and fight it with full preparedness and realization and fulfilment of our duties and responsibilities in the real sense: It always remained and will always remain our duty and responsibility to serve humanity in reality and protect all innocent and helpless people.
            Unfortunately, we mostly failed to do so and that’s why innocent and helpless people are exploited, harmed, murdered and massacred mercilessly. Not only centuries but for thousands and millions of years, the innocent and helpless ones keep becoming victims of terrorism. This is why terrorists are becoming extremely powerful and terrorism widespread.
            While terrorists keep roaming, harming and murdering people freely on the earth, the innocent and helpless people get killed by both the terrorists and those fighting against them. We can never win any fight, campaign, struggle or war against terrorism in such stupid manners in which instead of getting protection the innocent people become victims and get killed.   .      
            FORGOTTEN: History, time, events, our words, actions, deeds and contributions have great significance and that’s why are particularly mentioned in the holy books of all religions to help and make us know and understand the truth, realities and consequences and reform ourselves and others.  This is the purpose of all books and writings by broad-minded people with a vision and positive and constructive approach.
            Unfortunately, the words and works of God and good people are mostly forgotten or deliberately ignored and brushed aside. Only those blessed with good nature and character really benefit and remain steadfast otherwise most of the people keep their vested interests above all, get lost, become astray, corrupt and cold-blooded human beasts---ready to exploit, cheat, harm, hurt and kill others.
            GOVERNMENT: During the Remembrance Day celebrations, I asked a war veteran: “You did your job well by performing your duty and responsibility and by giving tremendous sacrifices but tell me who is actually responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent and helpless people?” His answer was short and simple: “Government.”  
            For their vested interests, the governments turn the world and lives of people into hell and kill millions of innocent and helpless people of all ages, particularly toddlers, infants, children, women and elderlies. The rulers and leaders supporting such governments are directly responsible for the massive death and destruction caused but try to escape the never ending painful pricks of the conscience and anger of the people by simply saying “SORRY”. 
            They mostly say sorry as an escape route and to avoid punishment, remain unpunished and roam freely but they can NEVER escape the WRATH of God and the punishment they earn and deserve. Only those who honestly regret and reform themselves and start serving humanity in reality MIGHT be forgiven by The Almighty God.  The doors of God always remain open. It is never too late.
            TONY BLAIR: Millions of people suffered tremendously and thousands were killed mercilessly in the senseless Iraq War. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, one of the main architects of the war, is now saying sorry.
            Tony Blair has finally said sorry for the Iraq War and admitted he could be partly to blame for the rise of Islamic State. The extraordinary confession by the former Prime Minister comes after 12 years in which he refused to apologise for the conflict. Blair made his dramatic 'mea culpa' during a TV interview about the 'hell' caused by his and George Bush's decision to oust Saddam Hussein.  
            Only time can tell now whether Tony Blair’s sorry is real or a drama. Only God knows whether he has really succumbed to the pricks and pressure of the conscience or not. We appreciate this change in him and his apology and wish that he truly starts loving, caring and serving humanity in reality. Anything can happen. For God to make it happen is very easy.
            Now let’s see for how long the Bush clan, his allies and all those linked to this and other senseless great destructions and massacres of helpless and innocent people could stand the pricks and pressures of the conscience and sleepless nights and restless days as a result.
            SOUTH ASIA:  Again, history, time and happenings have proved that the creation of Pakistan as a separate state for Muslims and partition of India was not a mistake at all. Both Mohammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, and Abul Kalam Azad, Indian Congress Muslim leader, proved themselves as men of vision.
            The mad, crazy, corrupt, extremist, lunatic and fundamentalist elements in both the countries have made the lives of all people miserable and playing dangerously with the fate and future of both the countries.
            Most of the Muslims of India never liked Pakistan or Pakistanis and always thought they were living a much better life. Now what? Yes, now the Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and those in minority are living in great fear and being killed mercilessly. The land, which belongs to all people, has been turned into hell for them. The madness is at its peak. Even the good Hindus, who keep protesting against the madness and cruelty, are not being spared. They too are being punished and killed. Yet, the governments, rulers and leaders claim that `India is secular’.
            Instead of only rightly warning and pointing the finger towards the cruel, corrupt and human beasts in Pakistan, who since 1947 have made the lives of innocent and helpless people miserable and hell, particularly those who migrated, I wish he had the better vision to see the human beasts of India as well and prepared the Muslims, all minorities and good Hindus to face them. This is where Jinnah took an edge over Abul Kalam Azad and proved that his mission was divine and vision much better for all. Both were indeed great Muslim leaders and did a lot.
            Now the situation has deteriorated and worsened so much that the Indian Muslims have been forced and compelled to ask others for help and support. The Pakistani community too has been approached to join them in fighting the mad and crazy ones among Hindus and others.
            CIMO: One of my Indian friends in Canada, Firoz Khan, who is Convenor of Can-Indian Muslim Organization (CIMO) in Toronto, Canada (Tel: 416 473 3854/416 679 9986. CIMO address 2825 Islington Ave. Toronto. ON. M9L2K1, Canada), contacted me (a Canadian of Pakistani Origin) for help and I as a Canadian, Pakistani and Muslim responded positively to give him all possible moral and writing support.
            I have nothing against India and Indians including Hindus and like, love and respect them but would always join the struggle and fight against extremism and terrorism whether in India, Pakistan, Canada or anywhere.  It is always my desire that people of both the countries (Pakistan and India) be allowed to meet each other freely so that both can live and work together in the best interests of the people and the region. This is how we can fail terrorists and extremists. This is how we can end the madness and crimes against all good people.
            LETTER TO MODI: Firoz Khan, while addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a letter he drafted and is circulating to all titled “Rising intolerance in India’, says (Excerpts of the letter):
            “The rising intolerance in India witnessed in the last one-and-a-half year is unprecedented. This is instilling fear in minorities like Muslims, Christians and Dalits. It is also directed against Free Thinkers, Writers, Poets, Film producers, directors, Academicians, dissenting voices. It seems that all of a sudden India has become a boiling pot.
            “Killing of Pansare, Dr.Kulkarni and Kalburgi, lynching of innocent Akhlaque in Dadri on rumour of having stored beef, blackening face of Sudhir Kulkarni are but only a few examples. Many such incidents are unreported.
            “A large section of Minorities and Dalits and others are having a sense of insecurity. This is affecting India's internal business and business with international community. Investors have become wary. Indian businessmen and industrialists are on record of raising voice against rising intolerance and your government's failures to check it.
            “India is practically mentioned every day in the international newspapers and other media for wrong reason. This never happened before you ascended the throne. The image of peace loving tolerant India is tarnished practically every day. A number of your MPs, MLAs are spewing hatred day in and day out unchecked. We don't want to mention their names as you and your party are very much aware of them.
            “Sir, we Can-Indian Muslims living in Toronto and cities around are naturally very much concerned as we all love and have highest regards for our Matrubhoomi. We have been contributing to strengthen the economy of India by sending money to our relatives and friends and in turn this money is channelized in business and industry. Let none doubt our love and regards for India. Forefathers of many of us participated in India's freedom struggle.
            “We appeal to you through this letter to check the situation as early as possible. Book culprits, however high position they may be holding in government or party, who break law and order. The world is watching. Please show to the world that you are capable of governing the country.”
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