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                TORONTO:  A Canadian of Pakistani Origin has made a great contribution by gifting to Canada and the people the Canadian national anthem in Urdu language. This feat has not been achieved by any ordinary person but a legend known as Sohail Rana, one of the best music directors the world has produced.
            In order to pay tribute and respect to Sohail Rana, the legendary figure, heart throb and an ideal of billions of music lovers in all parts of the world, for his tremendous contributions, achievements and making the Pakistani community and both the people and mothers---countries of Pakistan and Canada--- really proud, the famous couple Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, and Seema Hashmi organized an evening in his honour at their residence: 236 Findhorn Crescent, Vaughan, Ontario, on Friday, January 9, 2015.
            It was a special gathering of distinguished personalities, families and media---Over sixty guests. The chief guests were Asghar Ali Golo, Consul General of Pakistan in Toronto, and Rick Milne, Mayor of New Tecumseh. The distinguished speakers were Dr Taqi Abedi and Syed Iftikhar Haider. These visionary figures threw light on the personality, great achievements and tremendous contributions of the legendary personality and termed it all as a treasure. They said that the people must fully benefit from his vision, efforts and precious works.              
          Asghar Ali Golo, Consul General, and Rick Milne, Mayor of New Tecumseh and an old family friend of Shahid Hashmi, also spoke on the occasion as chief guests and paid tribute to Sohail Rana. Shahid Hashmi presented the welcome address and vote of thanks. After the speeches, cake cutting ceremony took place.
            Sidra Hashmi, the youngest daughter of Shahid Hashmi, gave a piano presentation on the occasion. Sohail Rana was impressed and praised the presentation. He said: “She is very talented.”
            Praising Shahid Hashmi’s friendship, sincere efforts and contribution, he said: “have proved your worth and your place is in my heart.”  As usual the great hospitality of Shahid Hashmi and his family was worth seeing and mentioning. The guests fully enjoyed the literary presentation and delicious food and made the evening memorable. 
            The guests included Salma Zahid, Darakshan Siddiqui, Bashir Khan, Roshan Khayal, Nazimuddin Nazim, Nazimuddin Maqbool, Syed Hashim Reza Taqvi, Hameeduddin Ahmed, Masood Haq, Tahir Hussain, Hashim, Dr Bajwa, Pervez Salahuddin, Nadeem of Pakistan Times and Syed Muhammad Iqbal (President of PSF) 
            Sohail Rana in his marathon address of over an hour highly impressed and mesmerized the audience with pearls of wisdom. There was pin drop silence in the hall. Such was the attention and focus of people.
            The legendary Sohail Rana opened his mind and heart in his address to touch the souls of the audience.  The facts he presented about himself, his struggle and achievements are not known by most people who simply think that he a music director and a legend. The fact is he is much more than that and has reached the stage where introduction, name, fame and recognition do not matter to him anymore. He has reached the peak and become an ideal and a lighthouse for millions. He is doing his job and his struggle has not ended. He has dreams and the will and vision to turn them into reality.
            Sohail Rana says his parents, particularly mother, played an important role in his becoming a good human being, which guided and helped him to become a legend. He thanks God for showering His blessings in the shape of such nice parents, teachers, friends, colleagues and all those who by any ways helped, supported, inspired, motivated and benefited him.
            Not only a music composer and director, Sohail Rana is a spiritual person as well. For hours he can speak on God, good and spirituality and keep the audience mesmerized. This spirituality touch is found immensely in his musical work as well.  
            With such pure qualities and intentions, he turned his attention on children to touch their minds, hearts and souls to make them good human beings, persons and citizen. This focus proved extremely successful and his efforts produced remarkable results. Some of his students have become greats including Adnan Sami, renowned singer and one of the world’s best piano players.
            Sohail Rana’s current pursuits and projects are as follows (See his website: ) After emigrating to Canada Sohail Rana established a music academy under his name, teaching and grooming South Asians and foreigners our Eastern music (Vocal, Instrumental, Light, Folk and Classical)..
            2) Composed Raag Mala: Highlighting the evolution of Sur, Taal, Lai, Thaats featuring important Raagas and Raagnis.
            3) Composed South Asian Anthem and performed in May'2006.
            4) Composed and produced Pak-Canada friendship song performed in 1997 at a very special Pakistani exhibition in Toronto, Canada, celebrating 50 years of Pakistan.
            5) Composed about 50 Ghazals that are now ready to be recorded.
            6) Also composed about 15 Qawwalis (Sufiana Kalaam) ready to be recorded.
            7) Anarkali Ballet: Almost nearing completion to be performed with a symphony orchestra and a Ballet company in Canada.
            8) Multi-media Company: Mr. Rana is busy in setting up a multi-media / recording company to also work in liaison with other recording companies of North America and U.K.
            It is said that “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.  Not everyone has the skills to produce such feats. They may become a star at the most but it needs the hunger and craze for music, great efforts, patience and attention, command and mastery to use the skills brilliantly in order to become a legend and only few legends are born in the world and remembered for centuries.
            It is also said that music has a beautiful way of entering the mind, touching the soul and opening the heart to make room for hope, love, care and all good things. It acts as a spiritual healer and warmer of loving hearts. Music has the qualities to give new life and strength to the soul and a little bit of soul is worth more than gold.
            What is more important for any great or legend is not only to  enter the mind, touch the soul and open the heart but the most important fact is to make a place in the heart to live there and earn true trust and confidence and love and respect of the people.
            If the great or legend shows attitude and becomes arrogant then he or she can never make a place in the heart of people and earn true love and respect. People will then only recognize and respect his skills, works and contributions but will never be impressed by his personality. Here character plays a charismatic role. Those trying to put people under the thumb are cut to size. To every action there is equal and opposite reaction. It is the law of nature.
            Canada is fortunate to have Sohail Rana ---a legend of the highest order. The government and people must benefit from the qualities, services and works of this true legendary figure.
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