Friday, January 16, 2015


                TORONTO:  For all those making fun of and insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in various ways including cartoons, I can only pray to God to give them proper awareness, understanding and guidance and appeal to Muslims and all those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance to show extreme tolerance and patience and keep supporting, promoting, teaching and preaching peace, love and respect for each other.
            Don’t let the devil weaken you with anger, as a result of provocations, destructive propagandas, policies and actions, and turn you into fire and flame and burn and harm you. This is the time for all sensible, loving, caring and like-minded people to remain fully alert, unite and become a shield for each other to serve and protect humanity in reality. This should be our aim, objective and character as a good human being. Let them do whatever they like or are doing, we must not forget our job, duties and responsibilities. With our good words and deeds we can both reform and defeat them. Such is the power and greatness of practical goodness
            We must do, teach and preach all the good things we are taught only through which we can win trust, confidence, love, respect and hearts of all people. Not only win but we have to make a permanent place in the hearts and minds of the people. Through proper understanding, actions, love and respect we can touch the soul and heal the wounds inflicted by hatred.
            Quran and all the original holy books including Bible and Torah containing rules, regulations, commands and examples are not only a constitution for us but act as a mirror for us to know our reality. They show us the real face and tell us as to whether we doing right or wrong and what we should do.  
            All the original holy books and divine messages through all means and ways tell us to love and respect. They tell us to help, support and promote all innocent and helpless people and protect them from the devil and his followers including the mafias, corrupt and crook rulers, policymakers, leaders and people.
            Not only Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Muslims like, love and respect very much all the prophets including Moses, Jesus and David. It is not their choice but they are commanded by God to love them because He likes, loves and respect them.
            So Muslims can die but dare not insult or utter a word against any of God’s lovers including prophets, saints and good human beings. If someone does this then he commits a grave mistake and sin and earns the anger of God and His followers.  Those committed to follow the devil will never understand this and will continue to harass and harm people and remain a potential danger for humanity.
            All the original holy books including Quran not only condemn terrorism and terrorists in the strongest possible words but tell to fight against them because they are the enemies of God and humanity. Only terrorists, criminals and evil people dare say that the original holy books and personalities are promoting and supporting crimes and terrorism. Not a soul can prove this.
            All saner elements of the world must stand up, get united and raise strong voice against all those teaching, preaching, supporting and promoting terrorism in any form---whether they are fanatics, extremists, rulers, policymakers, powerful and influential people or anyone. Nobody should be spared as no one is above the law. They must all respect the law and people. They cannot be allowed to play with the law and people. If they don’t then the hunt for the devils and beasts would begin. The beasts cannot and should not be allowed to target and tear the people.
            I can only offer prayers for all those who died or are dying for the people and right cause and not for those who are deliberately and committedly creating and spreading hatred, causing deaths and destruction and supporting, promoting and indulging in terrorism in any way. No Sir, no way. I will not say: “God bless them” instead I will say: “God rope them and roast them in hell. They insulted You by insulting, harassing and harming Your lovers and good people.”
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